Successful influencer marketing on social media

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Influencers pose as opinion leaders important multipliers in online marketing. Through well thought out and authentic Influencer marketing allows you to increase your Range on social media more quickly. Successful influencer marketing encompasses several aspects. It starts with the selection of social media platforms and extends to the choice of formats and the design of the form of cooperation with the influencers.

Influencer Marketing and Social Media at a glance

The old idea, Opinion leader for advertising and marketing social media offers a range of new opportunities. On platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, there are significantly more influencers than traditional marketing and sales channels could offer.

A special feature of the influencers on social media consists in the fact that these often from the middle of society origin. This offers the advantage of High authenticity. For almost every target group, there are influencers with whom customers and potential customers can identify.

Advantages of Influcer Marketing
These are the benefits of working with influencers for your marketing (Image:

Influencer marketing pursues the goal of promoting your company's to find suitable ambassadors and mood setters, that appeal to a suitable target group. Ideally, thanks to influencer marketing, you will not only achieve a high reach, but thanks to the Trust of the followers into the Influencer also a attractive conversion rate.

Selection of Social media platforms for cooperation with influencers

Among the most popular and widest-reach social media channels for influencer marketing include:


As currently most popular channel Instagram has emerged as the most popular platform for influencer marketing. The service, which is part of Facebook, is a versatile platform for influencers, which can be used for Multiple formats offers possibilities.

Influencer Marketing Channels
Instagram is the most popular influencer marketing channel (Image:

Besides simple Posts can also be found on Instagram Videos create and Live functions use Instagram Stories and real-time broadcasts ensure a varied program.

The platform has a wide range of active usersInfluencers with a large number of followers can quickly establish a High range achieve. Likes, comments or direct messages can also be used to generate a high interaction rate achieve.

Example of an influencer post on Instagram
Successful influencer marketing - example post on Instagram by Kate Spiers


Also Facebook as a classic among social media channels is still relevant for influencer marketing. Although the demand for new campaigns is decreasing, the platform continues to find application for the Application of already existing content.

Example Facebook Influencer Live Video
Example of using Facebook Live for influencer marketing (Image:

The social network has the advantage of directly Links to outgoing web pages which is only possible to a limited extent on Instagram.


The YouTube platform, which belongs to Google, is based on Video formats specialized. YouTube, like the search engine itself, is characterized by the fact that users can Search content actively. This makes it different from Instagram or Facebook.

YouTube is primarily used for formats such as unboxing videos, hauling videos or tutorials. However, it is possible to Product placements also accommodate in other video formats. Likewise, YouTube offers Live functions and numerous Interaction possibilities.


The as Industry and business network serving platform LinkedIn also offers opportunities for influencer marketing. The platform offers users the opportunity to exchange information on current professional topics.

Advantages of LinkedIn for B2B Influcer Marketing
High conversion rate on LinkedIn for B2B marketing (Image:

Here you can Professionals and Experts serve as influencers, for example by expressing opinions on certain specialist topics or products. LinkedIn is therefore particularly suitable for influencer marketing in the B2B area or for recruiting.


Blogs on a wide variety of topics continue to be important platforms for influencer marketing. Bloggers typically focus on Content from the subject area of the products or services to be advertised.

Blogs thus address the Information needs of the target group. For this reason, blogs often show a high dwell time, because customers are specifically interested in this topic area and want to inform.

Specific social Networks

Topic-related networks such as Twitch (Gaming) or TikTok (short videos) are suitable for reaching specific target groups. Twitch has opted for the Gaming has emerged as the indispensable platform for influencer marketing. The videos, which are based on self Short videos specialized platform TikTok is particularly useful for a very young target group popular.

TikTok Influencer Marketing
Influencer posts on TikTok (Image:

The Platform selection depends, among other things, on the goods and services offered as well as the Intended target group ab. Generally, a balanced portfolio to networks and influencers. This makes it possible to acquire users of different platforms as subscribers or customers. Furthermore, prospects and customers now require a presence on popular networks.

Selection of formats and Forms of cooperation with influencers

Social media holds a number of opportunities for influencers to effectively showcase your products. Forms of Cooperation with influencers primarily show up in different formats. The most important formats include:

  • Postings
  • Stories
  • Blog entries
  • Tutorials and instructions
  • Product unboxings and reviews
  • Raffles and games
  • Live events
  • Brand Ambassador Programs
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The classic form of an influencer post is the Posting. Here, influencers post content around the product. This is provided with mentions, links and hashtags.

Instagram post in the context of influencer marketing
Successful Influencer Post from Lisa-Marie Schiffner on Instagram

Similar to how postings work Stories. The content is shared with the followers or the community in a short clip for a limited period of time. Stories often have Related links. In the stories, influencers link to your profile or another web presence.

Examples of Influencer Stories
Instagram stories for successful influencer marketing (Image:

Tutorials are a good way to present the areas of use of a product or its application. Unboxings are used to present a product to users in front of a running camera as influencers find it themselves. In combination with a Review products can be rated.

Sweepstakes and Raffles are aimed directly at followers. After the presentation of a product, a raffle is held among the community. There are often conditions for participation, which the Increase interaction and reach serve.

Forms of cooperation

A direct form of cooperation is the live event. Here, influencers visit your company or an event. Afterwards Influencers share their impressions with their community or their followers, respectively.

Live event influencer 1024x499 1
Live events with influencers (Image:

If the cooperation has already reached a certain stage, there are Brand Ambassador Programs an. These are usually longer-term campaigns in which influencers become Brand ambassadors become. Over a fixed period of time, the influencer presents himself as your face in online marketing.

You should make your choice depending on how well you have already worked with an influencer. Cooperation with influencers often takes place in different phases, from simple postings to larger brand ambassador campaigns.


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