Voice commerce - advantages and challenges

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The topic of voice commerce is currently still very little known in Germany and is not perceived at all in many companies. However, voice commerce offers considerable potential for creating a Purchasing for both business and end customers still easier to design and break down any inhibition thresholds. To do this, however, it must be implemented correctly and made comprehensible to customers and end users. Let's take a look at voice commerce in its various facets.

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Voice Commerce: A Definition

The term voice commerce still has no meaning for some, even though it is slowly gaining ground in Germany. Assistance systems such as Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa and Cortana are now part of everyday life and can be used by many people. Answer user questions easily or execute simple commands. But what if you could not only set an alarm clock this way, but buy an alarm clock and have it sent to you? That's exactly what voice commerce offers: Purchasing directly via digital voice assistance systems. While so far only available from certain companies and for individual products, these purchasing transactions require no interactions other than verbal confirmation.

Voice commerce can be used for different purchasing processes.
Voice commerce can be used for different purchasing processes. (Image: tap.com)

This could significantly increase the motivation to make low-value purchases quickly in both the B2B and B2C segments. Such purchases would be noted via the voice assistance system and confirmed later or made immediately, for example via the smartphone. Many companies are certain that voice commerce will be the future in many areas. Thanks to increasingly powerful smartwatches, this will not necessarily require more smartphones or voice assistance hardware in the future.

Making purchases anytime, anyhow, without using a display could bring significant benefits.

But in order for companies to benefit from voice commerce, they need to pay attention to a few points.

Why voice commerce is not yet a standard

The opportunities for voice commerce already exist today. This is because both the technical possibilities of digital assistance systems and the availability of the corresponding hardware are fully integrated into everyday life thanks to smartphone technology. However, in order for this technology to reach customers in their everyday lives, the processes and safety aspects are well thought out.

What is important here are the preparations that companies need to make themselves before implementing a voice commerce solution.

Start small - cover regular needs

Voice commerce is not intended for bulk purchases, but mostly for smaller, inexpensive and quickly available goods. Above all, everyday necessities can be offered very well via voice command in both the B2B and B2C segments. What is important here is the Not to overwhelm clientele. You should start with a few offers and communicate this clearly.

Make it easy for customers with a straightforward and transparent ordering process.
Make it easy for customers with a straightforward and transparent ordering process. (Image: hellorep.ai)

This not only facilitates the training of the AI in voice assistance, but also ensures that customers have to remember few "instructions". If the terms are also linked to your own company, you also benefit from regular repetition in terms of marketing.

Reliable systems, clear feedback for the clientele

For voice commerce to take hold, it must be accessible to end users. and end users reliable and transparent be. This means, among other things, that each purchase is not only confirmed, but that there are also other ways of interaction. In any case, the user must have an easy way to withdraw from the purchase.

The clearer and more open the communication on the part of the company, the better this offer will be accepted by the clientele.

Secure user guidance is particularly important when purchases are processed through deposited payment services or invoicing. The customer must be able to make have the overview and control of the entire process.

Similar to Amazon Dash Buttons, customers can easily and quickly meet their needs in voice commerce. You must not repeat the mistake of the Dash buttons of not communicating orders transparently in voice commerce.

Why voice commerce will prevail in the future

There are currently still some difficulties in using voice commerce in everyday commerce. However, this is not necessarily due to a lack of or immature technology, but often to the existence of operating errors, a lack of technical knowledge and confidence, and a lack of willingness to experiment on the part of customers.

Convincing customers with voice commerce requires trust and ease of use.
Convincing customers with voice commerce requires trust and ease of use.

Technical innovations as well as increasing positive experience values - either own or in the circle of acquaintances - can lead to the fact that Voice Commerce will become generally accepted in ever more ranges and industries. Once this acceptance has been achieved, more and more areas and products will be able to be ordered conveniently via the various voice assistants. Preparing one's own marketing and products for this possibility is therefore already of crucial importance.

Conclusion: Companies can and should already position themselves now

If you want to be successful as a company - whether in the B2B or B2C segment - you can achieve some economic advantages with voice commerce. For example, tech-savvy customers can be picked up or inspired with the modern ordering method. Plan now how voice commerce can be integrated into your own sales channels and what possibilities there are for the Customer Journey opened

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template

Above all, however, one's own Portfolio reviewed to ensure that which products and offerings would lend themselves to such a solution. After all, not every company has the right products or customer structures for which this technology would lend itself.

Create a safe environment, reduce hurdles for customers and show possibilities to make a quick purchase simply with your own voice. The connection to the various assistance systems is already possible now and offers the advantage of positioning yourself early on the market.



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