Content Automation - Is AI Revolutionizing Content Marketing?

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Through modern technical solutions, companies can significantly improve their marketing workflow and save a lot of time. An important part of the new digital working world is the Content Automation. No matter what goals you want to achieve with your marketing, modern systems and software solutions take work off your hands, increase your reach and can thus contribute significantly to business success.

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Content Automation: A Definition

Content Marketing is becoming increasingly popular in most companies. This is because companies have understood that customers are more dependent on relevant content than by aggressive advertising promises. Whoever provides the best and, above all, the best prepared information, wins the trust of the clientele.

The content provided must therefore not only be good, but should also fit the current needs of the user.

Every user takes his or her individual path from initial interest to purchase. On this so-called Customer Journey different questions are asked and focus is set at different points in time. Through content automation, companies can Appropriate content at different touch points of the user along the customer journey and thus establish and maintain contact.

With content automation, you can reap benefits.
You can reap benefits with content automation. (Image:

When this process is automated, the workload for the company's employees is significantly reduced. They can focus more on other projects, while the interested users ultimately generate their own leads or qualified leads generate.

The importance of automated content management for SMEs

A common opinion seems to be that only large companies are able to implement and use such automations. But digitization is by no means dependent on the size of the company, because the associated Software solutions are available and affordable even for smaller companies. At the beginning it is important to invest enough time to create the content and determine for which target group which Content at which touchpoint is to be provided. Finally, the program must be programmed for these various "eventualities". The rough definition of this content can also be carried out during the intensive engagement with the target groups and the buyer personas, which is necessary for marketing planning anyway.

Display appropriate content at the right touchpoint to your clientele.
Display appropriate content at the right touchpoint to your clientele. (Image:

Furthermore, it is important to continuously collect relevant data ("insights") in order to be able to use them for decisions in the further course: for example, for the classification and refinement of target groups or the adaptation of content to observed interests and trends.

When and where you can use content automation

Wherever you currently rely on content marketing, content automation can take care of content placement. The solutions are able to present the content through the various marketing channels and thus offer suitable information to potential clientele.

Marketing Automation in Lead Management

Content marketing is always also lead management. Experience shows that high-quality content helps to attract new buyers, make your own company better known, or put your own products in the spotlight. And with content automation, your company can achieve these goals. Shorten processes and accelerate them at the same time.

Marketing Automation supports you effectively and handles work processes automatically.
Marketing Automation supports you effectively and handles work processes automatically. (Image:

Once the processes are in place, marketing staff can focus more on the campaigns as a whole. Content can also be optimized to match customer interests and position in the customer journey, and the quality of content can be increased with the help of insights.

Accompanying customers along the customer journey

We have already touched on the importance of data tracking during the customer journey. When potential customers come into contact with the company or its products, they reveal a lot about themselves and their interests. With the help of these insights, for example, the position in the customer journey can be determined or the customers can be assigned to specific target groups be  

Content automation can use precisely this mapping to provide the customer with appropriate information at the touchpoints.

At the beginning, for example, the price of a product is even less important if the customer first wants to find out about the technical background. Intelligent content automation therefore delivers information to the consumer that satisfies precisely these information needs. In this way, prospective customers are gradually guided to the moment of purchase, while the company's own employees work primarily at the interface between marketing and sales. Many often repetitive tasks can be outsourced via content automation. This significantly improves the workflow.

Automate the creation of content

When people hear content automation, they often think of automated content creation. And let's face it, we're not that far away from that now. As a company, you can already have content created by an AI. But unfortunately, it also has to be said that currently it's rather only enough for short messages or the completion of prefabricated articles with personalized data. An AI can already send out a tweet about stock market figures or the weather without making any mistakes. Creating sophisticated content, however, is much more difficult.

For successful content automation, certain requirements must be suitably met and in place.
For successful content automation, certain requirements must be suitably met and and in place. (Image:

This is due to the complexity of the language. But research is not standing still; better and better systems are being developed and it will only be a matter of time before content automation is also capable of fluent write readable texts. The fine sense of language and nuances of a human being will probably not be reached by technology, but it will be more than sufficient for a lot of content. So in the distant future, your employees will still have more time for planning personalization and optimizing marketing programs accordingly.

The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how

Every company benefits from content automation

Even though content automation may sound like a huge project at first, the system is designed in such a way that self-employed people or SMEs can benefit from such a solution. The time required at the beginning to set up the system is worth it in the long run, as you don't have to worry about every single and individual Customer Journey has to take care of. Besides the then self-running workflow, content automation generates a wider reach - a very important factor for your success.

In any case, it is worth taking a deeper look at the topic. Deepen your knowledge with the help of our white paper, or contact our experts for advice.


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