How to implement the insights of the Customer Journey in your company

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Achieving Success with Assertiveness and Empathy - Customer Journey Implementation

Comprehensive control of all marketing and sales activities is important to ensure the Customer Journey in the company implement successfully to be able to. Collecting data is one thing; evaluating it successfully and implementing changes derived from it within the company is another. To be successful in the long term, the Digitization driven forward in all areas of the company become. What are the trigger points for accompanying customers efficiently and with a focus on returns?

PowerPoint Template: Effective Marketing Thanks to Customer Journey Map - Download

Increasing digitization pressure on companies

The pressure on companies to digitize is increasing. The number of consumers who inform and buy online, has in recent years continuously increased. The Online trade In many industries, the customer journey determines whether sales are positive or whether disappointment spreads across the faces of relevant stakeholders. Only if customers find the perfect entry point into the customer journey, are picked up at their current level of knowledge at any time, and are offered options at the appropriate moment, Purchase deals online retailing can assert itself as a sales driver.

When implementing the customer journey, make sure that the onboarding process is optimal and smooth.
Make sure that the entry into the customer journey is optimal and smooth. (Image:

Linking the customer journey with corporate values

The overarching goal is to combine the insights gained from the customer journey with traditional values of the company to combine. These include, for example, quality and durability. The aim is to provide the customer with the Omnichannel marketing consistently more than he expects. How do you do that? Companies that have their own tech division dedicated exclusively to growth and innovation strategies have a clear advantage. These specialists can initiate a comprehensive change in values in traditional companies.

Company with benefit from digital business models from an enormously high Implementation speed. Alternatively, it is possible to work with external marketing specialists who have excellent industry knowledge. In cooperation with employees from other departments, unique selling propositions in the respective stages of the customer journey can be worked out and communicated convincingly. The result is a significant increase in customer activity across all sales and communication channels.

Support through data analysis and marketing automation

Many companies have the desire to provide their customers in the customer journey a barrier free change between the traditional offline and modern online world. Medium-sized companies in particular, with an established customer base and high-priced products, need offline access in order to serve traditional sales channels - e.g., in stationary specialist stores. It is important - regardless of the Touchpoints - Keeping the brand experience in focus along the customer journey and presenting itself to target groups as an innovative, tech-savvy company. Customers expect Distribution channels - regardless of the medium used to contact them - are familiar with their previous customer journey and they are clearly identified. If they have to explain themselves twice and three times, the likelihood of them leaving increases enormously.

A customer journey must run smoothly across all platforms.
When implementing the customer journey, make sure it runs smoothly across platforms. (Image: )

Identify and serve target group needs

Do you find it easy to identify your company's classic target groups and meet their needs along the customer journey? You can safely answer this question with a resounding yes. But what about when Customer needs change or new target group show interest in your company's products and services?

Only those who are able React quickly and flexibly to changes, can implement the customer journey as required and comprehensively fulfill customer wishes. Companies that are able to apply agile methods and form cross-departmental teams have a clear advantage. The skills to navigate changing teams and to network internally within the company are becoming key success factors - for individual employees and companies.

When managers have access to reliable customer data from analytics tools, the touchpoints of the customer journey can be designed effectively and purposefully

Asking the right questions internally

Collaborations between different departments are essential to implement the insights of the customer journey in your company. The combination of marketing, IT, customer data and sales requires the inclusion of different perspectives. All parties involved must be aware at all times that customers are primarily interested in Solutions - and not the products or services themselves.

If you know what your customers want, you can ask the right questions internally.

The collection, evaluation and use of data brings Sales opportunities and Potential for competitive advantages. Happy customers become existing customers and fans. They give - you are asked accordingly - valuable recommendations.

Understanding customer feelings and emotions

Many companies find it difficult to accept that customer expectations have changed. Customers expect experienceswhich are linked to positive emotions. Accordingly, it is necessary to compare classic key performance indicators within the company with so-called "positive" indicators. Connect experience data and draw new insights from them. Reliable empirical values are provided by customers as well as employees with direct customer contact who are characterized by empathy. Employees can Buyer Personas and use their feedback to initiate relevant adjustments to the customer approach and the design of the customer journey. In the background, internal company processes can be changed so that they fully meet current customer expectations.

PowerPoint Template: Effective Marketing Thanks to Customer Journey Map - Download

Optimize customer experience management

A major problem is that many of those responsible are unable to put themselves in the shoes of their customers. Their expertise is too extensive, and many difficulties that prospects encounter on their customer journey seem trivial to the experts - a major weakness. Arrogance leads to disappointment and Damages customer relationships sustainable. If products and services are interchangeable, companies lose customers. If word gets out about a negative experience, the financial loss and image damage are many times greater.

Give your employees tools and guidance to understand and serve customer expectations at every point in the customer journey.

You can't expect employees to be able to understand customers and build an emotional connection on their own.

Recommendations - Successfully Implementing the Customer Journey

An important basis for being able to implement the findings of the customer journey in your company is the Use of collected customer data. It has been known for a long time: Data are the true assets of the future. Only companies that can use the knowledge derived from it to their advantage know what customers like on their customer journey, what excites, annoys or even repels them. If, in the next step, employees are trained accordingly and receive technological support regarding the future orientation of customer communication with regard to products and services, they will succeed in accompanying customers along the customer journey efficiently and with a focus on returns.


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