Increase organic reach through content seeding

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Search engine optimization does not begin and end with your website when you SEO really successful If you want to think like Google, you have to think like your users. Content Seeding should be a central component of your content marketing, adding value to readers, increasing your popularity, and at the same time organically grow your reach.

Whether that means sharing the content yourself, reaching out to influential bloggers, or interfacing with influencer marketing on social media is up to you. Here you will learn how to Use content seeding can, in order to Achieve goals.

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What is Content Seeding and what does it bring to your company?

Defined quite simply, content seeding is the Dissemination of your content via external pages. However, the application examples of successful content seeding can look very different and that is what makes the field so interesting for modern marketing.

For example, there is the Collaboration with a bloggerthat offers similar content to your site. Through a cooperation, have your content published and linked to your site. Also Influencer Marketing works like that, it's just more media versatile than the blog article, that has pros and cons for your organic reach.

Content Seeding Principle
The principle of content seeding

The advantage is that through influencers, above all, you can very quickly very many young users can achieve and daily updated contents can post. However Blog article often accessed via a Google search even after months and your link is still placed there. It is therefore an important question of consideration whether you should more sustainable or viral want to work.

Where do you place your content?

For both points it is essential that you have relevant content think and not look for the biggest influencer available. A Content coherent accountAn account that is on brand with your products will bring you more clicks and conversions than an account with a higher reach but lower relevance. Content seeding also requires a certain form of the Targetings asked.

You can probe even better reliable sources about SEO research. For example, you can use the Sistrix Visibility Index which in most cases also correlates with traffic and trust rating.

Content distribution channels
Content Distribution Matrix (Image:

However, you can also take content seeding into your own hands. This can be done, for example, via a own external blog or else via Comments at relevant blogs or social media. With the latter, however, make sure that you do not bluntly promote your product (or even under a false identity) - otherwise your comment will simply be marked as spam and sorted out.

Launch your own content distribution

An important component of seeding campaigns is, of course, that you Create good, relevant content and let it seed on a voluntary basis. It doesn't always have to be collaborations with familiar faces that increase your olfactory range.

Create content with added value that gladly sharedt, then these are also used by Individuals and experts alike shared. This means more clicks, more chances of conversions and higher relevance for Google for you at no additional cost.

And finally, your goal should always be to design content so that human User they like to read and also like to share. This does not always have to be done in the social networks, although this is of course better for you, but a shared link via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger can also give you just more reach bring

The importance of content Seeding for SEO

Ultimately, you should also not underestimate the importance of frequently shared content for your Search Engine Ranking disregard. This has something to do with the Evaluation factors according to which Google upgrades or downgrades pages. Google and other search engines try to think as humanly as the algorithms allow.

Factors are consulted for this purpose. On the one hand, the Retention measured - clearly, good content keeps users on a page longer. But Google also measures, how many times pages were sharedbecause we all like to share good content with our friends and followers.

Your strategy for success with broad-based content seeding

When it comes to content seeding, it is important that you Three types of media and understand the individual advantages and disadvantages: Owned Media, Paid, Media and Earned Media.

The Owned Media-way runs through platforms on which you Publish content yourself can. This allows you to benefit directly from the platform's reach. Users who are looking for videos about your products or services will certainly do so on YouTube. YouTube gives content with a lot of views and interactions a boost in search queries, which also shows how important the quality of the content is.

Media types for content seeding
Owned, Paid and Earned Media

Paid Media are on the other hand where you pay, to get your Play out content. That includes YouTube, which is a hybrid of owned and paid media. Because on YouTube, you can show your videos to many users through paid ads.

It should always be a worthwhile goal for online marketers, even in the category of Earned Media to be represented. Here publications or experts report about your company and your content. This coverage you get the desired mention and linking.

Due to the dominance of social networks, of course, it does not always have to be Magazines, periodicals or TV programs that take a closer look at your product or put you in the spotlight. Industry news mention. That can also Influencer or content creator, as long as you don't pay for it.

Content instead of conversions as a strategy for success

In whatever way - paid, forced, or more subconsciously and incidentally - you may do content seeding, there is only one path that leads to the Success leads: The Quality of the content.

The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how

Content seeding in particular shows how important the duality of tasks is in marketing. On the one hand, you have to High quality of the content, but at the same time you have to ensure the Network own to have your content distributed via relevant sources. An exciting task that will give you organically more reach promises.


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