B2B Lead Scoring - The 5 Best Methods for Lead Evaluation

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If your company has a reliable method of generating qualified leads, you have the best chance of drawing potential customers deeper into your sales funnel. Especially in the B2B sector, leads are highly competitive, as every lead can lead to a major order or a long-term cooperation. But to really use your marketing resources wisely, you need a Scoring systemThis enables you to assess when sales opportunities will materialize in a given period of time and which potential customers are really worth investing in. We present five valuable methods for B2B Lead Scoring with the help of which you can better evaluate your leads.

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5 approaches for better B2B lead scoring

1. the Unified Customer Profile

Unified Customer Profiles, or UCP for short, allow your company to create a single profile for all B2B customers. personal basis for interactions to create. In the UCPs you perform all relevant data together to get a better picture of your leads. This includes the location, the number of employees, the industry, the name and position of your contact person, the channels already used or the inquiries received by your customer service.

In the Unified Customer Profile, you create all data records for your leads, which are then available to all departments.

For you, this means better management of your leads from one source and for your B2B customers a more personalized service and More specific targeting.

B2B Lead Scoring with the Unified Customer Profile
A Unified Customer Profile gives you a better picture of your leads (Image: business2community.com)

2. devalue scores intelligently

Your B2B lead scoring should by no means function alone in one direction, because if you make every call to your resources positive, your leads will simmer around at a low level for months or years. Some potential leads will just keep calling resources from you or come back with Touchpoints in contact with each other, without it ever Conversions comes.

A purely quantitative scoring system would positively evaluate each touch point and the leads would be considered promising. Yet the activity tends to point in a different direction and your scoring should reflect that. So don't shy away from it, Devalue leads. This gives you a better picture about those Leads that promise a higher ROI.

Of course, all of us in marketing like to look at positive trends and growing numbers, but Score Degrading makes your B2B lead scoring much smarter.

3. use and merge data from forms

The highest quality leads are not sought by you, they actively come to you. In the Lead generation is the Exchange of information essential, but with the receipt of an e-mail address you still have far from all the data you can usefully.

Every form offers you a valuable exchange, especially when you merge the data into a UCP. Whether potential customers want to send you a request for a quote, participate in a live (digital) event, or create a survey: You have the full control About what information is really important for your company's B2B lead scoring.

Don't use generalized data when you can be specific instead

4. qualitative lead scoring according to activity

B2B lead scoring is like basketball, a free throw counts more than a basket shot. What does this mean for your marketing? Customers who have a Blogpost should be rated less highly than visits to a Product page. Finally, the latter testifies to a clear intention to buy and usually takes place later in the Sales Funnel held.

B2B Lead Scoring Model
A lead scoring model can help evaluate leads (Image: blog.useproof.com)

Find appropriately smart scoring systems for your model and Analyze the past activities of your conversionsto develop a smart scoring system. When you have a better picture of how readers of your blog, visitors to the FAQs, product page, or your social media channels have translated into conversions in the past, you can score your leads more intelligently in the future.

5. collect intent signals

In B2B lead scoring, if you have the right Signals you can provide other companies with an even offer better servicebecause you know exactly which products and services they are interested in. The context is particularly important here, because it allows you to fast and efficient Decide whether there is a clear intent to convert or only vague interest in your expertise.

Why is this distinction so important? Signals that indicate a Purchase intention indicate that your leads are potential customers. But specific B2B expertise also attracts other leads. Pure interest without intent signals could also indicate competitors or students who are just looking for a reliable source of information or want to keep an eye on the market.

Investing in these leads would be a dead end and spread your budget unnecessarily.

B2B Lead Scoring - use your budget efficiently

Of course, you can follow up all your leads with the same level of commitment, regardless of quality, and have your entire company working across all inquiries, from the marketing team to the sales team. But time and budget are limited factors and the better you manage to assess the quality of your leads as a company, the better you will be able to leverage them.

B2B lead scoring allows you to focus your efforts where you are most likely to get a return on investment

At the same time, you can meet these challenges with state-of-the-art technology through digital solutions meet your needs. This allows you to correctly classify the quality of your leads, regardless of the size of your company, even when you are dealing with huge data sets.

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At the end of the day, lead scoring is nothing more than digital management of your contacts and - implemented correctly - you can do it, Use time and money more intelligently. And your customers will feel the difference too, with more personalized service and fast handling of all requests.


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