Crisis management and marketing strategies in the pandemic

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In the current Covid19 pandemic, an good crisis management essential for companies. Why moreover also the Marketing strategies adapted should be, lies with declining purchasing power of many customers is obvious. We will show you why good crisis management correlates with the various marketing strategies and to what extent your company can benefit from the crisis and the current situation.

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Online business is also is beginning to falter

The current Covid19 pandemic, with a complete shutdown in many industries endangers the economy clear. And this applies not only to those areas of the economy that are primarily offline were represented, but also for the Online Business. Because although people are currently mainly at home and therefore the online business should actually be booming, Only very few industries are benefiting from this boom. But what is the reason for this?

One is the fact that most people in these times... more careful have become. The Uncertainty whether of their own jobs and their own money currently make shopping unattractive for many customers. But the marketing of many companies is also a deterrent. This is because they have not adapted their marketing strategies to current events and are first trying to stabilize the company with their own crisis management.

Corona uncertainty 1024x478 1
50% of respondents feel some uncertainty due to the Corna crisis (Fig:

That both factors not without each other However, many companies have not yet caught on to this. Because Stability also means that the accustomed Purchase and order processes should continue to run if possible. And this is currently prevented without the appropriate marketing strategies.

Clear communication towards the customers

At present, many companies are primarily hunkering down and using the existing Communication channels rarely or only with content already created before the crisis. This is exactly what is problematic, because no customer can perceive it, how the company is doing at all.

Good crisis management always means, Get your own customers on board and solicit support for the company. Mind you, support does not mean that a company has to plead for financial help from customers. But good crisis management also means explaining to customers what the company's situation is like and The means by which customers can express their support. For example, through orders and purchases.

It is important that this crisis management is supported by appropriate marketing strategies. Because the Messages of the company can only be achieved by means of marketing successfully transmitted to the appropriate target group be

Clear strategies - Honesty convinces in the market

So since the Honesty of a company is honored by customers, marketing strategies must be found to convey precisely this honesty. In doing so, it is important that a company does not appear as a supplicant, but fs still strong and reliable for the customer.

Because as helpful as it may be to ask the customer for financial support, such a request significantly damages the brand and can lead to a significant Loss of confidence lead. Therefore, all actions of a company should honest, but also positive and convey to the customer that he is actively supporting the company with his order or purchase.

Consumers are drawing consequences right now if companies do not behave and communicate accordingly (Image:

In addition, further marketing strategies can be developed in order to even still in crisis management the Strengthen the brand impact of the company. For example: For every purchase of 20 euros or more, we donate 5 percent of the purchase value to the XYZ organization.

As a company, you benefit from such a campaign in several ways. On the one hand, such a campaign can significantly increase the share of buyers and thus for Economic relief care. On the other hand strengthen the image of your company in public as an entrepreneur. In the current times, you can even find mention in the national media through these marketing strategies and thus increase your own reach.

In addition, it is also a good signal to your own employees, as your company is not only looking out for itself, but also for others. This can also be particularly Provide significant relief in crisis management and increase the productivity of their own employees.

Marketing in the crisis - a shift in buyer interests

It is also important for many companies that, in times of crisis, the Shifting interests of buyers noticeably can. This is already clearly noticeable in the entertainment sector in particular. However, the clothing industry is also experiencing a significant decline, as many customers do not currently want to spend money on new clothing.

Changing search behavior in the Corona crisis

As a company, it is particularly important in crisis management to take these points into account and to Adapt own marketing accordingly. Because people's desires and wishes also change in such a situation. It is necessary to develop marketing strategies, which precisely these Pick up longings and use effectively to Incentives to buy to set.

Keeping an eye on the future - targeting the Address the buyer in a targeted manner

A crisis is never permanent and can thus be overcome. This is not only the longing of people and customers, but also a longing of companies. Your marketing strategies should cover and think about this very point effectively, what it will look like after the crisis has been overcome. What do customers want following the output restrictions? Which things will they buy, which will they need?

Purchases are postponed until after the pandemic (Image:

Target your marketing strategies to the areas of your portfolio that are most likely to generate the most Serve the longing of people and which ones are most likely to be demanded by customers after the crisis and the lockdown. You have to keep the marketing strategies open enough, since an end to the crisis is not yet apparent, but they should still be specific enough to meet the Awaken the desire of customers.

A Tightrope actthat you, as an entrepreneur, have to provide here. But to ensure the existence of the company, these marketing strategies are the right choice. At the latest at the first announcement of the relaxations you will be Profit enormously from your forward-looking marketing.

Conclusion: Good marketing strategies carry your company through the crisis

Good crisis management for companies therefore includes Targeted and well-structured marketing strategies in any case, since these set the company on a Prepare the end of the crisis and the company Support and structure can give.

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In doing so, always think beyond the current crisis and try to Needs of your customers and their wishes into the focus. These marketing strategies will pay off in the long term in any case and ensure an increase in customers as soon as the current crisis is overcome.


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