Keyword research for SEA - finding the right words

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Whether Search engine advertising (SEA) or Search engine optimization (SEO) - if you want your content to have the best possible ranking on Google and Co. high ranking achieve, you need to make sure you find a feel for your customers and what they are looking for. This requires a intensive keyword researchso that you know what you need to optimize your content for and under which terms it is worthwhile to advertise. This will not only give you a better ranking on Google, but will also reduce the number of SEA also your costs.

To understand and implement this, you need some simple tools and a Basic understanding for how search engines work.
How can you successfully generate leads with Google Ads? - DownloadIn this guide, we'll give you exactly the overview you need to start searching for the right keywords right away.

A new basic understanding of keywords - why keyword research is so important

Even though this guide is more about keyword research for SEA you should by no means disregard the importance for SEO as well. Because search engine advertising gives you get a good ranking fasterbut ultimately as many users as possible should like you and your Find content organically. After all, SEA consumes a portion of your budget each time, and with popular keywords, even smaller items slowly add up.

First of all, it is important that you Terms with high search volume not be understood as suitable for SEA across the board.

A term with a high search volume, for example, would be "soccer"; the keyword is consistently searched for on Google. It is used briefly to search for match day summaries or as an umbrella term to search for new sports shoes for the football field.

A regional sports store that would like to attract new customers by means of search engine advertising must of course work more precisely. Because since the term "soccer" is a gigantic search volume owns, the auctions on the advertising circuits are correspondingly expensive. If, however, the term is paired with an item of clothing, the place/region and sales-typical terms such as "cheap" or "bargain," a Clearer image. To understand this picture, it is necessary to create a persona of the future typical customers to have.

From thought to keyword research tool - create your own keyword list

Before you start researching on the web to find the SEA of your company, the first thing you need is a thorough brainstorming. After all, you can't conduct a search entirely without starting points. Even the suggestion-based solutions we suggest will work better with the right search approach. So think about one or two keywords for which you absolutely want to advertise. You can build your research on that.

A very simple tool for keyword research can be found in the Search suggestions from Google. Elaborated is not, but a good insight into the "mindset" of the search engine. Because the suggestions for further search are based on regional and local preferences, as well as the search volume. So you can sort quickly, which terms are searched for as often as possible and can relevant keywords presort.

A dedicated list, based on the suggestions of the Google search window, you can, among other things here so you don't have to make notes by hand. However, this is to be understood more as a small insight, it becomes even clearer and above all more detailed with Hypersuggest. Here you can not only use the functionality of Google Suggestions (in different languages), but you can also define your keywords with W-Questions top up, Images or Amazon deals to your keywords and test for Hashtags on Instagram and current Google Trends browse the news.

It is precisely this precise and comprehensive all-round view that you need in order to be able to place your advertising with real precision.

However, not all keywords are suitable for really improving your search engine advertising. In fact, you can even create your own Putting your foot in your mouth in front of your feet if you can't evaluate your research properly.

Find suitable keywords to the need of the users

Keywords are divided into two different categories: information-oriented and transaction-oriented. The more precise the long-tail keywords are, the easier it is to assign them to one or the other category.

Information oriented keywords such as "Definition Marketing Automation" are a great opportunity for you to SEA refer to your site and even generate qualified leads. Users can find information here Without firm intention to buy to travel destinations, for presentations, out of technical interest or simply out of boredom. The motives for an information-oriented search are manifold. Accordingly, when placing an ad, you should No high conversion rate expect

The search for customers, on the other hand, works differently transaction-oriented keywordsfor example "Marketing Automation Comparison". Here, the focus is on comparing different products in a category or comparing prices/shipping time/scope of service. The Conversion rate is basically higher hereAccordingly, with good advertising placement quickly achieve sales.

This distinction makes transaction-oriented keywords fundamentally more important for keyword research in SEA. However, this does not exclude long-term advertising campaigns for information-oriented searches, of course. Especially for Image campaigns it is important that customers perceive you not only as a supplier of the product they are looking for, but as a Complete solution and as a brand that provides comprehensive answers.

Specify SEA keyword research with the Keyword Planner

However, even the best keyword research can reach its limits when the User habits change. This is exactly where the Keyword Planner from Google is used. This not only helps to create a list of relevant keywords, but also suggests possible CPC bids before.

Keyword Planner works for Google and YouTube and allows you to, Research and planning to connect. It also gives you a first insight into the Required budget and can still adjust the most important set screws here if necessary.

Proper research improves your ranking in SEA and SEO

SEO and SEA and the methods used to find the most important keywords for both methods of online marketing go hand in hand. Keyword research is always a bit of intelligence work as well.

You need to know what your customers are looking foreven if they themselves may consciously not do so. You must Be a bit ahead of current trends and Anticipate seasonal movements can. After all, you don't want to be present after your customers have already searched for you.

To stay ahead of your competition not only in ranking positions but also in time, you need to understand basic keyword research for SEA as an essential part of your digital marketing and be able to recognize Google trends. Reach the right searchersIf you have a lot of visitors, they will come to your site and stay there, sign up for your newsletter or make a purchase directly. Over time, this allows you to increase both the Improve ranking results in paid search as well as organically.

How can you successfully generate leads with Google Ads? - Download


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