Important holidays and seasonal trends in content marketing

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Seasonal trends and holidays have always played a major role in marketing. But with content marketing, these events and effects can be used even more efficiently. We'll show you why you need a holiday calendar and why it can make sense to plan marketing events around these events.

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Holidays and emotional triggers: important for business

Holidays are often a good opportunity to encourage customers to make purchases. This is especially true for important holidays like Christmas, but also for smaller holidays with a less commercial background. Who good Content Marketing can make very good use of such events in order to exciting, entertaining or even instructive stories into its marketing.

Keep in mind that some holidays do not exist in all states.
Keep in mind that some holidays do not exist in all states. (Image:

Through specific content marketing around an occasion, the customer can be picked up and entertained while being excited about products or services as they pass by. And the calendar offers a large number of holidays or so-called "action" and "theme" days around the year, which are particularly suitable for this purpose.

Holidays can be played more than once

One of the key factors in content marketing is to provide customers with information that will give them a immediate added value bring. This often means that companies have to obtain relevant background information and prepare it well. It therefore makes sense to provide such Campaigns not on individual itemsbut Extend to series. The larger and more significant a holiday is, the more meaningful this is.

Holidays can be effectively integrated into content and marketing strategy.
Holidays can be effectively incorporated into content and marketing strategy. (Image:

No one would think of running just one Christmas-themed post at the beginning of December and then not elaborating on it. Holidays offer the opportunity to create entire content campaigns and thus to reach the clientele from the very first. Interest to sales maturity.

The playout of individual items can also be automated and customized to the prospect(s).

Among other things, this means you can pre-plan these elements. This way, important manpower is not tied up around the holidays and can focus on optimizing campaigns and marketing events.

Those who plan early and design campaigns for the holidays will benefit from this solution several times over in the long term.

The holiday calendar is full - make a suitable choice

In addition to the traditional holidays, the holiday calendar has grown more and more in recent years. We can no longer imagine life without many international holidays or special events, such as Valentine's Day, Halloween or Black Friday. In addition, there are many action days around the year, some of which have only recently come into wider awareness. And days like "Change your password day" on 01.02. every year or 17. July as World Emoji Day have only a few people on the screen. If you look at current celebration or action day calendars, they often find several themes per day. Some of them can be an interesting anchor for your business.

Skillfully build the chosen holidays into the marketing strategy with appropriate content marketing.
Skillfully build the chosen holidays into your marketing strategy with appropriate content marketing. (Image:

But that doesn't mean you can or should take advantage of every holiday. Look for the holidays and events that are fit particularly well to your company and to your target group. This way, one or two smaller events or one big festive day per month can usually be identified with certainty. You can now plan and prepare the corresponding campaigns around these days. However, remember that you may still need to optimize or adapt them if new trends emerge around the holiday and you also want to take them into account in marketing.

Being ahead of the trends almost always pays off.

In content marketing, you can push your role or contribution and your expertise on the respective topic and thus achieve more weight with the target group. At the same time, you should not overwhelm your readership with content. So choose wisely a certain number of suitable holidays and events and play only on these. It is not helpful to tire or overwhelm your readers or customers. Less is more. Especially if you are planning not just one article, but an entire marketing campaign around the holiday.

Always consider the direct reference

However, content marketing during the holidays only makes sense if it addresses the issues that you achieve set goals can. Consider specific goals for each holiday. Big holidays like Christmas or Easter are mainly in terms of sales and therefore conversions. That's why smaller and seasonal events can be used to increase your brand's visibility, among other things.

Since many of the holidays and seasonal events can be played multiple times, it is also worthwhile to create your own campaigns around smaller events. For example, you can use storytelling to highlight the character of your own company or make your employees more present. The possibilities in this area are numerous and should be used well. Keep in mind, however, that while the different content in marketing can and should build on each other, they must also work on their own. Not every customer will see all the content and be interested in it.

Conclusion: Seasonal trends can be effectively used and planned for in content marketing

The many promotional and festive days offer enormous potential for companies in content marketing. The great advantage of this is that many of the marketing interactions can be planned and prepared very well in advance thanks to the fixed days and time periods. Therefore, marketing automation can also be integrated here, which can fall back on content with a thematic reference in the corresponding time periods.

The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how

If you are particularly diligent and do not have to wait for a change in the product range, you can theoretically already cover all the festive days of a year in content marketing early on. In doing so, you should also not forget rather unknown or new theme days such as World Emoji Day, as these are included in the social media usually enjoy special attention. Cover some of the holidays earlier than others and use big and well-known celebrations for targeted content marketing that places your own products advantageously and relevantly and boosts sales.


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