7 goals you can achieve with content marketing

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Content marketing is not only More and more popular, but can also be used effectively as a tool to achieve specific goals. We will show you how this can be done in concrete terms.

Content marketing: From individual projects to effective achievement of your goals

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Basically it is necessary to distinguish between two different approaches to decide. This is because marketing is evaluated differently by companies. In the case of young companies, the individual measures are usually considered to be individual projects understood as being approached and carried out with a clear value in mind.

This means that practically every marketing measure has a set length has and after the Achievement of the set target is terminated. This may well make sense for these companies and allow targeted Main focus to set.

The situation is different, however, when companies have reached a certain size. From then on, it is primarily a matter of continuous processes and the optimization of individual processes and key figures. Here, the marketing measures long-term created and applied to the Optimization planned and constantly re-evaluated. In both variants, the Content Marketing the achievement of the goals are made possible.

Improvement of corporate awareness

If you are using content marketing as part of the Search engine optimization you will benefit from the long-term higher profile of your company. On the one hand, the Visibility in the search engines for the individual search terms, on the other hand, valuable content will also make you known to potential new customers as a Expert for individual topics perceived.

So cover all keywords relevant to your target group with articles, videos, help or other content that convinces with its professional quality.

The generation of new customers

Content marketing is intended to Arouse the interest of customers. It is therefore particularly easy to use these measures to attract new customers and gradually win them over. Since clicks can be generated via good and well-prepared content, the number of new customers increases statistically alone. Because you generate Trafficwhich is also reflected in the Sales can be made visible.

Advantages of content marketing
Comparison: Pay per Click vs. Content Marketing (Image: onlinemarketing.com)

Optimization of leads

The concept of Leads has become particularly important in marketing. A Improve leads is therefore one of the goals that many companies would like to achieve. Via content marketing you can not only Generate new leads, but also the Quality of the leads improve in a targeted manner. Because simple contacts are not enough, as they rarely become buyers directly.

It is therefore necessary to qualify the leads through various measures. The Contents provided by you can be used to do just that. When customers respond to the content and, for example, sign up for your Newsletter sign up, you have more direct influence on these customers. In this way, you can further introduce the customer to the company step by step and develop him into a real customer who uses your services or your goods.

Example Lead Nurturing
Example lead nurturing journey with content marketing

Increase the turnover

The Increase in turnover is, of course, the goal of practically all marketing measures of a company. This goal can also be achieved through content marketing. Through high-quality content with added value, you can create a Expert status build and the Trust of your customers win. This makes them more likely to make repeat and more expensive purchases.

Optimize customer loyalty

The Customer loyalty is becoming increasingly important for many companies, as the fundamental Customer loyalty has declined noticeably in recent years. This is due, among other things, to significantly greater competition in international trade and the lack of personal contact. But how can content marketing strengthen customer loyalty?

It's relatively simple. Customers are looking not only for goods, but also for information and content.

So the better the content you provide as a company, the more customers will perceive you as an expert.

If the customer now wants to buy a certain product, of which he knows that you are positioned as an expert on the market, he will choose your company.

Thought leadership through content marketing
Content marketing enables thought leadership (Image: Marketinginsidergroup.com)

Although this is one of the goals that can only be measured and evaluated to a limited extent, you can fulfill this goal almost incidentally, apart from a clear target, if you focus on a Good and structured content marketing focus.

Ensure an improved conversion rate

The Conversion rate is an important factor in online marketing. The rate quantifies the proportion of visitors to your website who carry out an interaction you want. This can be the Purchase of a specific product but also the registration for your newsletter.

Through good content marketing on your website and a high usability you can specifically ensure that the conversion rate for the desired interaction increases significantly. The advantage of these goals lies primarily in the fact that they are fixed key figures that you can easily and simply evaluate.

This means that you can use the Effectiveness of content marketing monitor and control directly. You can thus quickly replace or optimize less efficient measures.

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) in the context of content marketing

The Customer Lifetime Value is a very special area, because here you integrate the goals of marketing into the company goals. This means that optimization is no longer directed towards individual key figures, but towards the Value that a customer generates for the company. Of course, this value is difficult to quantify, so it is not suitable for controlling. However, it is optimal for defining certain targets.

A simple example: Your company sells a product X with an equivalent value of 20,000 euros. On average, a customer buys a new device every 10 years and stays with you for 20 years.

This means that you generate a customer lifetime value of 40,000 euros through sales alone. Services and maintenance add another 1,000 euros per year, resulting in a total customer lifetime value of 60,000 euros.

The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how

The goal of content marketing is to improve this value, whether through a targeted Upselling, through the sale of additional services or through longer customer retention. Through all these measures, you can optimize the value in a targeted manner. In addition, the individual marketing actions can be offset in direct comparison to the value generated by the customer. Optimal to optimize various processes.


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