Optimize your online store with neuromarketing

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It is well known that people make few decisions completely rationally. Haven't you ever bought something "on a whim"? Of course, the higher the quality of a product, the more rational considerations play a role that must be served in any case. But even in the high-price segment, the desire for this product or service can be an important reason for a decision.

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template

The art is to provide in your online store, in addition to the detailed factual information, also the Emotions of the clientele to appeal to. Neuromarketing is the key to success: With neuromarketing, you can arouse these emotions and make your customer base feel comfortable with the decision they have made.

Eyetracking, split testing and usability: get to know your target group better

In the following, we explain methods that you can use to comprehensively analyze your target group and optimize your online store. Note that the right emotional appeal applies not only to positive emotions, but also to negative ones. Are there elements that will make the customer base leave the site immediately? For sure! However, you can determine for sure whether this is the case with your site only by performing the tests described below.

Very informative are for example Eye tracking systems to test pages, with the help of which you can track the looks of the test customers. In this way, you can see which links, which images, and also which text content the test customers like the most. strongest address and how effective the various contents have on them.

Using neuromarketing based on eye tracking systems.
Leveraging neuromarketing using eye tracking systems. (Image: innofact-marktforschung.de)

In addition to eye tracking, which requires a certain amount of technical effort, is Split Testing which must be most common variantto try out different solutions in neuromarketing for the online store. In the process, different variants of a Website and made accessible to the target audience. This makes it very easy to find out which approaches work or where, for example, the bounce rate is particularly high. While this is a very extensive process, as in for optimal results every change should be tested in itself, what is learned should be applied to other pages in the future and will therefore speed up the design.

Neuromarketing: split testing as a useful method to optimize the online store.
Neuromarketing: split testing as a useful method to optimize the online store. (Image: feedbackexpress.com)

Also the Usability, for example, the menu navigation in the online store contributes to the effects just mentioned. This is because the overall impression can darken immediately if the audience is annoyed by the user guidance or even thinks they are too stupid to understand certain functions. Everything must intuitive and uncomplicated The usability of a website has to be good enough to trigger the desired emotions in the buyer. Poor usability almost inevitably leads to more bounces and abandoned purchases.

Use and play with colors and images

While we can play with lighting, music and the colors in a store, the possibilities are much more limited in an online store. But only at first glance.

High-quality product images play an important role in purchasing decisions. Show the products in use instead of just in a studio environment. Jewelry, for example, wins by being shown on the body versus just on display in a showroom. Natural light is also important and contributes to our perception of a product as appealing or valuable. The professional quality of the shots also plays a role. Thus support High quality, realistic images in your online store the willingness of their clientele to buy. Bad images are a deterrent.

Colors accompany us in everyday life and influence our moods. So they are also important for our brain when shopping: the so-called somatic markers convey emotions, values and meanings. By choosing the right color for your products, you support emotional associations that are true for a great many people, for example:

  • White mediates Purity and Elegance
  • Gold represents Luxury and Wallowing in wealth dar
  • Green is very often relaxing Perceived or associated Nature
  • Blue is very often with Free time and Vacation linked
  • Red is the color of Passion and of the Indulgence
  • Brown is considered consistent, quaint and rooted
  • Black is used with Elegance and a serious appearance linked

You have certainly felt these effects yourself. So you see that the chosen colors in your online store have a important role can play and the possible interested sustainable influence. Especially - in reverse - if the colors and the pictures do not match the presented products, this causes many customers to jump off.

Neuromarketing for the online store requires sound specialist knowledge

Good content is important - both for customers and for the Search engines. But by using neuromarketing in your online store, you can improve sales even more. You can ensure that your customer base no longer makes many purchase decisions only rational meets, but also emotional is picked up. The right Colors and Images as well as intuitive usability help to place your products even better and convince store visitors to make a purchase.

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template

The most important thing is that you test the different variants and possibilities. The better you know your target group and their behavior and emotions, the more effectively neuromarketing can work. Is your online store perfectly tailored to your target group, you will achieve a higher proportion of sales and Conversions list.


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