HubSpot as a flexible CRM - this is how the tool grows with your company

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HubSpot fulfills all the demands that modern and growth-oriented companies place on a scalable and flexible CRM put. The focus is on B2B and - depending on the business model - B2C marketing, sales and service processes. The tool is a future-proof choice for small, medium and large companies that want to professionalize, improve and automate their sales processes. The tool flexibly adapts to your increasing requirements and grows with your business. All products of the CRM platform are available individually or in a CRM suite.

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All-in-one and plug-and-play approach

HubSpot makes an important contribution to the end-to-end digital design of marketing, sales and service processes. In order to use the system, no high investments, no complicated implementation and no long training periods are required. The platform provides a Uniform user interface available and forms the Basis for data consistency in all components of CRM. There is a powerful and scalable CRM database with sophisticated management capabilities for all customer interactions.

Marketing, sales and service teams can work together without friction. Through the All-in-one as well as user-friendly plug-and-play approach, HubSpot features optimal scalability. As a user, you can choose from over 750 app integrations, which allow you to connect the CRM to your WordPress website, Google Ads, or your Shopify online store, for example.

With HubSpot's user-friendly and all-in-one approach, structured work is guaranteed.
With the user-friendly all-in-one approach, structured work is guaranteed. (Image:

Support for planned and unexpectedly rapid growth

It's important to think about what your processes will look like as your employee and customer numbers grow, as well as your range of products and services, right from the decision-making phase for a CRM. HubSpot enables you to always look to the future as part of mapping your current marketing, sales, and service processes and to anticipate possible developments at an early stage.

The software adapts to both planned growth and growth that occurs unexpectedly fast and exceeds all forecasts.

The design of HubSpot is such that all the Tools centrally in one place are located. This makes it easier for you to use the features offered and implement them in the sales process at any stage of your company's development - from start-up to industry leader.

Customer-centric support for marketing, sales and service

The software architecture is designed to support marketing and sales processes in a customer-centric way. Experienced sales managers know: Business customers have needs that differ from those of private customers. Accordingly, their Customer Journey built up. Arguments that you can find in the B2C area The companies that are able to attach their own products and services play a subordinate role in the B2B sector, and vice versa.

As a flexible CRM, HubSpot enables you to address every existing and potential customer in such a way that - in addition to factual arguments - psychological factors come into play and sales processes are optimally supported.

As a flexible CRM, HubSpot offers solutions for various work areas
The software offers suitable solutions for the various work areas (Fig:

Increased efficiency through automation of routine processes

As businesses grow, CRM requirements change. HubSpot provides your marketing, sales, and service teams with solutions that ensure your employees enjoy using the software's features in a variety of ways. Automation of routine processes and standard tasks leads to enormous efficiency gains. Marketing, sales, and service teams can save valuable work time, which helps you reduce costs. Connections to existing IT systems in the company enable the automated exchange of data and ensure minimal error rates. A major advantage is that the training period for new employees is simplified and shortened. In addition, the software manufacturer offers its own Academy which quickly and easily explains different areas of application.

Evaluation and coaching processes are optimally supported by the provision of data, evaluations and information.

CPQ tools for error prevention and accelerated quote generation

As a flexible CRM, HubSpot has CPQ tools. CPQ is the abbreviation for "Configure Price Quote", where Configure stands for product configuration, Price for price calculation and Quote for the individual offer. The software thus simplifies key steps in the sales process.

If your company offers customers individually configurable products, you know the problem that complexity increases as the range of products and services increases. High complexity correlates with higher susceptibility to errors. As a flexible CRM, HubSpot adapts to your growing range of products and services, helps to avoid errors by clearly defining rules, dependencies and default settings and enables time-saving automations of individual sales chains.

Conclusion: HubSpot - a flexible CRM with excellent scalability

In many companies, CRM tools eke out a sad existence. The well-intentioned potential of the software developers is only superficially exploited - due to the complexity of the software. HubSpot is a flexible CRM in which the individual components of the Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, CMS Hub, and Operations Hub are precisely defined in terms of their performance and can be used in a variety of ways. work together optimally.

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Free guide: 5 steps for a successful ABM campaign - download



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