Content Marketing Trends 2021 - how to keep your content alive

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For a long time, content marketing was considered an unwelcome afterthought of marketing for many companies. After all, they wanted to see quick results and translate their advertising budget into conversions as quickly as possible. But it has long been clear that they are the most important content marketing trends not only for the Search engine optimization but also find a connection to your customers through lively content.

There is no question that content marketing changes with the demands of users and the available channels. The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-howSo that you too can stay fully on trend (or even one step ahead of the trend), we show you the most important content marketing trends for 2021 and reveal how you can easily implement great content.

These content marketing trends will be particularly important in 2021

At Content Marketing you may keep it traditional so far and focus mainly on written content. And your company blog is an important step. For one thing, you provide Google with a important indexing possibilitybecause you write organically about the core topics of your company or store. Topical content also shows search engines that you dedicated and always want to offer new content to your users, these are important Ranking factors. For visitors to your website, the content is also useful for finding out about all the important topics relating to your company. So it's a win-win situation.

With the current trends in content marketing, you can get even closer to your customers and also build a real community.

Short Video Content

Whether it's in the form of Stories on Facebook or Instagram, or else TikTok, if you want to appeal to a younger audience, is Story Content It's hard to imagine the current marketing mix without it.
With short-form videos, you can appeal to younger users in particular and reach them on the go. On average, users will consume around 100 minutes of short-form content this year. This corresponds to a movie split into 15-60 second videos.

Video content is an important content marketing trend
Video content is trending as a format for content marketing (Image:

So you should first take a close look at which platform you are using to reach your target audience with video content. Also, keep in mind that a large part of the audience will watch the short videos. Without sound looks and adjust your communication accordingly. Pay attention to Readability and a clear message.

Longer video content

Of course, not all social media is the same. And while apps like TikTok and Instagram prefer short videos and embed them better, YouTube and Facebook's algorithms prefer longer video posts. There, the premise is that longer videos better retain the attention of the audience to the platform.

So if you do (have) produce videos, use pointed messages for Stories and longer tutorials (3-15 minutes) for Facebook or YouTube.

Live from the studio

Galt Content on demand long considered the supreme discipline, viewers have now migrated back to live content. Platforms such as Twitch or live streaming functions from YouTube make webinars or workshops possible, in which you can talk to your viewers and interact in chat can.
Especially with the ongoing contact restrictions, live sessions like this are an important way to do content marketing while also stay in contact with your target group.

This form of exchange creates a much more active form of content marketing, blurring the lines between consumers and producers.

Conversational Marketing

Conversational Marketing brings marketing into a new age and allows you to get in touch with your target group on WhatsApp or Messenger. Improved speech recognition of chatbots and the use of natural language also creates a human-machine interface that is organic and charming.

Linking Conversational Marketing and Content Marketing
Chatbots can make your content marketing even more interactive (Image:

Paying attention to the end of the Buyer's Journey

Many content marketing trends focus primarily on acquiring new customers or else generating qualified leads. You should also keep in mind how important the final push can be for the buying decision. So produce Targeted content for the Decision Stage, compare several of your products and clearly communicate the USPs.

Especially towards the end of the sales funnel, potential customers often lack crucial information and this is also where your content marketing should take effect.

Understanding and using Converged Media

Straight marketing via Social media blurs the lines between organic content and advertising. Think of your content here in three parts: You have Paid Media (Advertisements), Owned Media (self-produced content) and Earned Media (Content that users have produced for you). The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-howThe latter is crucial for modern content marketing, use retweets and mentions of your brand, share quality content and interact with your fans and followers.

Even small steps can turn prospects into loyal brand ambassadors for you.

Content is what you make of it - this is how your content marketing becomes even more successful

All of these content marketing trends can give you clues about which way to reach users. But you ultimately have to decide what the Core content of your content campaigns should be. Do you offer exciting tutorials or DIY hacks with your products? Do you prepare the best from your industry in a short and crisp way? Or do you challenge your audience on social media to interact more with exciting challenges?
When your company learns to package your stories in a lively way and puts content first, you will automatically find your audience.


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