Small marketing budget, big impact - checklist for SMEs

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In small and medium-sized enterprisesn financial planning is a major challenge. Since only one small marketing budget is available, this must be used carefully. This places high demands on Creativity and innovation. The focus is on the question of which favorable marketing measures reach as large a target group as possible.

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template

Highlighting the unique selling points of your SME

Before it comes to implementing specific campaigns, you should think about your Positioning become clear. Your strategic concept is the grid on which subsequent measures are based.

Particularly in the case of young and innovative SMEs Unique selling proposition (USP) is an important factor in order to Attention of customers and prospects. However, in the face of increasing competition, it is becoming more difficult to effectively differentiate from competitors. A unique identity is the basis for a distinctive brand. To define your own corporate identity, you should clearly highlight what you offer your customers. Perhaps your products are superior to those of your competitors in certain respects. Or your services offer a better solution to problems than competitors.

Once you have a clear definition, it will be easier for you to find the right target group and to address them precisely. The following Marketing measures and online advertising are designed to highlight your identity and unique selling points.

Small marketing budget of SMEs demands strengthening of existing contacts 

The existing customer base can support you in marketing in crucial points. Even as the person responsible for rather small companies, you have contacts that you can integrate into your marketing strategy with a small marketing budget. Existing contacts are an important source for Feedback respectively feedback. You can fall back on your customer base and with some customers Cooperations enter into. One method is to act as a Expert to be heard in the industry or to make a name for themselves as advisors. For this purpose, for example Blog article as a guest author with big names in the industry.

Another possibility are Events or industry meetings with B2B customers or business partners. Even a small marketing budget allows for loose meetings or regional industry camps. In social professional networks, for example, there are various interest groups in which regular meetings are held.

Expansion of reach and networking

When building a larger audience, the Networking plays a major role. An essential communication channel within the framework of a modern Marketing Mixes are the social media. These include Facebook and Twitter as well as corporate networks such as Xing and LinkedIn. This allows you and your company to present to a large target group and share.

The overall objective is to Generation of leads, i.e. in the acquisition of qualified customer contacts. Along the way, it is advantageous to create a kind of Community build. To do this, you can share your content on various social media platforms. This is not just about pure presentation of the products.

Most companies benefit from this, Content about themselves and their target group to share. This can be for example exciting articles with content that is relevant for customers. An important cornerstone of networking is the Interaction. Social media typically has commenting features that allow customers to engage with you directly. Create meaningful and thoughtful responses Trust and contribute to the Customer acquisition at.

Customers will appreciate you providing timely advice or ideas.

The social networks contribute to the expansion of existing contacts in that convinced customers in turn share your content and thus help them achieve greater reach. In turn, you can also share content from your customers that is related to your products/services. User Generated Content is a cheap and effective way, to complement your marketing reach.

Content marketing: content for traffic

Contents customers and interested parties are available around the clock. They do not require that you yourself are always available as a contact person. Thus, the content works even when the company is closed. Content Marketing is a measure that allows you to show customers what your company is about, what it offers and what problems it can solve.

For the presentation of the content the format of the Blogs. This can be attached to the SME's website, for example. Customers should find the relevant content in a self-explanatory way and with just a few clicks. Content can also be easily accessed via the Social media distribute. Regardless of where you offer the content, it comes down to Topicality an. This requires to expand and maintain the content on a regular basis.

Insightful content is also an important contribution to the Search engine optimization (SEO). With good content, your website or blog will be in the Search result lists (SERPs). An alternative is to offer good content as Guest article to be placed on other blogs or to be published by friendly bloggers.

When it comes to content, you shouldn't just rely on plain text content. Rich Media such as graphics or videos are an important enrichment. Customers and prospects also readily embrace podcasts and other formats that are easy to consume. It must be taken into account, however, that such media in the production elaborate are. Which design of the content is the right one depends on your offered products.

More reach through ads

Besides the SEO is also the Search Engine Marketing (SEA) should not be neglected. After the previous steps, it is worth thinking about paid ads. The possibilities here go beyond the market leader Google Ads beyond. Also Social Ads (ads on social media) promise some reach. Measures like Facebook Ads for example, appeal to a large target group without breaking a small marketing budget.

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template


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