7 indispensable tools for online marketing

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Whether small or large companies, freshly founded start-ups or established medium-sized enterprises -. every business can benefit from good online marketing. But often it is precisely the concrete measures that fail, and instead companies sink their budget in exactly the wrong place without any visible return. How you can do it better and which 7 tools you can rely on in the Online marketing you should not do without under any circumstances, you can find out here. 

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template

1. MailChimp - Email is dead, long live email

Admittedly, email marketing today doesn't sound quite as fresh and sexy as Influencer Marketing on Tiktok. But that's also due to the age of e-mail; anyone who is as established as electronic mail simply lacks the glamor of the unknown. 

More than 80 percent of B2B and B2C companies nevertheless rely on email marketing in one form or another, and you should join that overwhelming majority with the right tools. 

Probably the most popular online marketing tool for email marketing is MailChimp (with more than 12 million customers). Send targeted emails, target the right audiences, analyze data and benefit from great support - these are just some of the arguments in favor of MailChimp. In addition, the software scales along: Companies with less than 2,000 subscribers and less than 12,000 mails per month work free of charge for the time being. 

One company successfully increased their conversion rate through MailChimp

If you already have your email marketing under control, you should take the next step. Emails and newsletters can be sent automatically with marketing automation, precisely matching the interests and activities of your customers. A good tool to get started is SALESmanago.

2. canva - better visuals for social media

Even the best tools in the world can't replace a talented graphic designer, but not every company can afford those exact freelancers for every project. 

Canva helps close the gap. With Canva you can exciting visuals created in a short time that are fascinating at first glance, even when quickly scrolling through the social media feed. Especially when things have to go fast, Canva is simply a good choice.

And that Simple interface and the Ease of use allow you to achieve impressive results even after a short training period.

3. pingdom website speed test - higher, faster, even faster

SEO has long meant more than just keywords and page titles. If you want your website to rank better on Google, it must also be the technical substructure is correct. Because Google places so much emphasis on making sure that pages can be accessed well from mobile devices with slow connection speeds, it is Page Speed one of the most important factors

The Pingdom Website Speed Test can be perform free of charge and the results are also immediately readable. This is good if you have low traffic on your site - e-shops with a higher volume of visitors, on the other hand, should take advantage of the paid service of full-time monitoring. 

Not only will your online marketing benefit from this, but your customers will thank you for it as well. 

4. buffer - everything in its time

These days, your customers and followers simply have the expectation that you will Are active and reachable on social media. Companies can handle this with more staff, but it may not be cost-effective enough for you.

Here helps you Buffer, because with this tool you no longer have to post on each page individually, but can share your Easily schedule posts in advance. With Buffer, you connect multiple tools at once to post to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn to reach your target audience on every page. 

With Buffer, you link different social networks, making it easier and faster to post and schedule posts.
Buffer lets you link different social networks and post more easily and quickly. (Image: onlinemarketing.com)

5. hootsuite - online marketing under the influence of influencers

Other online marketing tools in the area of social media include Hootsuite. Here you can not only schedule posts across different platforms and display them in the Dashboard Simplified reply to comments (Hootsuite even has pre-written responses for when things need to move quickly), but also Identify suitable influencers

This way, your company can unerringly find the influencers with whom you have the greatest possible intersection. Due to the centralized management in a single tool, Hootsuite makes this as convenient as possible. 

6. buzzSumo - stop navel gazing 

BuzzSumo turns the spotlight on your competitors and their content, one of the most important tools in online marketing. Finally, you can track what the competition is doing right and what you can improve on

With BuzzSumo Analyze content that is currently relevant among your competitors and industry leaders. For example, you can see which competitors' posts are shared most often on social media. This way you can create a better and broader analysis perform and know which content has the best chance of success. 

7. ubersuggest - find and use the right long-tail keywords

Longtail keywords can be a real SEO hack. But how do you find the long-tail keywords for your search engine marketing? Online marketing tools like Ubersuggest

You just enter country/language and a keyword and Ubersuggest will show you longtail keywords for related search results. The Facilitates targeted optimization of your content as well as SEA campaigns and ensures that you have to grope less in the dark.

Ubersuggest is especially useful if you are expanding into foreign languages and countries and can use the international database of this tool. 

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template

Use the best tools in online marketing

Especially when it comes to online marketing tools, this is what matters in modern managed companies, to be broadly positioned. If all you have as a tool is a hammer, you'll see a nail in every problem - position yourself as broadly as your company's online marketing needs dictate and build a portfolio of tools from a variety of tools to meet any task. 

With customized tools, you can accompany the entire online marketing process and can Observe, analyze, evaluate and adjust data. Best of all, this selection of tools scales with your business. Of course, even the best tools won't replace the expertise you need - but they will help you learn, get better, and increase your reach.


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