Marketing and the coronavirus: 3 ways to score points with your customers now

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For marketing and advertising, the spread of the coronavirus results in completely new rules of the game. Last but not least, these consist in a partially dramatic decline in sales. Consequently, many industries - such as the travel and tourism industry - are greatly reducing their marketing efforts under the pressure of the progressive spread of the pathogen SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes COVID-19 since early March 2020.

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However, for companies whose offerings and campaigns remain in the focus of the public and the market - such as food or consumer goods manufacturers - the following applies tightened conditions in the Communication their messages. Never before has it been easier to get a veritable shitstorm along with a lasting damage to your own brand capture.

Marketing with Sensitivity and attitude

There has been a megatrend in marketing for several years now: the marketing with attitude. In other words, marketing that is not only concerned with the company's own sales targets. But one that also takes into account the social environment as well as ethical convictions of this environment is reflected and integrated into one's own communication on an occasion-related basis. In the context of the coronavirus, attitude plays an immensely important role.

For example, in March 2020 - and according to forecasts for some time to come - anyone advertising their food offering should definitely not do so with overly sensual motifs. Only recently, for example, a new trend emerged for the Fast food chain KFC the promotional invitation to lick your fingers for their latest burgers into a medium-weight Communication disaster.

KFC's advertising does not go down well at all in times of coronavirus

The market values it in the Crisis around the spread of coronavirus as a sign of the Ignorancewhen marketing addresses current social issues - such as a consistent hand hygiene to restrict the spread of the coronavirus - is recognizably disregarded.

Three ways for marketing to score points during coronavirus

In the sense of the Attitude marketing In addition, at the moment it is generally not very fashionable to place one's own product or one's own colorful and lively advertising messages too much in the foreground. It's more a matter of creating a Show awareness of the current situation and the own brand as part of the collective that sees itself threatened by the spread of the coronavirus in a way that is not at all commonplace. And anyone who does not visibly sympathize and show solidarity in this situation is punished with disapproval or even aggression.

For marketing in the times of the coronavirus, there are three main ways to position oneself and one's brand positively on this basis.

Storytelling through the staging of human everyday stories.

An example? Imagine for instance a Hygiene products manufacturer that does not advertise the benefits of its products in a way that is platitudinous and isolated from current events. But rather with the fact that they cannot be hoarded and share possible supplies with others should. Thank you!

When marketing hygiene products, it is important to show attitude in times of coronavirus
Hygiene products manufacturer should call for solidarity and humanity

Sense of responsibility show and inform about it.

Here is another example: a Catering service currently better not advertise that it provides large private parties with delicious buffets. Better fits the offer of a cheap and also free of charge delivered Lunch for seniors in the neighborhood.

Constraints as far as possible anticipate them and present them as their own strong decisions

It is foreseeable that the authorities will give your company further requirements for the containment of the coronavirus be issued? Take these steps yourself beforehandt and justify it via your marketing in an eye-catching way with the Valuing the health of your customers.

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template


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