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Social media marketing is an absolute essential in the digital marketing and from the organic Facebook post to the paid ad, the spectrum of features on Facebook is gigantic. This diversity is complemented by the rich analytics tools, because Facebook Analytics is specifically designed to show how Facebook users interact with your pages, allowing you to target your campaigns precisely. With new Facebook features such as stores, the social media giant offers further opportunities for extensive marketing. We show how the new functions can be integrated into your online processes. 

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Shopping on Facebook - there's no way around these Facebook features

Facebook has been following the e-commerce trend for some time through features like tagging products in images. Now, with the new Facebook Shops (which are also available on Instagram) the basis for creating in the future a Hotspot for Sales to become 
This now makes it more appealing for smaller businesses with a previously rather overgrown Facebook presence to invest time and effort in Facebook. From the post to the final ad, users can thus be guided directly into the store at any time without having to leave the website/app. This should not only be attractive for lower drop-off rates but also reveals a lot of potential when setting up of the store.

Covers can be easily created and products effortlessly added, and the entire sales funnel can be precisely tracked with Facebook Analytics. 

These Facebook features are thus perfect for your marketing, a More detailed overview of the customer journey on Facebook. For Facebook, the advantage is also clear, because customers and companies will be More closely tied to its own ecosystem
The feature is easy to implement even for smaller players and newcomers to e-commerce, because there are some connections to well-known eShop providers. Although the store can be set up directly on Facebook, catalogs from Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Cafe24, Tienda Nube, Feedonomics and Channel Advisor are supported and can be adopted directly.

Example of a Facebook store
Facebook Shops lets you browse and buy products directly from Facebook (Image:

Unlike the design of the standardized Facebook Pages, with Facebook Shops you have clearly more freedoms. Not only with images, but also with fonts and colors you can customize your store. This gives you even more control and create a organic bridge between the design of your web store and your Facebook page. Branding is everything. For users, the main focus is on the Convenience in the foreground. With just one click, they can get from the Facebook ad in the feed or from Stories to the desired product. 
However, Facebook's push into shopping doesn't stop there, with an even more better integration into its own messengers, the E-commerce on Facebook and the like will be much more communicative in the future. 

What does that mean in concrete terms? In the future, you will be able to offer your customers consult in chat, recommend products and then lead the way directly to the digital checkout. Messenger marketing is one of the new trends in online marketing and will find its implementation thanks to Facebook in Messenger, on WhatsApp and Instagram Direct. 
A small fly in the ointment: The options will all be opened gradually for the broad number of stores, and at the moment it's mainly the larger companies that benefit due to their status as early adopters. For this, you can already spy how exactly you want to use the new functions. On Instagram, by the way, this will also apply to shopping via the Explore function and shopping directly in live video in the future. 

An outlook: Artificial Intelligence for a more human shopping experience

With the help of AI, Facebook wants to make it possible to identify products in ads in the future. This complements the artificial intelligence then the all too human behavior of googling clothing or furnishings in pictures for minutes on end. With uncertain results. The fact that Facebook then has to be informed about the Integration of the shopping function It goes without saying that the algorithm can lead to the conclusion of a purchase with just one click. However, it will probably be some time before the algorithm can analyze photos and videos to this extent. 

AI is expected to be used more and more in the future.
Facebook wants to merge AI and shopping more and more in the future. (Image:

Still, this is a great opportunity for you to demand more engagement with your products on social media, and the Influencer Marketing to expand. Of course, this already works at the moment, but the mention of your product and brand is still necessary. If this is omitted in the future, your marketing will become even more elegant and you will lower the threshold to get your Actively engage users in your Facebook campaigns

However, it is already worthwhile today if users share your business, with the hashtag #SupportSmallBusiness there is the appropriate campaign. The initiative was launched by Facebook at the beginning of the Corona lockdown in order to give small and local businesses a stronger voice on its own network. In addition, the search for local businesses and vendors in the user's vicinity was strengthened, all important functions to keep local commerce alive even in difficult times. 
In the stories, users, but of course also companies, can proactively market and show their colors with the corresponding sticker. 

Get the most out of your social media presence with new Facebook features

Facebook has always tried to attract companies with new functions in the areas of marketing, advertising, and campaigns. The fact that Facebook is also constantly evolving is also quite appropriate thanks to never-ending competition from new apps like TikTok. 
Integrations of messenger marketing and store functionalityThe new eShop, which allows you to easily set up an eShop on Facebook only or as a supplement, is more than welcome. 

It almost doesn't matter what marketing efforts you're aiming for your business, Facebook and connected apps like Instagram or WhatsApp can certainly serve that in one form or another. More than that: Facebook Analytics offers you tools to look into the depth of your campaigns and thus adjust target groups or times of day of your scheduled posts at any time. 





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