LinkedIn Social Selling - the perfect team with HubSpot

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With around 800 million members worldwide LinkedIn great potential for growth-oriented inbound marketing. The focus is on companies in the Business-to-BusinessLinkedIn Social Selling is the perfect solution for them.

The platform, which specializes in professional networks and careers, has been part of Microsoft since 2016 and has its corporate headquarters in sunny Sunnyvale in the US state of California. It offers you the opportunity to specifically acquire new customers and Maintain existing customers. The integration between LinkedIn and Hubspot provides the ideal support for companies that use social selling in sales to efficiently generate high-quality leads and successful conversions.

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LinkedIn Social Selling as a growth driver

With each new contact on LinkedIn, you expand your network and find access to potential new customers. Depending on the products and services you sell, you can target direct sales on LinkedIn. Or you can build through Lead Nurturing the contact to the Sales Qualified Lead step by step. To implement this process, a LinkedIn HubSpot Integration the optimal infrastructure. After the first contact you can trust your Leads and then drive sales processes forward in the right way. The consistent use of LinkedIn thus becomes a growth engine for your company.

LinkedIn Social Selling Index
Generating potential new customers through social selling. (Image:

Advantages of the HubSpot-LinkedIn integration

  • Central management of leads and extension of existing master data in HubSpot
  • Visualize important CRM information on LinkedIn - e.g. make HubSpot Sales Status visible in LinkedIn.
  • Store chats and interactions from LinkedIn for centralized use in Hubspot
  • Sending InMails from Hubspot
  • Generating social selling campaigns from HubSpot
  • Establishment of an additional channel for sales activities

Optimize LinkedIn social selling tactics

HubSpot provides you with resources and processes to best tailor your own social selling tactics to the needs of your target audiences. The quality of your profile and the posts you create is important here, because the Dwell time on LinkedIn is despite high access numbers low. On average, users spend around 17 minutes per month on the career platform. What may not seem like much, however, can prove to be a great advantage. LinkedIn users are used to separating the important from the unimportant in a fraction of a second. So take your chance to attract the attention of potential clientele and stand out through target group oriented engagement from your competition.

Profile as the basis for successful social selling

Social selling starts on LinkedIn with your profile. Look at your profile tagline from the perspective of an elevator pitch. Convince your contacts with a sophisticated short presentation that sets you apart from the crowd and stirs up interest. Make Unique selling proposition, Added value and more relevant information visible at a glance. For this, you can optimally adapt your wording to the needs of your target groups.

image 8
Example LinkedIn profile: convince with a sophisticated short presentation. (Image:

Use the information about your LinkedIn contacts to make precise segmentations in CRM and coordinate future sales activities. Your advantage: As a HubSpot user, you have precise and up-to-date knowledge about the demands of your target groups. For example, you can assign your LinkedIn contacts to specific buyer personas. The slow approach via regular provisioning high quality and helpful content creates a common basis of trust.

Optimal for Lead Generation - LinkedIn Sales Navigator

For companies that want to actively engage in social selling via LinkedIn, it is worth investing in the paid LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It enables you to find high quality leads faster and offers the following. important functions:

  • Display of member profiles and names outside the own network
  • Access to an extended network, i.e. both first- and second-degree contacts
  • Lead recommendations depending on sales settings
  • Effective key account management through company updates and information on new and existing relationships

Connecting LinkedIn Sales Navigator and HubSpot

The connection of the LinkedIn Sales Navigators the Team or Enterprise stages with HubSpot allows you to automate standardized processes for social selling with LinkedIn, saving you valuable time. Take advantage of the opportunity to gather real-time information about your potential clientele before making contact. The better prepared you are, the more targeted you can determine when to contact them and send messages individualize. If a network is established, you are already in possession of valuable background information to be able to react flexibly.

image 5
Efficient generation of high-quality leads and successful conversions Through integration with LinkedIn and Hubspot. (Image:

Invest time and build trust

For a successful social selling via LinkedIn it often makes sense not to make any offers to a new lead in the period after the initial contact. The risk of catching the person off guard and provoking defensive reactions is too great. Take time to Trust build up and a open communication basis to create. You can achieve this goal by being authentic and expressing honest interest. For example, respond positively to content that potential customers have posted on LinkedIn and share interesting posts yourself. Important: If you make an offer to your newly acquired contact, it is advantageous to do so in a personal conversation to do. LinkedIn also enables spontaneous video calls to be organized via the messaging function.

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template

Conclusion - great potential for HubSpot and LinkedIn Social Selling

Social selling with LinkedIn admittedly takes staying power. But it's proven to deliver improved results for your growth-oriented inbound marketing: 15% stronger pipeline, 17% more deals, 42% bigger deals (source: LinkedIn). In combination with HubSpot you have the efficient infrastructure for a Comprehensive Social Selling. Compare and optimize the success of different sales and advertising measures. Benefit from the advantages of HubSpot and accompany your customers on the path from LinkedIn contact to sales qualified lead to successful conversion.


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