Profitable customer actions - setting the right triggers with content marketing

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Content marketing must not only be well planned, but also thought through to the end. After all, readers and viewers should eventually become customers. Sooner or later Marketing not only convincing in terms of contentbut also bring a return on investment. Exclusively on a crisp Call-to-action After all, a relatively long time often elapses between the first consumption of marketed content and the conversion.
How it can be done better and how you can achieve a better result through successful Content Marketing a Drive profitable customer action you can find out here.

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Generate profitable customer actions and continue to deliver good content

The goal of content marketing is always to suitable, entertaining and often educational content to retain readers or viewers in a format, Brand Awareness and ultimately position its own brand as an expert in the field.
The desire to buy is here in a strategically planned way Integrated into the sales funnel, which means that your company positions itself not as a producer of a good, but as a Problem solver.

Solving a problem is the highest need of modern customers and they also want a comprehensive solution.

Content marketing can help them in various business goals.
Content marketing can help you with a variety of business goals (Image:

An armchair can fulfill a family's desire for more comfort and design in the living room. But if your blog also provides interior design tips and DIY hacks, you have a good chance of being perceived as a provider of elegantly designed living rooms and not just as an armchair manufacturer. You solve the problem in an area where the competition only offers goods.
The fact that customers are more likely to go to you for profitable customer promotions - like buying a chair in the example above - because they give you trust and because you accompanied through the marketing funnel have occurs correspondingly more frequently.

Too often, content marketing falls flat precisely because the focus is on profitable customer action, causing you to lose your status as a trusted brand with expertise.

Marketing must bridge the gap between classic advertising and customer-centric communication, and in hardly any other area is this as true as in content marketing.

Of course, this is difficult, because for companies the economic motivation is in the foreground and in coordination with the marketing team or an external agency a Compromise must be found. How can a company market content in a meaningful way, without having to open the door to every article or video, and how can content be differentiated from one another at different points in the sales funnel?
These are questions that every company that operates on the web and on Social media still wants to grow and continue to generate qualified leads.

Position content marketing correctly

The sales funnel on the web can often be (highly simplified) broken down to Traffic, Leads and Conversions break it down. This model can also be applied to content marketing, but it's worth examining the individual phases even further to understand more clearly how good content can help a brand distinguish itself.

Traffic - You should not only ask yourself how high the quality of your contacts is when generating leads. Even with traffic, 100 views from prospective buyers can be much more valuable than a viral video that misses your focus group.
Accordingly, achieving profitable customer actions via your content marketing can only work if you already start in advance with a work with a clearly defined target group and know or analyze how to achieve them as well.

The quality of the group you reach is, of course, also related to the quality of your content, which is precisely where the investment pays off.

Leads - One read blog article on your online store's blog is a good start, but still too little. So you need the corresponding leads to grow your email list or on social media the number of your subscribers.
Go to Lead Nurturing but content marketing is ideally suited, especially if you are talking about Automation can provide personalized content. Additional incentives such as how-to guides, e-books, or sweepstakes can also help you generate leads.

You can generate qualified leads with content marketing.
Content marketing can help you generate qualified leads (Image:

Conversions - Ultimately, followers are to become customers and this works best via Quality Content and Automation. Content marketing gives you the opportunity, qualified leads and to generate and Automated triggers to provide individualized offers.
When it comes to profitable customer campaigns, don't think too generically. Give your content and your leads time.
However, you should also not lose sight of the fact that not every form of content marketing has to take effect early in the sales funnel. Even shortly before the purchase decision, many potential customers still need a final push. Here, your content should offer a solution and show why your products or services are truly outstanding.

Brand AmbassadorsContent with added value to turn leads into customers and ultimately fans is one of the greatest benefits of working with content, video, info, and entertainment.
In the best case, your target group will become a group of ambitious Brand Ambassadors and Micro Influencers, that even after the conversion your Share content, interact with your social media channels and grow your reach that way.

With the help of content marketing, you can direct, inform, and persuade customers.
Use content marketing to guide, inform, and persuade customers. (Image:

Thinking content marketing beyond the call-to-action

A good call-to-action is critical to triggering a desired action, but a profitable customer action cannot be set ad hoc via a direct trigger.
With targeted PR, elegant positioning, journalistic content, know-how or entertaining videos, you can convince as a brand all along the line. And that's important if you're not just thinking about short-term RoI, but your Pursuing corporate goals in the long term want

The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how

Content marketing thrives on collaborating with other voices in your industry, content creators, writers, and video producers to deliver a total media package that embodies your company's values.
At the same time, content marketing can generate qualified leads, setting the stage for recurring triggers (birthdays) or threshold triggers (triggers after specific actions) that generate profitable customer actions precisely because personalized information and automation are used.

In our whitepaper, we look at current topics relating to content marketing, lead generation and online marketing in general. You can download the whitepaper free of charge here, and you can also stay up to date with our newsletter.


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