wpSEO Test - What are the advantages over Yoast?

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Our wpSEO test - These functions are offered by wpSEO

If you are looking for good SEO tricks for WordPress, you should download the German plug-in wpSEO take a closer look. It contains similar functions as the plug-ins All in One SEO Pack or Yoast SEOHowever, compared to these, it has not attracted attention due to security vulnerabilities.

The plugin wpSEO is chargeableHowever, it can be tested free of charge for ten days.

What functions does wpSEO offer?

The plug-in wpSEO offers a variety of different functions, which can not all be presented here. However, the most important functions of the plug-in offer you the possibility to advance your individual project. Since all functions have an entry in the documentation, you only have to click on the question mark next to the desired items. Once you have activated wpSEO, you can access all settings in the new menu item called wpSEO. Under the item Monitor you can choose different Key figuresfor example, the number of Twitter followers, the number of indexed pages or the number of Backlinks activate. After that they will be displayed in the dashboard. In the page title section you will already find the first function that is important for you. There you can first decide whether the plug-in itself should control the output of the page title or the title tag.


If you choose to do so, you can drag and click to create rules for the different page types. Furthermore, you can also activate manual adjustments in the third last checkbox. If you now activate the option "Show field" for manual input of Page titlesan additional box appears in the edit mode for pages and posts. There you have the possibility to edit page titles especially for these pages and posts.

Other functions of the plug-in wpSEO

It is very similar with the menu item "Description". Here you first have the opportunity to activate the control of this by the plug-in. You can also create rules again or bring the box for manual adjustment to life.

Under the item "Indexing"You can define how all archives and subpages of your website should be handled by the different search engines. If you want the links to be followed and the content to be indexed, then you can also entrust wpSEO with the management of the indexing, as described above. In addition, you can define rules and let the box for manual adjustment appear again.

The item "Social" gives you the opportunity to Open Graph Tags from Facebook. There you can also connect your website with your Google+ or Twitter account. Under the item "Advanced" there are some additional settings. These cannot be integrated into the upper areas, for example for the handling of subsequent pages or multi-page articles. In the "Settings" section you will find the import and export function of the settings and the selection of the language.

Decide for the manual description

Activate the box for manual adjustment and the creation of the description by the plug-in. Also, under the "General rules for pages and posts, make sure that the "Text excerpt from current article" item is checked. This way pages and blog articles get a automatic description. However, these are not optimal texts and are only useful if they are posts for which you cannot create a manual description.

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In our wpSEO test we have presented some functions, but the question still arises: Is it really worth the effort? Is it worth the money? We draw the following conclusion:

  1. Unfortunately chargeable
  2. More key figures than other plugins
  3. Many common features with Yoast
  4. Few USPs

We think the use is only worthwhile to a limited extent. For example, some features that are included in YOAST Premium are missing.

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