LinkedIn algorithm: 5 tips on how to optimize content properly

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On the business network LinkedIn, too, optimizing the published content and the profile can lead to a Range improvement lead. However, the LinkedIn algorithm does not work like Facebook, Instagram & Co. Here we show you what you should look out for in order to expand your network in a targeted manner - be it in your industry or with your clientele.


A professional network works differently than a private one

LinkedIn is a network aimed at professionals who want to network with other people: to expand knowledge, enter into business relationships or generally make acquaintances. LinkedIn's claim is to present itself as professional to offer, and accordingly, the LinkedIn algorithm also weights differently than networks focused on private individuals.

The factors of the LinkedIn algorithm
The LinkedIn algorithm pays particular attention to the following factors (Image:

This is not solely due to LinkedIn itself: Complaints were received by the network, as users increasingly complained about what they perceived as inappropriate content flooding LinkedIn. Some of this may be fine and expected on YouTube and Facebook - but not on LinkedIn. Here technical expertise and News from the business world expected.

Content optimization in five steps

The theory is understandable, but the implementation in practice usually fails due to a lack of know-how. We have put together five tips for you that will help you to Optimize LinkedIn algorithm in your favor - without negatively impacting the quality of your content or diluting your offering.

1. correct hashtag usage

From other networks, you may be familiar with the practice of adding a plethora of hashtags to the Content in order to "drill down" to as many target groups as possible. However, this is not in line with LinkedIn's stated goal. Therefore applies:

  • Three hashtags are enoughif they get right to the heart of the matter. #co2emissions, #emissions trading and #co2offsets are enough - you don't need to add generic hashtags like #climate and #economy.
  • Inappropriate hashtags ensure that other people are more likely to mark the post as spam. If it is then hidden by the algorithm, your work was in vain.
Skillfully use hashtags to generate more reach
Skillfully use hashtags to generate more reach. (Image:

To implement this tip correctly, you must be familiar with the content of your content to 100 %. What is the absolute core message at stake? Use only these hashtags and refrain from integrating marginally attacked topics.

2. proper tagging

The LinkedIn algorithm evaluates the Content value among other things, by the people and companies that interact with this content. Mind you, we are talking about the type of people, not their number!

When tagging content, you should therefore refrain from randomly tagging people and brands from your contact list. For example, does a salesperson really need to be familiar with the intricacies of engineering hinges? More likely, no. So stick to the following tips:

  1. Select brands and people who are directly involved with the content - preferably every day as part of their respective day-to-day operations.
  2. Expand this list as you see fit to include users who may not be directly involved but who have shown high interest in the past.

Also, don't be fooled by short-term effects in your approach. If you already have quite a good standing in the LinkedIn algorithm, it may well be that everything seems fine at first, even with mass linking from uninvolved parties. Readership and interactions shoot up because the LinkedIn algorithm - still - considers you a valuable member.

3. encourage commitment

Whether you entrust your content to a broad audience or to a niche is less important. More important for more Range is that you evoke engagement. You can try this in a very aggressive way, but we would advise against it. Letting emotions run high by making provocative statements will work in the short term - but fail in the long term.

Increase reach on LinkedIn
Your company's reach can be increased by these factors in the LinkedIn algorithm and marketing efforts. (Image:

Instead, encourage discussion. Write articles yourself. Put theses into the room that can be discussed well. It doesn't matter what your personal point of view is - and who knows, you might change your view after a lively discussion about your contribution has been sparked.

The LinkedIn algorithm captures activity that happens on your account.

The art of Teasers you should also appropriate them. The few lines at the beginning of a post decide whether a person will engage with your post more intensively or not. Therefore, the teaser must be strong and arouse curiosity.

You only have two or three sentences to "catch" the reader. Long explanations about trivial things are not welcome there.

4. stay professional

On many other platforms, timeliness is used as a criterion for rating content. The Google search engine is a good example of this, because old hits are quickly sorted out. LinkedIn is not a news platform, however. The point is not to necessarily deal with current events. If there is a drastic change within an industry, you should of course inform about it.

Overall, however, relevance is rated more highly than topicality.

Week-old content is still ranked highly by LinkedIn's algorithm and shown to other people - as long as it is Relevant and well written are.

5. analyze network strength

Occasionally check the people and companies in your network. If you accept every request, you are at home everywhere - and if you are at home everywhere, you have no center. This can be seen as spam, so you should try to carefully maintain and review the amount and type of contacts you have.

Take contacts off your list if you have no business or personal relationship with them.

They should also update their profile regularly to be attractive to potentially important contacts.

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With the LinkedIn algorithm, the clocks tick a little differently than with other social networks. However, by following a few simple tips, you can already improve the quality of your content considerably.


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