Step-by-step generate more leads with your blog

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In inbound marketing, lead generation with blogs is one of the supreme disciplines. The combination of strategic brand development and the possibility to offer potential customers and various entry options to offer some advantages. They can be individually tailored to interests of the respective Customer Journey and nowhere is this more possible than in a corporate blog. Companies that do not make the best possible use of this opportunity for positive self-portrayal forfeit the chance to expand their market positioning and gain market share among relevant target groups.

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Corporate blogs - a chore or creative external presentation?

Marketing managers see it as their duty to maintain a corporate blog in order to meet SEO requirements and communicate key content. The feelings with which this blog is managed depend on the appreciation of the corporate blog within the department as well as on the part of the company management. Without Clearly defined objectives as well as a long-term strategy a blog is doomed to stagnate in the vastness of the World Wide Web, occasionally attracting interested users to relevant articles.

Successful lead generation with blog is actionable and profitable for their business.
Successful lead generation with blog is actionable and profitable for their business. (Image:

A low dwell time or high bounce rates of visitors harm the Google ranking in the long run. It is worthwhile for companies from a financial and image perspective to use the blog as an opportunity for a creative and promotionally effective external presentation as well as possibility to generate leads at low cost.

Target-performance analysis of your corporate blog

All improvement measures for lead generation with blogs start with a comprehensive inventory of the current situation. Check what content is available, how up-to-date it is, whether there are redundancies and contradictions, and for which keywords the individual articles are optimized for are. If business areas, focal points, products and services, target groups and business models have changed, the existing content must be revised.

Depending on the relevance, this may involve deleting, updating or expanding existing blog articles. Do not proceed hesitantly. If an article does not fit the current strategic and content-related orientation of your company or if you have the feeling that it no longer corresponds to your corporate values or corporate image, then it is advisable to delete it.

It is better to have few good articles on the blog than a flood of irrelevant information.

Looking at the competition, as well as successful companies in other industries that you admire for their promotional blog presence, will give you ideas for what your own blog should look like in the future.

Analyze corporate blog of competitors to draw conclusions.
Analyze corporate blog of competitors to draw conclusions. (Image:

It is important that your corporate blog is authentic, complete and fits your current marketing strategy.

No magic - lead generation with blog

Lead generation with blog and successful inbound marketing are not magic. Users search every second for information about products, services, and for interesting and entertaining topics that satisfy their current interests. Design blog content with the clear objective to satisfy the user intent - i.e. the motives of the searcher and thus give potential customers or clients your attention.

For lead generation with blog, the content must match the user intent.
For lead generation with blog, content must match user intent. (Image:

Creating high-quality content that is precisely tailored to keywords pays off. The reader perceives you as an expert in the respective field or feels - depending on the request - in the best of hands. If you have the full attention of the visitor to your corporate blog, it is easy to get him or her to take action. Don't fall through the cracks and ask for full contact details. Proceed cautiously and settle for a few pieces of information that will allow you to successfully continue the customer journey.

Success control via generated leads

Integrate for lead generation with blog concrete call-to-actions in every articlethat prompt your visitors to take action. For example, offer them free whitepapers, the receipt of a topic-specific newsletter, or participation in a sweepstakes to encourage users to give out their email address. In the next step, ask for the name as well as the current position in the company to be able to draw conclusions about the quality of the lead.

The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how

More crucial than the easily ascertainable number of leads is knowing which leads will turn into future Marketing Qualified Leads or Sales Qualified Leads can be continued. If the generated leads can be categorized, it will then also become apparent that Which content particularly appeals to which target groups and the focus of your corporate blog can be set accordingly. Central questions are:

  • Which posts received the most or least views?
  • Which items generated the most or least leads?
  • Which formats are best received by the target groups - e.g. articles with audio and video content?
  • What was the length of the blog articles?
  • Which call-to-actions achieved the greatest success?

Once the answers are known, you will have important insights into your Target groups gained to help you create future blog posts and provide a strategic roadmap.

Plan and implement lead generation with blog

Take a structured approach to creating posts with lead generation in mind, and plan articles for the long term in coordination with your current and future online marketing strategy. A corporate blog offers you extensive opportunities to individual target group approach and presentation of your company. If you appear authentic, recognize the interests of your customers, show expert knowledge and integrate targeted call-to-actions, lead generation with a blog will succeed without much effort.


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