Conversational Marketing - what you need to know

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For a long time, marketing was considered a one-way street in many companies. Marketing was seen as a process to communicate the company's message to customers. Conversational Marketing but offers you and your company an opportunity to Make process more interactive and design real touch points with the user.
This offers you not only a perfectly new communication toolbut in the best case can also be directly converted into more Conversions translate. Our guide shows you what you need to know and why this trend is here to stay.

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Enter into an open dialogue - more communication in marketing

As the term Conversational Marketing already reveals, this form of marketing is a real exchange. Conversations are in equal parts about Talking and listening. This form of marketing is currently receiving a real boost from the COVID restrictions. Many customers first realized through lockdown and isolation how important Contact points and a meaningful exchange are not only interpersonal, but also when interacting with companies.

Conversational marketing is a type of engagement with which Customers met and addressed at eye level be. Customers receive a direct feedback and can use their Communicate wishes clearly. Companies also gain important insights into the most important wishes, criticisms and problems of their audience.
At the same time, companies have the advantage of being able to voice their communicate authentically and not just stand out from the competition in the form of slogans and catchphrases.

With Conversational Marketing facilitates communication with the customer
Conversational marketing makes it faster and easier to meet your customers. (Image:

But how should conversational marketing work in practice? After all, very few companies have the personnel leverage to personalize every interaction with customers? At this interface Marketing and technology are coming together once again. AI-based systems allow companies to scale with their challenges and find a personalized approach for any number of dialogs - regardless of marketing personnel, time, or region.

Artificial Intelligence with modern speech processing can find out in a very natural way in dialog with customers what they actually want and how your company can help. AI enhances chatbots by important toolsets, since this is not exclusively about dialog trees, but about an actual dialog. This can natural and authentic be performed and helps customers get to the desired result faster in your apps, on your website, or in any messenger.

At the same time, this direct engagement allows you to optimize the sales funnel and collect relevant information

Conversational marketing helps you optimize the customer experience

Through open dialogue, your company can not only assist customers with helpful information, but also gather information itself. Conversational marketing makes it easier for you, direct and open feedback on your Marketing campaigns To collect. Think about it: How much lower is the inhibition threshold for a non-binding chat than for filling out a questionnaire?

At the same time you can use the Loyalty of your customers and users, by making your company a part of the direct exchange commits. This way, you'll also make it easier for visitors to your website to seek out contact, and your brand image will make a lasting difference. Even if you lack the human resources to personally answer each and every inquiry, you'll be seen as a competent contact perceived. What's more, you don't have to wait for the requests, proactive conversational marketing gets in touch with customers even before they would have to seek contact with you independently.

Improve your customer relationship with conversational marketing
Conversational marketing offers the chance to optimize your customer relationship (Image:

At almost every digital Touchpoint you can benefit from a meaningful conversation with customers and visitors.
And because your company not only preaches, but also listens, you simultaneously receive valuable records back. You can only make the right marketing decisions in a quantifiable way if you have the right data sets.

Personalization and engagement

Conversational Marketing creates unique user experiences and this is an opportunity your company should definitely take advantage of. A natural dialog makes it much easier for visitors to your website to get in touch with you, because they no longer feel like they are communicating with a surface. An opening dialog box and a personal approach again bring a human component in the exchange with your customers and that's a real asset. Because a natural conversation in the context of a short chat allows users to act much more purposefully with your company and not just passively consume the information you offer.

With chatbots or dialog trees, you create an attractive and unique user experience.
With chatbots, you create an engaging and unique user experience (Image:

At the same time, in conversational marketing you have a great design freedomYou'll be more successful if you know the habits of your users. For example, if you know that an older, more sedate target group is more likely to respond to your emails and younger, more tech-savvy users are more likely to find you via Instagram, set up dedicated landing pages with different chat windows.
Even on a smaller scale, your business can benefit from conversational marketing. Artificial intelligence and natural language recognition may be the ultimate, but even a simple dialog tree and a simple chatbot can already help you, Generate qualified leads and actively seek dialog with your users.

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Conversational marketing gives your business more personality

The traditional buying experience on the Internet and the classic interaction with companies are anonymous. A website and any user are in superficial contact, but there is no real exchange of information. Sites offer information, users have to actively search for it.

Conversational marketing promises more, allowing companies to initiate chats, ask for information, and offer the appropriate solutions.

At the same time, customers can communicate their wishes quickly and easily and receive direct feedback. Thanks to chatbots and AI, this works personalized and in real time. In this way, you understand in just a few lines what leads and website visitors really want and effectively improve customer loyalty.


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