Marketing Automation in E-Commerce - Increase your Conversion and Retention Rate

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Many companies in the field of E-commerce get the increasing competition is being felt more and more strongly. Accordingly, a number of companies are now trying to optimize their own business model and thus gain direct access to their own customers. The Improve sales tunnel is an important tool here. Marketing automation in e-commerce can significantly improve a number of factors.

Why conversion and retention rate play an important role

In e-commerce, there are hardly any key figures more important than the Conversion and Retention Rate. The Conversion Rate testifies to the effectiveness of marketing in leading a customer to sales readiness and then successfully closing the sale. The Retention Rate is the rate of customer retention, i.e. the indicator of success in turning a one-time customer into a regular customer.

And regular customers are becoming increasingly important. Because the classic form of regular customer loyalty is not only crumbling among established providers. Young and modern e-commerce providers are also having more and more problems retaining customers over the long term.

It is therefore valid effective means to use to permanently improve these two critical KPIs.

Using marketing automation effectively in e-commerce

The Marketing Automation can offer precisely these desired effects in e-commerce. Because the customers are informed about the marketing automation specifically accompanied and at all Touchpoints with the company personal and individual addressed in a tailored manner.

However, in order for marketing automation to be a real success for your company, you first have to make some preparations. Even modern e-commerce companies that already use big data and operate a comprehensive customer relationship management system often have to get used to the new possibilities of marketing automation.

The right preparation for marketing automation in e-commerce

To get the most out of marketing automation in e-commerce, it's important to make the right preparations. Because a Software solution can only ever work with the data that is made available to it.

The clear identification of target groups by the corresponding Buyer Personas is one of the most important prerequisites. Also a centralized database with the most important data from the various channels is essential. You can fulfill these requirements in advance. This is the only way to ensure that sufficient data sets are available for use in marketing automation. In this way, you leverage your E-commerce to a new level and guide your leads and customers through the interest and purchase process in a much more targeted way.

This is how marketing automation in e-commerce influences the conversion rate

The impact of marketing automation on e-commerce depends heavily on the Efficiency of use off. After all, marketing automation can only function successfully if the various information and information channels converge. Only then can the software learn from them and play out content accordingly.

The customer comes in the course of the sales funnel respectively the Customer Journey come into contact with the company at various points of contact. At each stage of this process, however, the customer has different intentions and interests.

The art of marketing automation is to automatically provide the customer with the appropriate content at every touchpoint, thus leading the customer further and further to sales maturity.

The lead is visited by the marketing automation until he is convinced of the services and offers. The Purchase in your e-commerce store is noted by the marketing automation software and serves further cross-selling and upselling campaigns. This automated and optimized accompaniment and preparation of customer Reduces bounce rates clearly. In addition, it ensures a Significant increase in conversion rate in most areas of e-commerce.

You can expect this influence on the retention rate

Many companies use marketing automation in e-commerce primarily to reach customers in the sense of classic Lead Nurturing to the purchase and to optimize this path.

But targeted marketing automation can also have a significant impact on the Retention Rate and thus to the Customer loyalty take. Because after the purchase, the customer has not directly disappeared from the system. Instead, he can be considered as a potential new customer in new campaigns. The care of the customer through further automations can thus be continued effectively.

Inquiries about the Customer satisfaction, Regular customer programs and Special offers for existing customers can also be integrated into e-commerce through marketing automation. The better the individual offers and solutions are tailored to the customer groups and the more information to the individual customer and his Purchase and reaction behavior the more precise and accurate marketing automation can be in this respect.

The customer is reminded of the company and the various offers at optimally adjusted intervals. He feels cared for by the combination of marketing automation and e-commerce and develops in the long run to a loyal regular customers of the company.

Further advantages of marketing automation in e-commerce

However, in addition to the two conversion and retention rate benefits mentioned above, marketing automation in e-commerce offers other advantages as well. For one thing an automated solution relieves the employeeswhich can take care of the difficult and often particularly profitable cases.

In addition, the Work motivation in the company usually increases significantly, since especially the tedious and repetitive tasks are taken over by marketing automation. This means that the workflow of individual employees can be noticeably increased and improved, which benefits the profitability of the company. Marketing automation in e-commerce can therefore have a significant impact on the entire operation and the efficiency of marketing.

Choose the right solution for marketing automation in e-commerce

In addition to all these preparations, of course, plays the selection of the suitable software solution plays an important role in the field of marketing automation in e-commerce. Because in the optimal case, the solution should have suitable Interfaces to be directly connected to your own e-commerce system. With SALESmanago you can choose from a comprehensive all-in-one solution for marketing automation.

With more than 10,000 customers around the world, SALESmanago is the largest marketing automation software in Europe. The special advantage for you as a customer? You can easily use SALESmanago for Test 30 days with all functions free of charge and without obligation. Thus, you can check the different functions and take a look at the combination of marketing automation and e-commerce.


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