3 top conversion boosters for your online store

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As an operator of an online store, the question arises, which online marketing measures contribute to an effective increase in your conversion rate. Conversions describe the conversion of a prospect into a lead and ultimately a customer. A desirable form of conversion is, for example, the Purchase or Conclusion of contract. Particularly effective measures are also available as Conversion booster known. We have compiled the top measures for more success with your online store for you.

Conversions at a glance

The Conversion rate is an important key figure in performance marketing. It corresponds to the proportion of prospects and visitors who complete a certain form of conversion. This includes orders, sales closures, but also so-called micro conversions such as newsletter subscriptions or filling out a contact form. The conversion rate is repeatedly the subject of Success analyses in stores.

The Average conversion rate in the German online store is comparatively low and is about 3 percent.

Here, stores differ with their respective Conversion rates however, clearly differ from each other. This raises the question, what these stores do differently. Some succeed in lowering the bounce rate or dropout rate.

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Unique selling propositions and their visibility as conversion boosters

In modern marketing Unique selling proposition or USPs (unique selling points) are becoming increasingly important. Competition continues to increase in numerous industries. Increasing competition demands that we make a special effort to effectively stand out from the crowd. Only those who particularly stand out with their products, their performance or their presentation will be noticed. In this context, the visibility of these services also plays an important role.

Unique selling propositions are versatile. They can, for example, consist of particularly exquisite products that hardly anyone else offers. Another form of USP is unbeatable low prices. If you have a USP to offer, it is significant to make this communicate effectively. Only a visible unique selling proposition attracts the attention of potential customers.

Making USPs visible
Communicate your USPs clearly and in a visible place in the online store

Faster, better, stronger

If the unique selling proposition consists of a particularly favorable pricing policyA layout with little white space and a simple standard font is recommended. Visitors associate a web design with a lot of white space with higher priced products. Reducing white space can significantly reduce the bounce rate.

If, on the other hand, the USP is a specific expertisethis must be communicated just as clearly. Meaningful and competent headlines are recommended here. Well thought-out product texts and detailed descriptions ensure seriousness.

Visibility is the key

Regardless of the unique selling proposition, users can only click on what is visible. This applies in particular to special offers, top sellers and the online store categories. Many Online stores make the mistake of not Top offers not sufficiently visible to placen.

One important visibility measure is prioritization or Sorting. Often, online store systems or software solutions tend to predetermine important navigation points or categories alphabetically. This means that the most important categories are not placed in focus. It is recommended, strong-selling (sub)categories at the top or far to the left. There they promise the highest visibility. On the other hand problematic categories (such as those with high return rates) further down the list.

Furthermore, it is recommended not to use too many categories and subcategories if possible. With a manageable number the visitor finds his way around more quickly, so that the probability increases that he will finds what you are looking for and buys.

Conversion boost through attention to detail

Interested parties and potential customers in the online store attach great importance to information and details. According to surveys, far more than 70 percent of online customers value detailed category and product descriptions respectively see these as quality criteria. For this reason, an investment in good and meaningful texts is of high importance.

Likewise plays the Position of these descriptions play a role. Details should already be visible in summarized form in the article and category lists. An alternative is the Detail buttonwhich is placed next to the Buy button. If there is no reference to details in the article lists, visitors assume that there are no more article details. The result is often a high bounce rate. Especially with many products, there should be a reference to further details in addition to the sorting and filtering options.

Shipping and payment terms
Clearly present your advantages on shipping and payment

Details play a role not only with regard to the products and categories themselves, but also with regard to the Payment and shipping conditions. Visitors to the online store want to know exactly what costs they will incur. Shipping costs should not only when calling the shopping cart overview come to the fore. Already on the product details page, a clearly visible presentation of the shipping modalities is recommended.

Special shipping benefits are to be placed particularly well visible.

This is recommended for any Landing page or product page so that customers can see them even if they do not reach the product via the homepage. Anyone who offers free shipping, free shipping above a certain value of goods, or a flat rate should advertise this prominently.

References as conversion booster

By means of References online store operators communicate what customers can expect from them. References are versatile and range from pictures of the work results to Customer reviews up to Recommendations by well-known people. Via references, customers can find out which other customers have already been satisfied with the services or products.

Especially if there are well-known names or companies among the recommenders, this provides interested parties with Trust.

On a rational level, references are recommended that point to the Products quality reference. These include customer reviews that attest to the company's good performance or reliable service. On an emotional level, references can have a positive effect on customers. positive feeling trigger, which leads to the Purchase request leads. Here, well thought-out images that attractively showcase the product are suitable.

Use references for your online store
Advertise with positive customer reviews

It is recommended to use in professional photographs as the effect of successful images should not be underestimated. In some cases, the pure pictures are already sufficient, but short explanations (for example, about the place where the picture was taken or details of the work) are valuable additions that can also be convince critical customers.

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Another conversion booster is the connection of the references with the Possibility to contact. Who as a visitor through the references already became an interested party, has in this case until the first Conversion of contact is only a short distance away.


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