Case studies as a recipe for success in lead generation

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Case studies can be an effective way to showcase one's own success and thereby Strengthen the lead generation. But how should such references be structured so that your company benefits from this form of presentation? We show you how simple and effective this can be done.

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What is a case study anyway?

A case study illustrates which factors are important for the Achievements and successes a company can demonstrate in a particular project. Case studies usually cover these projects comprehensively from initial conception to completion. Among other things, they highlight the professional procedure and the Successes through implementation out.

It is important that the case studies are structured in such a way that also Non-specialists can follow these without any problems can. In addition, it should be able to use the Arouse and hold interest. A balancing act, as many case studies do not encourage further reading due to lengthy explanations and technical descriptions.

Case studies on lead generation in the menu bar.
Often you can already find the case studies in the menu bar

Case studies for lead generation should be structured medially

As is probably clear to everyone, few prospects will want to read a large block of text when it comes to the success of a business. This means that various media should be included in such a case study.

Images and graphics support visual perception and facilitate access. Videos make it particularly easy to explain complex contexts. Short paragraphs and, above all, content that is easy to consume are the means of choice here.

Why case studies are of relevant importance for potential customers

But why are case studies so important in Lead generation so successful? Because the Results not only inspire, but also convince. This is because many customers distrust pure marketing measures and believe that companies are not honest enough in their external presentation. This is not the case with case studies. This is because verifiable facts are usually presented here, which the customer could check with a little research effort.

In lead generation, the trust of the potential customer plays a crucial role.

With the presentation of case studies you can convince potential customers of your work, performance and successes
A case study can convince potential clients of your work, performance and successes (Image:

Presenting your own success to the right target group

In order for lead generation to succeed in a meaningful and targeted way, both the type and the presentation of the case studies must be Adapt to the desired target group. For one thing, content must be presented differently for B2C customers than for the B2B sector.

An example: Complex technical services are to be presented as a success of the company. With B2B customers from a similar field of work, you can work with the technical terms in the case study and hardly have to explain them. With B2B customers from a different area of expertise, this is different. Here, you need to present the reference in such a way that the customers are comprehensively informed without having to pick up a dictionary or encyclopedia.

Design of case studies for lead generation
DDDesign your case studies in a way that is target group-oriented, appealing, and understandable for non-specialists (Image:

In the B2C segment, this is often even more complicated, as many case studies have to be structured in a much smaller way to ensure knowledge transfer. Only through a adapted form and presentation can thus ensure lead generation.

Always think about the added value for the viewer

Of course, it is nice for a company to present its own success. But you should not lose sight of the most important thing. For lead generation, it is not enough to show your own success. The Added value for the reader or consumer must be made clear.

This means that in case studies should be presented in any case, which advantages the commissioning company could register in this case. An improvement in sales, a generation of leads or a higher number of visitors? All this should also be included in case studies recorded and clearly communicated be

Thus, these case studies can be effectively used for lead generation and convince the customer and buyer.

The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how

Use case studies on different channels

Of course, the case studies must be well presented on the company's website. But in order for these to be found, it is necessary to take into account the various Marketing channels to increase the number of visitors to the pages.

Especially in the case of case studies, social networks have proven to be particularly effective. Here, visitors can be quickly convinced to visit with short excerpts and well-communicated facts. Think about the media mix here as well and include exciting graphics or videos.


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