5 reasons for a customer experience platform

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A customer experience platform is necessary to make sense of your customer's experience, which is critical to whether conversions occur at all and whether one-time buyers turn into loyal customers and ultimately become Brand Ambassadors. Accordingly, many companies have placed customer experience at the center of their strategic marketing. Whereas in the past, price was considered the decisive factor in competition, the focus has long since shifted to the customer experience. the customer in focus. Tailored experiences, digital service, and personalized offerings set you apart from the competition.

But to ultimately achieve a higher return on investment, you need the right platform. A customer experience platform makes it easy for you to Keep overview and the Optimize the work of your teams. Find out here which reasons speak for the use of a customer experience platform.

PowerPoint Template: Effective Marketing Thanks to Customer Journey Map - Download

These 5 reasons show why your business needs a customer experience platform

Better customer experience management is essential for both modern startups in the tech sector and traditional SMEs to stay in business. With technology as the determining factor, Big Data and the interconnectedness of the Internet 4.0 can create quite captivating customer experiences - and if you don't seize this opportunity, the competition will sooner or later.

Emerging startups like Uber in particular have done nothing but occupy the gap of poor customer experience and enhance it through technological leverage. Specifically (using Uber in the U.S. as an example), this means that the service of beckoning a cab to the side of the road and traveling with an anonymous driver is enhanced by comprehensible evaluations and orders via app was replaced.

Even among technologically oriented companies, there are niches in service quality that can be weeded out by a customer experience platform.

1. selection instead of loyalty

What Marqeta researched in relation to banks and financial services can easily be applied to all companies: Loyalty is only guaranteed through good service. When (especially young) customers have a choice, they prefer to use better services. This can be better offers, tailored deals, or just convenience functions such as saving form data; loyalty to a company is largely based on the User Experience.

A CX platform can help you see at a glance what your company is doing right and what it is not.

2. create uniform experiences

If you use a customer experience platform, you can manage all channels that are in contact with customers. Because customers usually don't have just one point of intersection with your company. Whether it's newsletters, social media, ad retargeting, or the service hotline, it's important to have a Unified experience based on the data available to you.

This requires you to have a Simplified and optimized managementthat actually puts customers at the center.

3. make the right decisions

A CX platform shows your company at a glance, what your customers really need and which technologies may be able to wait. To ensure a better ROI, you need a better understanding of the investments you need to make.
Stretch your budget across redundant items that barely matter to customers, and you lose clout right where you need it.

Through a customer experience platform, you can see what really helps your customers and how urgent the investment is.
Through a customer experience platform, you can see what really helps your customers and how urgent the investment is (Image: cmo.com.au)

4. improve response times

The better the general level of service on the net, the more likely users are to get used to a high standard. To really be able to guarantee this, you must Do not let negative feedback sit. You need to react immediately to be able to create positive experiences after all.

This real-time response requires a customer experience platform that allows you to instantly view criticism and, if necessary, offer discount codes or coupons or fix the problem.

PowerPoint Template: Effective Marketing Thanks to Customer Journey Map - Download

5. measure and optimize brand loyalty

With the right platform, you can monitor your company's NPS (Net Promoter Score) across all channels and gather important data on how many users are actively interacting with you.

The Net Promoter Score indicates at a glance how often people are talking about you in social networks and on the web and how the Relationship between praise and criticism is ordered.

At this point, the CX platform is, in a sense, your eyes and ears on word-of-mouth, while also showing you the critical points where you can optimize the customer experience.

Your company is as good as your customers experience it to be

Customer experience management has long become a critical component of a successful marketing mix. The experience, interface, and feedback customers receive can be instrumental in turning clicks into conversions.

After a purchase has been made, the value of the customer experience increases even more, as one-time buyers are thus bound to your company for the long term. This form of loyalty is not something they can simply take for granted, and a great advertising campaign and low prices alone are no guarantee of loyalty. Only via a excellent customer experience you can use a Create loyalty to your brand and this requires you to Analysis of all relevant data and an implementation that is as consistent as the experience itself.

Your customers don't know that you manage the customer experience via a corresponding platform - but the difference is noticeable from the first click to the comment on Facebook to the reminder email.


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