WordPress Theme Installation - 3 Important Tips

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A WordPress Theme determines the look of your blog, it is responsible for the design. You can change your theme as often as you want without affecting the other content of your blog. The theme controls the size of the images displayed, the colors used, the fonts, the position of the menu and much more.

You will probably install some themes and then decide not to use them after all, because they didn't exactly meet your expectations. Delete these unused themes from your WordPress directory because they can become a security vulnerability even if you don't use them.


There is a wide selection of free themes in your admin panel. You can also buy professional themes from external providers, then you will have to install them after downloading them from your hard drive. For both variants we have created a step by step guide.

How to install a WordPress theme via theme directory

You can find the templates directly in the corresponding directory in your admin area. Some modern themes are already pre-installed by WordPress. You can narrow down the search for other design templates according to certain criteria such as colors, functions, etc.. It is also possible to search for particularly popular or for the latest themes.

Click on "Themes" -> "Themes" and "Install".
Use the search function or enter the name of a theme in the search bar.
3. click "Preview" and see how the theme would harmonize with your existing content.
Click the Activate button. Your blog is displayed in the appropriate theme.

How to install a WordPress theme via ZIP file

If you have a Theme you will have to go a different way for the installation. In this case, you will have a .zip file that contains the theme. You will need to upload that to your WordPress.

Click on "Themes" -> "Themes" and "Install".
Select "Upload Theme".
3. locate the directory on your computer and select the correct .zip file.
Click the Install button. The directory is automatically unzipped and added to your other themes. From here, you can use it by clicking "Activate".

To install a WordPress theme via FTP

If a purchased Theme is particularly large, you can also install it via FTP.

1. unzip the .zip file.
Connect to your server via FTP. You will get the corresponding data from your provider.
Upload the unzipped files completely to the /wp-content/themes/ directory.
You will now see the theme in the admin area under "Design" -> "Themes" and can activate it in the way described before.

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