7 tips for successful lead generation on the website

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The generation of qualified leads is still treated almost stepmotherly by many companies. Yet the continuous lead generation an important part of the ongoing corporate success. Lead generation via the Website is the simplest and most effective form, as it can be effectively adapted to target groups and products.
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With suitable landing pages for lead generation can be achieved, with appropriate planning, significant successes achieve. We'll show you 7 tips to keep in mind when designing pages for lead generation.

1. create interesting content

Content is the trump card.

This also applies to websites that only serve to generate leads. Nevertheless, the Content not only provide blunt information, but always inform customers about the possible advantages inform. In addition, the Variety plays an important role in content and its preparation. By using suitable tools, you can make the content particularly easy for visitors to grasp and use. Frequent and effective tools are:

  • E-books
  • Info graphics
  • Advisor
  • Enumerations
  • Videos

All these means can help to provide customers with the desired information and to make them aware of the benefits of your offer. convince. For your website's lead generation, these are particularly important tools.

2. the landing page must fit the target group

It sounds tempting to program the one, egg-laying, wool-silk sow. But with the Lead generation on the website, you quickly reach the limits of what is possible. For this reason it is often purposeful to rather separate landing pages for the individual target groups with different Focuses to create.

Although this is considerably more time-consuming in the first step, it facilitates the Targeting of customers and converting them into qualified leads significantly in the long run. The more effective and better you here segmentthe more you will benefit in the long term in terms of lead generation on your website. After all, individual customers can not only be assigned to the various target groups, but also treated accordingly.

3. the structure of the website must be clear and intuitive

Pay attention to the structure of the website. If it is too overloaded or not catchy enough, many visitors will leave after just a few seconds. A unified look, a clear structure and above all also a clear color scheme support you in conveying content.

Highlight important areas with color and use consistent colors and designs to guide your customers throughout the site.

4. support lead generation via website through testimonials

Trust is generally a very hard and fiercely contested currency in lead generation. Customers choose companies they can trust above all else. Customer Testimonials are a great way to build that very trust and optimize lead generation on the website.

However, you should always rely on testimonials from real customers in order not to jeopardize trust under any circumstances. For example, divide the customers into different Customer groups and present an appropriate testimonial for each group.

Also light negative entries from customers can strengthen the website's lead generation if you use them aggressively to Improve own performance and also communicate this.

The more genuine the testimonials are, the greater the trust of potential customers grows.

5. optimize call-to-actions

Call-to-Actions are the Heart of every landing page. And here it is important to reach the prospects directly and above all personal pick up. Use buttons, color accents and especially simple messagesto convince users of the call-to-actions.

A direct approach via imperative combined with clearly stated benefits for customers are a great fit for efficient lead generation on the website. "Sign up! It's free!" is definitely better than "Just register now".

6. optimize forms and queries

Lead generation on the website means that you can Receive information from customers want. This means that customers need to interact. Often they are Formswhich collect the desired data from the customers. However, the more complex the structure of these forms, the more deterrent they become. For this reason, there are a few points to consider when designing forms:

  • Ask as little information as possible from.
  • Buttons and Selection fields are more easily accepted by customers.
  • Also in forms the Advantages for the customers.
  • Optimize all forms for mobile devices.

The better you implement this advice, the clearer the benefits will be for the Lead generation via the website. You can do this even in simple Tests as the forms should also be subjected to a targeted split test. Which brings us directly to the last point.

7. use A/B tests to improve usability

All the tips mentioned are important and work directly in practice. However, this does not necessarily mean that you can implement every tip optimally. After all tastes differ, designs and views often differ significantly. For this reason, the last advice here is also the most important.

Use A/B split testing to test and validate the various changes.

Look for a appropriate test audience, which is heterogeneous enough to evaluate the changes. Every fundamental decision should be accompanied by such tests. This may seem cumbersome and, above all, tedious at first, but it can effectively prevent difficulties and problems and Correct wrong decisions in advance.
The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how
You should rather avoid changes and corrections on the fly. If possible, lead generation on the website should be harmonious and efficient run. Therefore, it is better to invest a little more time in planning and testing than to weaken the lead generation on the website by continuous changes and gamble away the trust of the users.


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