7 tips for successful LinkedIn marketing

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LinkedIn has become so much more than just a platform where you can find new professionals and they in turn can get a quick picture of your company. In the meantime, LinkedIn is no longer just the first port of call for networking, but a separate Social network for professional employees, freelancers and entrepreneurs from various industries have become.

Accordingly, you should also Don't neglect LinkedIn marketing in a comprehensive marketing strategy. After all, your employees are at the heart of your business, and with LinkedIn, you have a simple and reliable tool for thoughtful Employer Branding. Our 7 tips for successful LinkedIn marketing will tell you what this looks like in practice.

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The best 7 tips for successful LinkedIn marketing - make your company a key player on LinkedIn

Whether you're a start up, local hero, or small or medium sized business, with good LinkedIn marketing you'll always have the same opportunity toto reach the right employees. But to generate that attention, you need to act as professionally on LinkedIn as you would in a job interview or business meeting. Only LinkedIn offers you tools and levers to reach your target audience faster, easier and at scale.

1. the quality of your profile

This is where companies often fail. They neglect their profile because they are only active on LinkedIn when they are looking for new professionals. But a potential employee can at any time locate your company on the platform and get a more accurate picture of you. Outdated data, unprofessional pictures, missing media and unspecific information give an appropriate picture.

So keep your profile up to date at all times and clearly demonstrate what your company offers and what makes you so unique.

If clicking on your LinkedIn profile doesn't clearly sell your USP, what does.

2. get a boost with text ads

Just like SEA also work Text Ads, to give you a fast and efficient visibility on LinkedIn. Your LinkedIn marketing will benefit from Text Ads not in the medium and long term, but immediately. Users see these ads in the top corner of their window, and you have different formats available. This allows you to check how your text ads will look on different devices when you create them.

With Text Ads you can reach your target audience and direct them to their landing page.
With Text Ads you can reach your target audience and direct them to their landing page (Image: hallaminternet.com )

Don't be misled by the name Text Ads, images do play a role in this ad format. Look for images that are easy to read in small format.

A strong call-to-action and a direct approach help your text ads

Don't worry: LinkedIn marketing is also measurable, the Insight Tag also measures the Text Ads on your website, so you can measure your success.

3. find and define your target group

A LinkedIn marketing strategy can only be successful if you have clearly outlined your target audience in advance.
For this purpose, you can search specifically in regions, industries or by job titles, but more important is solution-oriented marketing. What exactly are you trying to accomplish on LinkedIn? For example, if you are looking to bring expertise in influencer marketing into your company, then you should look for social media managers and use LinkedIn's tools to distinguish audiences. This is also how you learn, Which content which target group prefers on the platform.

Dynamic Ads supports you with target group optimization
Dynamic Ads offers options to better reach the target audience (Image: business.linkedin.com)

4. keywords are the key

Optimizing for keywords shouldn't be exclusive to web and social media, it's also essential on LinkedIn that your Content contains the right keywords so that your target group can find you quickly and easily.
These should be reflected in your company description as well as your specialties, but most importantly in relevant posts. If you offer potential employees here a deliver decisive added value, benefits your Credibility as an employer on all channels. Click on the image to be redirected to an information video.

Screenshot 2020 11 19 at 16.26.43

5. the marketing life of others

Of course, you can learn not only by analyzing your own data, but also that of your competitors. On LinkedIn, you can see at a glance how many Updates the competition postshow their follower count is growing and how engagement is doing.
This gives you Values you really compare can. Are you lacking engagement, for example, or is your competition posting content with a much clearer call-to-action? Such starting points are always important and make LinkedIn marketing extremely transparent.

6. the more professional, the more personal

Whether it's in the images of the text ads, on your page, or in your posts: Your business is driven by people, advanced by people, and those people are at the forefront of every campaign, every product, and every engagement, and that should be seen.
Even large companies focus on the people behind the brand. So, if possible, do away with logics and graphics and instead focus on smiling faces. This is also a real driver for key factors like engagement.

7. moving images

It should no longer be a secret that Videos in marketing are taking on an ever greater role. This is just as true on other social media platforms as it is on LinkedIn. Five of the pages from LinkedIn's Top 10 are increasingly relying on video content.
This provides easy-to-digest morsels of information in a pleasing format that allows you to reach young, social media-savvy users in particular. Tech and media companies in particular should not do without videos as a pillar of LinkedIn marketing. As with images, the same applies here: Make yourself approachable.

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Better LinkedIn marketing means more brand awareness for you and your business

Our 7 tips for successful LinkedIn marketing will give you a simple guide to better present yourself on the professional social network. It's important that you don't just use LinkedIn as a tool when there's a job opening in your company, but the Recognize the standing of the platform.

LinkedIn offers you significantly more professional authenticity than other social networks and facilitates employer branding for potential employees, partners and decision-makers from your industry. And you should definitely use this leverage.



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