Which channels are successful for B2B lead generation?

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The choice of communication channels available to you increases every year. With the B2B lead generation The question here is, of course, which channels you should use, which are the highest chances of success have and which leads you can best address and where.
In this guide, we'll tell you how to create new Generate B2B leads and which channels the most potential for your business own

Why B2B lead generation is so critical for your business

Qualified leads is even more critical in B2B than for B2C. After all, business contacts and potential employees are important assets and your B2B customers are often responsible for a larger portion of your annual revenue.
So you can't rely on inefficient lead generation en masse, only to sort it out later, but you must immediately locate the problematic areas make
Which communication channel you choose is critical to making contacts in the appropriate industry and to select assets.

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These are the channels you should use for B2B lead generation

We cannot make a blanket recommendation for the best channel - industry-specific differences are too important for that. Rather, we would like to give you some suggestions, discover new channels for yourself and optimize channels from your portfolio through focus and analysis.
Accordingly, we present you the most important channels including their advantages and disadvantages so that you can get an idea for your B2B marketing can make.

Fairs and events

Fairs and events should be mentioned here for the sake of completeness. Even before the COVID crisis, these were considered indispensable for networking and B2B lead generation. In fact, however, the elimination of trade shows has shown that it is possible without them.
Industry-specific trade fairs will soon play a role again and your company should definitely participate in the Work presence at the important trade fairs.

Invest more at the top and reduce your budget across the board.

Before attending, analyze exactly who you can network with at trade shows and events, because the costs here are significantly higher than for digital lead generation.

Events and trade shows, whether offline or online, can provide important B2B leads for your business.
Events and trade shows, whether offline or online, can provide important B2B leads for your business (Image: usa-expo.com)

The website

The website is one of the most important points of contact for B2B leads for most companies, including SMBs or smaller stores.
The reason for this is simple, your leads take care of the marketing funnel to the point of contact all by themselves. However, this can only work if your site is Well optimized is and about customized landing pages the right CTAs sets.

So work on lead magnets like whitepapers, eBooks or webinars then optimize traffic to their landing page. Your page must not be too generic and needs a clear UI, furthermore your SEO focused on B2B lead generation be. This also calls for a precise analysis of what your potential leads are looking for.
Ultimately, however, it is good Content Marketingthat convinces of your expertise after the Google search. Unlike offline events, a website is almost infinitely scalable, plus you have precise insight into the data and can optimize your content or test new strategies at any time.

Recommendations on and offline

You should not underestimate how well the decision-makers in the industries are networked with each other. If customers are satisfied with your products and - above all in the B2B segment - with Satisfied with your service are standing one Recommendation nothing more stands in the way.
Quite a few companies that entertain their customers primarily or exclusively in the B2B segment make a living from these recommendations.
Accordingly, you should also use the Existing customer care and the Customer Service as part of lead generation, especially in the B2B segment.
This applies both to the Customer acquisition as well as for recruiting.

The more satisfied businesses you have in your customer base, the better this form of referral marketing will work.

Referrals through good service, can increase your B2B lead generation.
Referrals through good service can increase your B2B lead generation.

Paid Advertising

Sure, your goal shouldn't be to generate leads permanently via paid ads. But for a kickstart or quick solutions, you often need a catalyst. Exactly this reach can be achieved with Google Ads or sponsored content in the social networks quickly and easily - the disadvantage is obvious: the costs per generated lead can be high here.
This is also a question of your optimization and your know-how in the ad sector. But expensive leads are better than no leads at all.
However, don't make the mistake of neglecting your content marketing. Ads draw users to landing pages, high-quality content and user-centric content keep them there.


Email marketing has made a real leap in recent years, as through Marketing Automation new methods have been added to work with large data sets in a scalable way.
B2B lead generation via mail today starts with the newsletter, but then specifically uses a marketing automation tool to create personal and meaningful interactions.
Thus, various factors are included to calculate scores and to use the leads in marketing and sales as a Qualified Leads to segment and accompany.
Also, unlike other channels, B2B lead generation and qualification doesn't end there. Even after conversion, mailing lists are a great way to keep customers engaged.

With marketing automation, you can optimize your email marketing.
Marketing automation can help you optimize your email marketing. (Image: digitalmarketingcommunity.com)

Social media

Social media also plays a role in B2B lead generation, although professionally oriented platforms such as Xing or LinkedIn still lead the way here. Social selling serves to build long-term and personalized relationships with your followers. At the same time, your social media presence is an important part of your Employer Brandings.
Social media is the perfect tool for storytelling and personal communicationThis is indispensable, especially in the start-up industry and when looking for new employees.

Generate better B2B leads

The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how

Digitalization has changed the marketing funnel from the ground up and offers your company new opportunities to use your marketing budget more efficiently and intelligently. Through targeted analyses and optimizations, you can also explore the best channels for your company and further sharpen B2B lead generation.

We tell you more about lead generation, the use of marketing automation and social media in our whitepaper. You can also send us an inquiry directly and we will advise you personally.



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