Social media and content marketing - differences, similarities and suitable content

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Content marketing and social media marketing have become an integral part of the online marketing mix. Although guided by different approaches, core values and processes, the two online marketing tools are not dissimilar. But which content goes with which platform? We present both marketing strategies and suitable content and platforms.

Content marketing and social media marketing - what's the difference?

The importance of content marketing and social media as a tool for the Customer acquisition is constantly increasing. This is due among other things to the Stricter Google guidelines can be explained in terms of qualitative content. Used in search engine optimization, as a PR measure, blogging or SMM, classic content marketing represents a form of digital marketing. Attractive provision of content should bring visitors to the web page. This can increase the reach, the dwell time and the Conversion rate Increase

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While classic content marketing focuses on high-quality content and messages, social media marketing is focused on the Disseminating content and building an active community aligned in social media.

They are posted and liked on social networks and online portals such as the following: 

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Twitter 
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

The goals of SMM can be to achieve the positive public image of the company or its brand, as well as a Increasing reach and awareness. In contrast, content marketing focuses on the sustainable quality of the website and its content. On social networks, content is often more fast-moving and the focus is on interaction with users and fans.

In content marketing, exciting topics with added value ensure first-class brand branding, increased traffic for the site and regularly returning visitors.

The specifications for the selection of topics are largely determined by the preferences and interests of the intended target group. Whereas in the case of social media content, the framework conditions of social networks are also taken into account.

Content marketing and social media marketing - which content for which platform?

For the distribution of attention-grabbing content, the modern media world has numerous Channels of varying potential are available. Of course should the planned measures are in line with the company's long-term marketing objectives. And these framing marketing campaigns should be suitably embedded and networkable with each other. For example, it is advisable to make a YouTube video on a certain topic known simultaneously by posting it on Facebook and tweeting it on Twitter. This way, the content is linked reciprocally and you draw your followers' attention to it.

The prerequisite, however, is that the published social media content is not only of high quality, but also perfectly tailored to the intended target group is. A subliminal reference to the products offered is permitted, but should in no case be intrusive or even overtly promotional. It should also be noted that each media or sales channel has its own specific characteristics that can be exploited for maximum attention and effectiveness or optimum sales success.

Twitter and Instagram in particular are predestined for sending one-line messages. However, these short messaging services are less suited for sending page-long assembly instructions. Facebook, on the other hand, thrives on well-researched contributions from its members. These can sometimes be a bit longer, but they should be one thing above all: As up to date as possible

An overview of suitable content and the properties of the Platforms for content marketing and social media have been compiled in this table:

Platforms and suitable content for content and social media marketing

Success in digital marketing with user-generated content!

In any case can User Generated Content be used in an optimal way for marketing activities in the social media area.

The topics and case studies covered are mostly taken directly from life. The advantage here is that most readers can relate to the Identify content, since almost every one of them has already experienced the described situations themselves.

User-generated content helps a company generate reach and awareness - at low cost
User-generated content helps increase reach and awareness - at low cost (

Furthermore, the cost advantage should not be ignored. This is because no salaried in-house editors are required to create user content. This work is done by the numerous followers in a thoroughly appealing and realistic manner.

In order to always have an ear to the customer, especially with user-generated content, the Evaluate Social Signs such as Likes, Shares or Comments are of elementary importance. 

How do I write targeted posts on websites and social media platforms?

 The creation or research of good content takes quite a bit of time. An experienced content manager therefore reserves an appropriate amount of time for each activity. Good content serves both the preferences of the Target group as well as internal sales interests. However, with the consideration that each publication should present the own company in the most favorable light possible. A weekly editorial plan helps to maintain an overview, avoid repetition and follow a "red thread" within the published articles.

The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how

When publishing content Honesty and transparency top priority. Followers quickly recognize when a post is not authentic and only pursues their own sales interests. Such behavior never leads to the goal and, in the worst case, can result in a shitstorm, which is accompanied by significant sales losses for the company. Therefore pay attention toto answer comments even if they do not directly affect your interests, this conveys objectivity and creates trust.


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