Customer acquisition with marketing automation software - this is how it works!

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Since the digitalization of the business world, not only has communication with customers changed, there has also been a transformation of marketing and sales - in terms of the entire sales process. Companies that want to adequately meet the resulting challenges should rely on a innovative solution put

Optimally, this is carried out by sales and marketing at the same time. The fact that a professional Lead Management needs support in this regard is beyond question.

Comes to this Marketing Automation Software sales and marketing can cooperate better with each other. The use of such software is usually accompanied by more realistic forecasts due to the increasing transparency in customer business and increases the probability of closing deals.

Although the term "marketing automation software" is a topical one, the Buzz Word studies have shown that this concept for customer acquisition is not only still a long way from reaching all companies is.

Several factors are responsible for thisDue to the fact that customer acquisition, as well as the initiation of new business, is associated with high financial, human and time resources, medium-sized companies still frequently use customer acquisition tools that are no way as up to date can be called.

Straight Germany is, according to studies, still very old-fashioned in the New customer acquisition. Newspaper ads, letter mailings and direct mail still exist. De facto, the world of However, customer acquisition has changed significantly in recent years.

New customer acquisition
Source: Zero Moment of Truth Google

In the following, we therefore evaluate what exactly lies behind the Marketing Automation and corresponding tools, whether their use actually brings about a New customer acquisition in the twinkling of an eye and which Advantages this concept entails.

Status Quo: Customer Acquisition in Times of Digital Transformation

The digitalization of society has led to far-reaching changes in marketing. In the course of this transformation, which is also known as digital transformation a paradigm shift took place with regard to marketing.

The new buzzwords are:


This resulted in both Behavioral changes as well as Modified expectations on the part of the customers. This, of course, not only in terms of customer communication, but also for marketing in general.

Due to the Explosion of communication channels customers have acquired a new power. Mobile devices are not least responsible for this, as a large number of consumers are now always online. Consumers get their information from the Internet and exchange information about products and services in real time. As a result, consumers are gaining enormous "Intelligence"At the same time, customer acquisition is shifting more and more into the Internet.

Only after potential customers have informed themselves about a specific product or service do they contact the sales department. In this regard, it is interesting that this development cross-sector takes place.

In the course of the Customer acquisition relevant data can be collected from potential customers on the Internet. Specific tools can be used both to obtain and evaluate this data and to make it fruitful.

These are so-called Marketing Automation Toolswhich also serve the purpose of subsequently calculating a target (group)-oriented customer approach and adequate Advertising campaigns to generate.


Marketing Automation & Marketing Automation Software

The term "Marketing AutomationAs already mentioned, the term "sustainability" is now on everyone's lips. It was already coined in 2001 from John D. C. Little during his presentation "Marketing Automation on the Internet" at the University of Berkeley. If one follows GoogleSince then, the term has taken on a continuously increasing relevance to.

Marketing Automation Google Trands

In this context, marketing automation can be seen as a extensive process be described, within the framework of which numerous forms of marketing supported, which are used via different functions.

But: what is marketing automation software?

Accordingly, marketing automation software is a system that is used for the Planning, Control and repeated use from Marketing measures - whether of a one-time or ongoing nature - is used.

Such systems are also referred to as Marketing Automation Tools referred to, whereby it is often Online services which are listed in the Cloud are located.

ma old

Through the software it is possible to set specific targets more efficient, cost-saving and thus simple to achieve: Besides the Customer acquisition and the supply with high-quality content Marketing automation software can also be used to obtain information about potential customers and to Marketing campaigns planned and implemented.

Marketing automation tools can thus be defined as software platforms and have several components, namely

  • a database,
  • a web controlling,
  • Workflows,
  • a communication component
  • and a CRM synchronization.

All important data are stored in a Marketing database Saved.

ma new

Based on the available data, the tools can then be used to plan, execute and evaluate advertising campaigns. The ultimate goal is to optimize marketing ROI.

In terms of customer acquisition, it is important to note that prospects are so individual and personal as possible should be addressed. In addition to the suitable prospective customer itself, the Time the approach to interested parties and the Suitable mix of communication channels of importance for success.

With the help of marketing automation tools, a Analysis of user or prospect data in relation to the different Communication channels take place. In this way it is possible to better Individual preferences of the interested party and to achieve a good result by an adequate approach. positive "prospect experience which contributes significantly to customer acquisition.

The benefits of marketing automation tools for customer acquisition at a glance:

  • Both the success of individual marketing activities and that of entire advertising campaigns is visible and measurable.
  • The Cooperation between Marketing and Distribution is optimized, the introduction of automated processes results in Savings of time, financial and human resources.
  • A Individualized and personalized prospect and customer targeting becomes possible. Both the appropriate time period for addressing the customer and the appropriate medium for addressing the (potential) customer can be selected.
  • Advertising campaigns can be developed, implemented, evaluated and - if necessary - modified more quickly.

Conclusion: Customer Acquisition & Marketing Automation Tools

No matter whether it is a medium-sized company or else a globally operating group acts:

To acquire customers and generate new business, it is necessary to gather information about potential and existing customers, define proven means of acquisition, and provide high-quality content. In addition, it is necessary to plan, implement and evaluate advertising activities and marketing campaigns.

Through Marketing Automation Software all this work can be done more efficiently. The advantages of implementing the appropriate software are not only in the Customer acquisitionbut also in the Increase customer satisfaction and of the Sales as well as the Savings financial human and time resources.

Use these advantages for yourself and start automating your marketing. The best way to do this is to use the # 1 All in One Markeitng Aurtomation Software by SALESmanago. The European marketing automation solution offers you numerous functions and tools for customer acquisition. Try SALESmanago now for free!



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