Your Pinterest Shopping campaign - how to make it work

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Pinterest Shopping Ads in social media are an extremely worthwhile business for most online stores. They offer the opportunity to advertise their own products to precisely the "right" prospective customers by targeting specific groups. This enables the Sales significantly increased be

While social networks like Facebook or Instagram have been in business for some time, is now also Pinterest entered the social commerce market. However, in contrast to Facebook and Instagram, social commerce still Significantly fewer companies their ads. Take the chance now to promote your products on Pinterest to your Target group and increase your traffic, sales and brand awareness.


Define goals of the online campaign

Be clear about what exactly you want to achieve with the Pinterest Shopping campaign. Is it simply to get more Traffic generated on your website? This option is often useful for unknown brands, because users become aware of your products for the first time.

Furthermore also more sales the goal be. In this case, a more specific target group than in the previous example should be chosen, so that really potential buyers are addressed.

Pinterest Shopping Campaign: Define Goal
First, define the goal of your campaign

For large companies, there's also the opportunity to use Pinterest Shopping ads to increase the Brand Awareness - to German Brand awareness - increase. For small individual companies, this option is usually rather uninteresting.

Determine target group via interests

It is of great relevance to determine the target group of your own products before starting a campaign. Does this even spend time on Pinterest? Usually Shopping Ads are recommended mainly for retailers. Very good sales are often made, for example, stores with Accessories, clothing and children's items. Ultimately, however, only a close examination of the interests of the users of Pinterest will help.

Audience targeting for Pinterest Shopping Ads
You can target your target group via interests or keywords

Pinterest, for example, offers the possibility, potential target groups about their interests. To do this, simply select higher-level interests in the menu ("Create target group") - for example, wedding, beauty or electronics. Do not select too many subordinate interests, so as not to limit the target group too much.

Use retargeting wisely

Retargeting - i.e. the tracking of interested parties - specifically targets users who have already come into contact with your products in some way. This may have happened, for example, through clicks or - even better - aborted purchase transactions. Retargeting allows you to select exactly this target group. For this, you need to set a Pinterest tag and then select the website visitors under "Create target group".

Locate ActAlikes

In addition, so-called "ActAlikes" can also be addressed, for example. These are people who - according to calculations of the Pinterest algorithm - will probably behave similarly to existing customers, but who are not yet existing customers. It is recommended here to include the group of ActAlikes limit as generously as possible so that as many people as possible be included.

Creating audiences in Pinterest Ads
Via target groups you can address users who have performed a certain interaction, visited your store or create an ActAlike target group

Work with optimized keywords

Potential buyers of your products can also be informed about the Keyword search can be found. To define interesting keywords for your online store, you can simply enter a term on Pinterest, for example. You will then immediately see similar search queries, or related keywords. These are especially often searched for and are therefore potentially suitable for you to generate customers and direct them to your products.
If you want to save some time, you can also work with keyword tools.

Patience is called for - wait and see first

When setting up a Pinterest shopping campaign Patience especially if you are new to the business. Social Commerce Business get in. Pinterest regularly updates its algorithm, so in the first few days it will constantly learn who is clicking on your ads or making purchases. So it makes sense to first several days long to do nothing and, above all, not to disturb the algorithm's calculations by making modifications.
Then, after about a week, start making any improvements. However, always give these a few days as well until you modify them again if necessary.

Optimize the product pin design

For a successful shopping campaign you need of course visually appealing Pinterest pins. Test which design works better or is clicked on more often. For this you can use for example the same indication twice with different designs publish and see what you generate more traffic with.

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Conclusion - Social Commerce with Pinterest Shopping pays off

Take your chance now to establish yourself as an online store on Pinterest and get users long-term to retain their loyalty. Since Pinterest hasn't been offering shopping ads for as long as Instagram or Facebook, for example, there tends to be something less competition to be expected.

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