Our best practices for Google Ads for Black Friday

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Take the chance to show your Google Ads and landing pages for Black Friday and remove all obstacles to successful conversions. Our best practices provide you with valuable ideas that are easy to implement in terms of time and money.

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Your chance - Black Friday shopping magnet

Black Friday shopping has become a successful model for online retailers. Price-sensitive customers have been anticipating the big day for weeks. Over 40 percent of Christmas shopping takes place on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Traditionally, this takes place on the Friday after Thanksgiving - in America a classic bridge day for a long weekend.

Online merchants and companies that want to expand their Google Ads campaigns for the shopping weekend have the chance to be a small - but decisive - step ahead of their competitors. The more precise the settings for your View are, the more likely it is that you will find your Maximize ROI.

Build financial reserves for Black Friday shopping

If you plan your Google Ads strategically throughout the year, you know it's worth it, plan financial reserves for the Holiday Season. Can you refer to measurable key figures from the last few years - such as Conversions and sales - build, you will find it easier to plan. It is important take into account current trends and the Behavior of the target groups anticipate on the basis of developments in recent months and weeks.

If you do not have the opportunity to build on empirical values, a competitor analysis or a consultation with performance marketing specialists will provide you with the information you need and recommendations for action. If you can view your competitors' discount campaigns from previous years on social media channels, you can assess which strategy they are pursuing.

3 success factors for Google Ads on Black Friday
These factors influence the success of your Google Ads campaigns for Black Friday (Image: financesonline.com)

Pursue and expand previous success strategies

Google Ads are inherently a competitive system. In order for you to secure the best positions compared to your competitors, it is worthwhile to improve your Observe competition intensively. Avoid engaging in discount battles and competing for the most coveted keywords. You'll burn your precious budget and won't be able to use it to serve ads to specific search queries. Also true on Black Friday:

The more precisely a search query is formulated, the higher the probability of a successful conversion. Do not deviate from previous success strategies, but expand them.

Plan online marketing campaigns early

Good planning and implementation of the landing pages including the appropriate Contents for Online Marketing Black Friday promotions should start in October at the latest. Statistical surveys show that interested parties start researching offers early. Shoppers looking for bargains and Christmas gifts or saving up expensive purchases for the shopping holiday want to be well prepared. Limited deals, in particular, are an incentive for shoppers to start looking for product and service offers early. From the beginning of November, search queries rise steadily.

Black Friday expenses
Average spending by Black Friday respondents (Image: en.statista.com)

Catch the eye - Promotional Extensions

Take the opportunity to attract prospects to your products and services through promotions and discounts. If your campaign is professionally designed and your Keywords chosen appropriately, you will receive in response to your efforts High quality clicks. Immediately eye-catching are promotion extensions that are played under your text ad. They contain the type of discount as well as special Black Friday discount codes. A big plus of Promotions Extension is that they look great on cell phones and make your text ad stand out from the competition.

Add relevant keywords for Shopping Holidays

Expanding the keywords for Google Ads to include relevant terms - such as Black Friday, discount, free delivery, offer, gift or promotion - in the period leading up to and during the Shopping Holidays increases visibility during the important online shopping marathon. The playout and placement of Google ads is calculated according to an auction system. So that your Bidding strategy is always Up-To-Date, you can regulate it yourself or alternatively rely on Google. Each bet is calculated in real time, taking into account previous user behavior.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday for stationary retail dealers

If you have a brick-and-mortar store, you should take the opportunity to promote your Black Friday offers online with Google Ads including matching landing pages to attract customers. Search queries including the keyword extension "near me" have increased by 200 percent in recent years. Retail merchants that optimize their ads specifically for their target groups' smartphone searches generate the most profit. Attract customers to your retail store with discounts, special offers and giveaways.

Sales through Black Friday
Brick-and-mortar retailers also benefit from Black Friday marketing. (Image: statista.com)

Communicate actions precisely and understandably

Avoid planning complicated discount promotions and special offers. A good Black Friday promotion is understandable at first glance on any output medium and for every member of your target groups. A precise communication is important - also on landing pages. An eye-catching infographic says more than a long text description. Google Ads - without Promotions Extensions - have a headline with a length of 30 characters and a description with a length of 90 characters. Formulate Text ads with matching call-to-actions and invite potential buyers to take action.

Perfect are Google ads with integrated countdowns that build suspense, show the time limit of the offer and arouse emotions.

Sales volume of Black Friday statistics
Black Friday sales volume is growing rapidly.(Image: en.statista.com)

Conclusion: Success with a well thought-out strategy

Black Friday offers great potential for online and brick-and-mortar retail merchants to enhance their annual balance sheet and high sales growth to generate. You can use the leads and conversions for online marketing campaigns in the new year and thus consistently expand your customer base. Google Ads are the perfect online marketing tool to make potential customers aware of discount promotions and offers and to use the features of the largest advertising platform in the world to realize your own marketing strategy.



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