Best practices for customer satisfaction surveys

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The Customer satisfaction with a company, with specific products or with individual services determines whether the Customer remains with a company or this recommends. For this reason, a company should regularly per Survey elicit how high the customer satisfaction of the individual customers is and in which areas Need for improvement exists. We show you the best practices for such surveys.

Customer satisfaction Measure in a temporal context

Surveys to the satisfaction of your customers should always include in context of time be evaluated. Therefore, it makes sense to always conduct a survey directly after a purchase, to query for an action or even for a service.

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You can also Different surveys at different times use. After ordering a product, you can query customer satisfaction with the website and the ordering process by email. One week after receiving the product, you can query customer satisfaction with the selected product. After contacting customer support, a survey can also be conducted.

The more detailed you can query and the fresher the customer's memories, the better and finer the results will be.

Limit the number of questions

Customer satisfaction surveys should be fast and simple for the customer to answer. Regardless of the medium you choose, for this reason, you should reduce the number of Questions as concise as possible calculate.

Tests have shown that surveys with Maximum 10 questions most frequently accepted and used by customers. This way, the customer can answer the survey within one or two minutes and focus on the answers.

Longer surveys are usually abandoned very often due to unwillingness or lack of time.

From the big to the small - become more detailed

In interviews, always try to from the big picture to the details to switch. For example, start a survey with the question about the Overall satisfaction with the company. Then ask for the Satisfaction with the products, the website, the service or even the price. If you then give customers room for personal remarks you can conveniently and, above all, clearly place many elements in one survey.

In addition, you will manage the Customers thus directly in the survey from element to element, without this being too jumpy or too unstructured effects. This is important so that the users can take part in the customer satisfaction survey do not cancel.

Surveys should provide space for give personal remarks

Of course, a survey with different Scales particularly simple and even Evaluate automatically. Nevertheless, for some questions you should give the customer the opportunity to personal remarks give. So you get a more differentiated picture of customer satisfaction and, above all, can identify previously unknown problems much more easily.

Although this increases the Effort noticeable during the evaluation, but also the Efficiency of the surveys rises. A good balance between scale ratings and personal comments is particularly important. Experience shows that on ten questions two fields for personal comments are generally more than adequate.

Personal questions for Integrate better classification

In addition to the various questions about individual customer satisfaction, you should also, if possible demographics or social issues cover. After all, surveys are only useful if you can use their results. Through these questions, you can determine, for example, which services are particularly well or particularly poorly received by which target group and react accordingly.

A service that is evaluated positively by young people and negatively by older people should, for example changed or Advertised only in a specific target group be

In this way, you gain important insights through the survey appropriate to the respective target group.

Respond to criticism in the surveys in a timely and efficient manner

Surveys on customer satisfaction are only meaningfulif you also respond to the criticism contained therein. At critical results you should, if possible, use the Contact customers personally and thank him for the criticism and hold out the prospect of improvements.

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Especially this direct feedback can actively help you improve customer satisfaction and increase customer acceptance of your company. Finally, by taking these measures, you show that you are listening to customer feedback on surveys take seriously and value their opinion.


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