7 tips to increase your double opt-in rates

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In online marketing, you have to walk a tightrope: on the one hand, you want to reach as many people as possible, but also exactly the right ones. This calls for many technical implications, but also legal ones.

A mixture of both is hidden behind the double opt-in procedure. This procedure ensures that only users receive your newsletter, who really want to subscribe to this. But the double hedge also brings a lot of bounce potential.

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Learn how to get the confirmation your newsletter deserves with our 7 tips for better double opt-in rates.

Double Opt-In explained - this is what is hidden behind the double procedure

Anyone who owns an e-mail address not only receives the mail they want, but often also unwanted spam. Many illegitimate providers grab masses of email addresses and simply include them in their lists until they are User actively unsubscribes (opt-out).

However, strict data protection guidelines apply in the EU and, in the interest of your own brand identity, you naturally want to work in an exemplary manner. Therefore, the double opt-in procedure is recommended for the registration to newsletters. Users sign up for your newsletter here (opt-in) and must have these confirm initial registration a second time (double opt-in).

Double Opt-In
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In this way, you ensure that the registration is not carried out via third parties and users also notice immediately whether they have mistyped their e-mail address.
To make sure you get satisfactory double opt-in rates, take our 7 tips to heart.

7 tips for better double opt-in rates

1. the declaration - Already after the first opt-in, users should be informed that they have to confirm their registration. Make sure that users see a window directly after the registration that informs them about the exact procedure and the necessary confirmation. Often users simply assume that they have already subscribed to the newsletter with the first registration and delete the first mails unread. The fact that no newsletter follows in the next days and weeks is often forgotten and you have given away the interest of potential subscribers.

2. the clarity - So now users know that a confirmation email is coming, but it must also be clearly recognizable as such. Not only the right subject and a clearly recognizable button with which the subscription can be confirmed help here, but also the necessary speed. The confirmation email should be sent as soon as possible after the subscription. Also, inform users that the mail may end up in the spam folder. The confirmation needs a clear and graphically communicated call-to-action.

3. the personalization - When sending the confirmation e-mail, make sure that it is formulated in a friendly and personal manner. If, for example, you also ask for the name when registering for the newsletter, then your mail should contain a clear address. Use clear and personal wording that once again emphasizes the added value of your newsletter. "You are only one step away from the latest news in the tech industry" or "Confirm your subscription to always receive the best offers". You can also make the double opt-in process more attractive with special offers. An exclusive discount coupon or bonus points are often the right incentive to encourage click-through.

4. the precision - However, personalization does not mean that you should produce an individual novella for each registration. You know what you want to achieve with the confirmation mail and that should be communicated at first glance. So make sure that users don't have to scroll for a long time, but know what to do right when they open the mail. Even if the mail is only briefly scanned by the eye, the call to action must remain clearly recognizable. A challenge for UX and UI.

5. the sender - A confirmation email comes from a generic email address on your server, of course. This is technically irrelevant for users, but often has implications for the user experience. To optimize double opt-in rates, you should also make sure that the sender is catchy. Instead of no-reply@, for example, such a mail could come from willkommen@ and thus appear friendlier and not get caught in the spam filter as often.

6. the simplicity - The reason why double opt-in rates are lower than simple opt-in rates is simple. Every change of platform, app, browser window, every click gives users an additional opportunity to unsubscribe. Even technical glitches that you can't help could mean the end of a subscription before it's even started. So make the process as simple as possible. Clicking a button in the mail is the quickest and easiest solution. Also, make sure your landing page is mobile-optimized and sleekly designed so that even if reception is poor on the go, there's nothing to stop you signing up for the newsletter.

7. the quality assurance - These six tips give you a good indicator of how to optimize your double opt-in rates through an improved process, but they are just the starting point. If you want to ensure that your double opt-in rates stay high and improve over time, you should test and analyze. Even simple A-B tests will provide you with valuable data to optimize your double opt-in process. After all, the best way to find out what works best for your users is to put it into practice.

Confirm your newsletter as exemplary - thanks to double opt-in

For reasons of legal certainty alone, a double opt-in procedure is essential. As a company, you must be able to prove in case of doubt that your newsletters or marketing emails are really wanted. The double opt-in is a simple method to guarantee you exactly that. At the same time, our tips should help you make it as easy and convenient as possible for visitors to your website to sign up.

In our free downloadable whitepaper, you'll find valuable tips on double opt-in rates and other exciting topics in the Online marketing. Of course, we are also happy to provide you with our know-how. Ask for our services without obligation and let us advise you.

The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how



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