SEO tips - How to improve your ranking with content marketing

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Content Marketing is becoming the focus of marketing strategy in more and more companies. Strong content and targeted marketing tactics reach customers and engage them with the brand. Our SEO tips for content marketing help you plan your digital marketing strategy and with your articles and content gain more reach.

The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how

Effective SEO tips can be implemented quickly and easily

1. quality and added value for recipients instead of marketing jargon

Content marketing is interesting for your clientele because it provides them with information on, for example, the Support for your decision making process or the use of the product after purchase is provided. Visitors and visitors do not want to read advertisements, but with relevant content be served. The "usual marketing talk" is more likely to make visitors bounce and lose interest in the articles and content. Here are our tips:

  • Work with clear headings that structure the text well and encourage the "superficial reader" to read more deeply
  • Make content consumption as easy as possible: combine meaningful images with easy-to-understand text
  • Speak to readers at eye level, for example with a field report
  • Provide added value. Anyone who has read an article from your content marketing should have taken away at least one new piece of information.

2. regular content is important

To ensure that visitors do not just visit your website once, but come back again, it is necessary to New content continuously appears on the respective platforms. The easiest way to do this is to schedule content publishing well in advance. How often this needs to be the case depends largely on the size of the platform, the subject area of the company and also the number of visitors.

Regularly publishing posts will increase your traffic.
Regularly publishing posts lets your traffic increase. (Image:

Many companies work a full workday on content marketing, creating enough articles to have enough content to publish for a week or even a month.

3. dividing large topics - article series bind readers more strongly

Even in content marketing, there are topics that are difficult to cover in a single article. This is because readers' time is usually limited. To avoid early bounces, it can make sense to publish such topics in series of articles.

If you have interesting but extensive topics, article series are exactly the right choice.

Articles that build on one another also offer the advantage that readers can longer to your website be bound and visit them regularly to check for the latest items.

4. recycle and improve old themes and articles

Older articles in your portfolio hardly attract new visitors anymore. Especially with ever-increasing article volumes, it would be too bad to simply stop using these old articles. Therefore, it makes sense and is purposeful to republish older articles.

However, revise the articles, adapt new facts and new aspects, and modernize the content.

You can even title the whole thing as an update and refer to the old article. Thus, you not only ensure more cross-references, but also push old articles again significantly.

SEO tips include content recycling - easy to implement and effective.
SEO tips include content recycling - easy to implement and effective. (Image:

The advantage: The research effort required to find new topics is significantly lower and you can launch a new article in less time. And readers who are looking for news on always the same topics will appreciate this approach. Optimal therefore and one of the most important SEO tips if you want to optimize the working time in your content marketing.

5. be entertaining - present facts in an exciting way

Think when writing new Content always remember that your readers have certain interests. You would like to have a Get added value from the content and be provided with facts. However, this often leads to authors tending to make their own texts too "dry". Facts can also be presented in an entertaining way. Bring examples, make content lively and comprehensible for the readership. Only a few users want to read a technical paper. You can learn to write entertainingly.

With content marketing, the most important thing is that your readers are enthusiastic about the content and rate you and your company better.

When in doubt, use freelance copywriters to write your copy and give them essential facts to work with. Probably one of the most important SEO tips is to acknowledge the limits of your own skills and abilities.

6. guest articles provide the brand branding

In addition to the content on your own website, you should also consider how to become better known with your content. For this reason, guest articles in magazines or on other sites are a good way to market your content.

You strengthen your external perception and are perceived as an expert in your field.

This can provide a significant influx on your end. Especially if your Contributions well-founded, entertaining and relevant to the topic at hand are. So, regular guest articles are among the most important SEO tips if you want to increase your Range simply want to increase organically.

The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how

You should refer to content on your site in these guest articles and thus push the reach of individual content articles again. It's worth investing the time and building a network of sites for which you publish regularly.

Conclusion: These SEO tips are easy to implement and convince with their effect

Almost every company can use these SEO tips to make their web presence more attractive to visitors. more attractive and interesting to design. In addition, content marketing also serves the Brand presencebecause you are perceived as an expert in your field. But positioning yourself in this way also means investing more time in your own marketing. Because in addition to content creation, the most important thing is the Dissemination of the content of crucial importance.


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