E-Commerce Trends - Online Consumer Study 2019

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The E-commerce trends from the Online Consumer Study 2019 show how the industry is currently positioning itself and, in part, how customers are reacting to these changes and improvements. We have for you the most important trends summarized, which will remain in place for years to come.

Special highlights in online trading

In the SALESmanago Online Consumer Trends 2019 study, of course, not only summarizes the current trends, but also important insights from the industry. Thus, most customers still use the Weekend for research. The However, purchases are also more likely to be made online on the following weekdays perform.

Also the importance of the Marketing Automation is always underlined, as good performance in this area is essential for around 25 percent of all successful completions can provide. This means that companies can use the system with only a one-time high setup and configuration effort. enormously large successes achieve.

Marketing automation as a revenue driver
Marketing automation as a revenue driver

E-commerce trends that will continue into the next year

An important point of the current e-commerce trends is the fact that the Trends by far no longer change so quicklyas was the case just a few years ago. The speed of innovations is clearly decreasing. In many areas, we find ourselves in a Consolidation and improvement phase.

This means that many of the e-commerce trends will remain important in the coming years. They will only change visibly in their design for the online consumer. Better technical solutions and more specialized software will play an important part here.

The proportion of mobile shoppers is growing all the time

Smartphones are now so firmly anchored in society that all target groups relevant to sales not only own the devices, but also use them regularly. This is also reflected in the current E-commerce Trends, as more than 50 percent of all online consumers make their online purchases directly via mobile device.

Many companies have already taken this trend into account and consistently rely on responsive websiteswhich can adapt to the device used. Even more interesting are the so-called Progressive Web Apps, where online stores are supported by real App features can be extended.

These web apps are an important e-commerce trend. They will continue to play a major role in shaping e-commerce trends in the coming years. This is because the online consumer will simplified purchasing functions demand in the future and select stores and providers according to these functions.

E-commerce software is becoming more powerful

In 2019, more and more companies have focused on particularly large and comprehensively specialized Software solutions in the field of e-commerce set. These software solutions such as, among others Magento Commerce offer, among other things, an excellent Omnichannel compatibility and allow, for example, multi-instance systems, so that enormously flexible solutions have developed.

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Thanks to the databases connected to them, the systems can access a wealth of Data material back. In this way, they enable cross-divisional work in the various companies. This enables sales, marketing and customer service, among others, to work optimally hand in hand. You can reach the Online consumer targeted and fulfill his wishes. Technically, these ever-evolving solutions are important e-commerce trends that are likely to play an increasingly important role in the coming years.

Online consumers increasingly demand personalization

And it is precisely these solutions that bring us to one of the most important e-commerce trends, which has been defining the market and the industry for many years. Personalization and Individualization are becoming increasingly important in order to not only convince customers, but also to keep as customers.

An example can be seen here with the so-called Cancelled baskets. People who leave a page even though there are goods in the shopping cart only come back and complete their purchase in 1.6 percent of all cases. Through the targeted Addressing customers via automatically acting systems this share can be increased to over 5 percent. That doesn't sound like much, but given the volume of broken shopping carts, it's definitely a considerable figure and thus important economically.

Recover abandoned shopping cart
Journey to recover abandoned shopping carts

In addition, customers appreciate comprehensive personalization especially when it works across multiple levels. If the telephone support employee can also access the customer's purchase data or existing notes, a More competent and effective advice to customers possible, which can have a lasting effect on their willingness to buy.

The online consumer is increasingly coming into focus

As can be seen from most of the e-commerce trends, the growing Focus on the customer ever more strongly. Thanks to the new possibilities of AI and automation, an enormous amount of data can not only be stored and processed, but can also be used practically in real time.

This means that customers can be optimally addressed with their wishes and requirements and supplied with the appropriate products.

This is already evident in some sales funnels. Customers are guided on their way through the funnel by systems that act and react automatically. This can Addressing the customer optimally and appropriately at every point of contact on the customer journey be

Conclusion: Many e-commerce trends still remain in the industry

As you can very well see, some of the trends are not particularly sensational or new. One of the reasons for this is that the industry can hardly develop in some areas. Genuine innovations have therefore become the exception rather than the rule. It is above all the Refine and perfect existing technologies and solutions.

Among other things, this is the case in the area of Marketing Automation the case. It is a considerable potential available, to change the entire marketing sector in the long term. Through more and more performance of the solutions used, for example, this trend will be easily maintained in the coming years.

It is therefore to be expected that in 2020 many of the trends will continue and only be specified. Thus, both entrepreneurs benefit as well as the online consumer from these solutions and can be used in their individual needs even better and more effectively achieved be

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