7 tips for more leads through demand generation

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At the Demand Generation it is a matter of long-term and strategic approachto spread awareness and desire for your brand, your products or your service.

Often Demand and Lead Generation are used interchangeably or compared to each other, but this way of looking at the marketing process is far too narrow-minded. Because demand generation is an essential part of building the platform for the Generation of qualified leads in the first place. In this guide, we'll show you seven tips on how to generate more leads through better demand generation while creating brand awareness through high-quality content.

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template

7 Simple Tips for Demand Generation - How to Generate Truly Qualified Leads

First, it's important to take another close look at the difference between demand and lead generation. When companies define contacts as qualified leads is different. For some companies, volume alone still counts; website visitors are already classified as leads in this case. Other companies count leads only after a newsletter entry or after leaving an email address for an e-book download.

Demand Generation and Lead Nurturing work closely together
Interplay between demand generation and lead nurturing (source: drift.com)

Demand Generation, on the other hand, tries to clearly sort out beforehand to give your company not only more, but better leads to offer. Precisely because it can be a lengthy process from demand generation to conversion, high-quality lead nurturing is required here. A lot of time can pass from initial awareness of your brand to purchase completion, and Demand Generation encompasses this entire process. Through close cooperation between marketing and sales teams, this strategic approach also improves communication between your company and potential buyers.

1. the best there is umsonst

It may seem counterintuitive at first for the lead generation process, but it's still helpful for a comprehensive demand strategy: show what your company has to offer without a paywall or other requirements. Deliver high quality contentthat has added value for users even if they do not use your company's products.
Because you're parting with real value, users will be much more inclined to part with information or share and recommend your channels on social media.

This won't get you as many leads as possible in prime time, but isn't a high number of Brand Ambassadors more valuable in the long run?

Or think of it this way: what is the drop-off rate if you offer your teased content for download only, and how much Trust in your brand do you create in return when your best content is available? Marketing is a marathon.

2. expand your reach on social media

Facebook or Instagram offer many useful tools for your campaigns, but hardly any is as useful in the initial demand generation as the Lookalike Audience. With this simple tool, you can display your ads to similar audiences based on the demographics and interactions of users who are already showing interest in your brand.
If you want more demand, you need a larger target audience, and Lookalike Audiences give you the tools to do that.

3. partnerships and contact maintenance

Good Video and image content you can produce yourself or you can leave it to an expensive production. Both can certainly show results, but if you want to use real leverage in demand generation, you need to look at Partnerships put

Collaborating with influencers and industry experts is worth it because you automatically get access to their audience, plus you get a Leap of faith for your brand. Seek such collaborations whenever you can.

4. remarketing for brand awareness

Targeted Remarketing is an extremely useful tool for giving qualified leads the final push to buy, but remarketing should not be underestimated in terms of brand awareness either.

metrics measure impact demand generation
Measuring the success of demand generation (contentmarketinginstitute.com)

Especially if your page a lot of traffic from unique visitors receives, this strategy can take hold and bring unique visitors one crucial step closer to subscribing to your page on social media.

5. less is often more

High quality leads demand a High quality content. Instead of bombarding your target audience with many offers of mediocre quality, set targeted peaks instead. Which content has high interaction rates? Which newsletters have the best click-through rate?

Quantity without quality tends to hurt your brand perception, so be sure to focus on high-quality content, measure Engagement and do A/B testing to provide your audience with the truly best content.

6. demand generation is an investment

Good content costs money and only through Investing in quality of your content you stay users sustainable in the memory. If you already have a blog, think about how you can add value to it. Find ways to make your social media channels optimize qualitatively. Work on better vlogs and videos and collaborate with professionals for photos, voice over or presentations.

The quality of your content sends important signals to potential customers about how much you are willing to invest in your clientele.

7. lead scoring for more quality leads

Ultimately, you are not concerned with quantity, but with quality. By what means can you assess, How good your leads really are? To really optimize your marketing and retargeting and also to work at scale not with data sets but with individual customers, your company needs a Lead scoring system. Especially long-term strategies that start with early demand generation benefit from a Classification of all leads and contacts.

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template

Create demand before you think about leads

Well-functioning demand generation is above all Communication. You have a responsibility to develop a strategy that will attract visitors to your site, target audiences and subscribers on social media, and ultimately, repeat customers. Added value offers.

Your brand can't grow in the long term if your lead generation is based solely on the old email address/e-book exchange. The better your content is and the sooner you're ready to share it, the more likely you are to develop User Brand Awareness and Trust in your brand. And truly great things can be built on this foundation.



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