Find the right LinkedIn Ads format for your business

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The various LinkedIn Advertising formats give you a wide choice to really reach the target audience with your message. Reach the right target group. With currently eight different ad formats, you can choose between image, carousel, video or entertainment, giving you fine - and at the same time professional - tuning options.
But that freedom also leaves room for error and can make for a lot of wasted budget. How to do it better and how to The right LinkedIn Ads format for your business we explain to you in this overview.


LinkedIn ad formats are the best source for B2B ads

A healthy presence on the professional job network LinkedIn can be a decisive advantage for your company. You usually don't realize how essential LinkedIn has become in online marketing until you're looking for new employees. But good Employer Branding is an initiative step with which you can Proactively raise the profile of your brand.

That 80% of all social media-generated B2B leads from LinkedIn speaks a clear language: If you are not working with LinkedIn ads, you are giving away valuable leads. Especially in the B2B segment, every lead can make all the difference.
LinkedIn offers you eight different formats for lead generation, recruiting or clever branding. We reveal the advantages and disadvantages of each format.

The LinkedIn Ads format selection is versatile and helps you target your audience correctly.
The LinkedIn Ads format selection is versatile and helps you target your audience correctly. (Image:

Single Image Ad

The classic is the single image, accompanied by a text. This type of ad is marked as sponsored content. Of all LinkedIn ad formats, this one fits best in the feed and is particularly competitive.

Single Image Ads on Social media are a kind of broad-spectrum antibiotic, because they work quite well in almost any scenario. With so much versatility, you can promote products, services, events or eBooks.
Precisely because the image integrates well into the feed, it becomes Perceived as organic content by many users and read. The disadvantage: Due to the popularity, the price is correspondingly high, 600 characters also do not give you much text to hand.

Carousel Image Ad

The carousel offers even less text with 250 characters, but you can string several images together. Theoretically you can use tens of images, but in practice there should not be more than ten.

Due to the extensive number of images, you can create engaging storytelling with Carousel Ads.
The ample number of images allows you to create engaging storytelling with Carousel Ads. (Image:

With the carousel you can build a wide showcase and have more options for competent storytelling. What can your company offer applicants? What tasks await your team? In the carousel, diversity prevails presentable. Since this is also a popular format, this ad format is somewhat expensive.

Video Ads

All social networks are trying to push videos. Videos increase retention and time spent on the platform. However, what works well on Instagram is rather a second choice as a LinkedIn Ads format.

With an appropriate CTA on a video ad, you have a better chance of getting an interaction.
With an appropriate CTA on a video ad, you have a better chance of getting an interaction. (Image:

Almost more important than the video is the CTA button under the video if you want to generate leads directly. Videos also work better on LinkedIn to Brand Awareness build up. However, LinkedIn is often not the right marketplace for this, you pay per click and not per impression.
Even more than with the other ad formats, with video ads you just have to try it out.

Text Ads

Text ads are an inexpensive entry into the Social Media Marketing on LinkedIn, as they only take up a small part of the screen and your budget. The ads are displayed like a news ticker above the feed and blend unobtrusively into the UI.
So are text ads useless? Not at all, because even if users only rarely click on the text ads, they almost unconsciously create Brand Awareness. Get your name out there, text ads are made for that. In terms of price, they are also significantly lower than photos and videos.

Spotlight Ads

This LinkedIn Ads format is best suited for very concrete speeches and moves your Content directly into the spotlight. Spotlight Ads are displayed on the browser in the right column and remain static even when scrolling.

Address your target audience exactly with the LinkedIn Ads format "Spotlight Ads".
Target their audience accurately with LinkedIn Ads' "Spotlight Ads" format. (Image:

With 50 characters headline and 70 characters description, you have to work to the point. The big advantage is the inclusion of the image that is played out in the user ad. They can, for example, get an insight into your company. This picture language works best for job searches or training courses.

Message Ads

This form of ad lands directly in the inbox of your target audience and comes with a clear Call to Action. Important: Users cannot reply to the sender, but the ad is clearly highlighted visually.

The more precise you are with your target group, the higher your click-through rate will be here. So, since you pay per message sent, defining your target audience is especially worthwhile.

This works best with a clear call to action like downloading an eBook or subscribing to a newsletter.
Message Ads work best for Clearly defined target groupsbecause LinkedIn uses strong spam rules. Neither can nor should you expect your target audience to receive too many messages.

Conversation Ads

Some things are better clarified in conversation, and this is exactly the opportunity that Conversation Ads offer you. Unlike Message Ads, Conversation Ads come from the directly to the inbox and users can interact via the messenger function.
The Chatbot then takes over the rest of the conversation. In theory, this can lead to a lot of engagement with your target audience, which should also be taken into account when monitoring. So the return on investment with Conversation Ads may be fewer leads, but leads who are ready to actively engage with your brand.

Event Ads

What Event Ads are made for is already in the name. On LinkedIn, you can Events streamed directly into the feed be. For example, you can host live webinars as a LinkedIn Ads format and interested users can engage directly.
If this applies to your business, you should definitely consider Event Ads. This LinkedIn advertising format is useful, but also highly specialized.

Overview of LinkedIn Ads formats

LinkedIn Ads and the right LinkedIn Ads format help your company generate important B2B leads, attract expert personnel and network professionally. If you use the selection of ad formats correctly and find the right LinkedIn Ads format for your needs, you will achieve exactly the balancing act that LinkedIn also excels at: combining social media and professional networking.

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