Customer experience management - concrete measures for satisfied customers

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Retaining customers is not a question of a successful product. Good products abound, but customers aren't necessarily looking for the best deal or the highest quality product - they expect an experience. This Customer Experience is one of the Adjusting screwsMany companies still have a lot of room for improvement in this area. At the same time, however, it offers tremendous added value.

PowerPoint Template: Effective Marketing Thanks to Customer Journey Map - Download

How to manage Customer experience of your customers to the real experience and create customers who are happy to come back to your brand again and again, we have summarized below.

What exactly does customer experience management mean in such a consumer-centric economy?

The customer is kingThis maxim has been the key to success in the retail trade for decades. And yet customers in department stores in this country often look in vain for a helpful salesperson.

In the digitized economy of the 21st century should be the Customer Experience but not only so strongly come to the fore as it should in the analogue economy, but must much more optimized be

However, Customer Experience Management (CEM) also has a number of significantly better tools available. Bulky survey sheets at the checkout are a thing of the past.

From the first contact with an advertisement, the targeted Retargeting, the Completion of purchase and the exchange with Service, Maintenance and Follow-up purchases Today, a much more more precise picture of how the customer experience works in practice. And, of course, how the customer experience should work according to the company's wishes.

All of this data and the increased corporate focus on CEM, of course, has an unpleasant side effect for you as a brand. Customer experience management is no longer necessarily a unique selling proposition.l that differentiates them from the competition. The fact that companies are focusing their attention on the customer journey and experience is rather for the customers as a prerequisite.

Customer experience management in practice - this is why you need successful CEM

For a long time, the customer experience was seen primarily as an opportunity, Premium products also to Premium prices offer and oversaturated markets to penetrate. Today, however, in almost every scenario between customers and companies, it is of crucial importance.

However, the above-mentioned aspects of the customer experience provide good indications for the Desired experience of the satisfied customer. For example, CEM can be designed as with Applewhere the products are not only intuitive to use and feel high-quality. Already when ordering and unpacking, every customer has the feeling of being in good hands.

The iPhone is less a product than a gateway into a functioning ecosystem of products. The successful tie-in here not only creates loyal customers, but is in a sense a gateway drug.

A similar importance of the customer journey exists in markets such as the Mobile segment. The market provides customers with a huge selection of suppliers. Although prices are compared when searching for suppliers, this is not the decisive factor in many cases. Instead offered other benefits in terms of long-term customer relationships. For example, a simple switch from the old provider or better service.

Because while Factors such as quality or performance in certain points really quantifiable are, the process is not quite so comparable from the customer's point of view as in an Excel spreadsheet.

Products and services can satisfy customers on the one hand. But if the Subjectively perceived performance is not right, the customer experience is significantly clouded. These are the points at which customer experience management can and must be applied in order to improve the customer experience. Improve customer experience, perception and thus loyalty.

Understand and improve - with these three steps you concretely create positive customer experiences

But how can you translate your theoretical goal into practical CEM action?

With three simple methods work out a Better strategy and more loyal customers. To do this, you need to understand who your customers are and what they want. You must Involve customers in your customer experience management as individuals with their own needs. After all, they have to give customers the offer the greatest possible added value. This exemplary structure shows how this can look in practice:

1. a successful company knows its customers

Every company knows its customers to some degree. This is the recipe for success of the café around the corner, which knows the wishes of its regular customers, just as it is the "secret" of the data octopus Google is.

You should find somewhere Positioning between local proximity and the global data collection frenzy. For this you need to learn, which customer data counts in your business.

With the right know-how, you can thus Precise profiles of your customers create and learn to better assess, what your customers want right now and How your customers' needs will change in the future.

All of this should create an interaction in which customers have the least possible effort to find their way to you - i.e., in a coordinated cross-channel logic flow.

Reduce bounce probabilities, interact, be where your customers are too.

2. this time it is personal

As often as the customer is mentioned as an abstract entity, it is often forgotten that the average customer hardly exists in practice. Customers are rarely a homogeneous group. The larger your product range and your services, the more different your customer interests will be.

So look for CEM measures that will improve your Address customers personally and show each customer that he/she is important to your business. This can in many cases automated happen, in other cases personal service asked.

A good response to an inquiry can make all the difference in the Brand Loyalty of your customers.

3. timing is the key

Customer Experience Management requires you to Fingertip feeling and just as every customer ticks differently, so too does every Phase of the Customer Journey quite different.

Bombarding your potential customers with bold "Buy!" banners at every stage is more likely to scare them away.

The customer life cycle must be adequately accompanied in every phase, with the First contact with your brand requires this just clearly other measures than at the moment of the specific purchase decision.

Customer experience management as the key to long-term loyalty and success

All recommendations, ideas and impetuses for a better customer experience ultimately have a common background: think customer experience from your customers' perspective.

PowerPoint Template: Effective Marketing Thanks to Customer Journey Map - Download

This is how you ensure that the Expectations of your customers also match their experience. And the more you manage to close exactly this gap, the better your CEM will work and the more likely you will experience that Unique buyers become loyal customers be

From Retail smile about the friendly e-mail service for problems in the B2B business up to the loving birthday email in online commerce - for you as an entrepreneur, the customer experience is king.


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