How to find the right WordPress theme?

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WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world and is used on countless websites. Nevertheless, no two sites are alike, because creating an individual design is child's play with a WordPress theme.

What is special about a CMS? Content and design are edited separately. This gives you the possibility to adjust the look of the website at any time without having to touch the content.


For the design in WordPress are responsible for the so-called themes. On the one hand, they provide a color scheme and certain fonts as design templates, and on the other hand, they determine the division of the segments of a page. Where is the menu located and how is the content displayed? Themes often have already prepared functions, so that only a few adjustments are necessary until the own homepage with WordPress looks as it is desired. Who can program, of course, still has all the possibilities to customize a theme according to their own wishes. But the easiest way to set up WordPress is to choose a design template that comes as close as possible to your own ideas.

A basic distinction: free and paid WordPress themes

Free themes

In the backend of WordPress there are a lot of free themes that are easily installed with one click. You can find them under -> Themes -> Add New Theme, where you can scroll through a variety of design templates or filter and search them by many criteria. Single column or double column, color scheme or theme, popular themes or new themes, just get inspired and find the right theme for your blog.

But you should exercise a little caution when choosing a theme template from the backend of WordPress. Literally anyone can create and upload such a theme, which means the quality can vary significantly. Choose a manufacturer that is already established on the market or a theme that has already been tried and tested. You can recognize both by the star rating.

A free Theme can also cause problems in that it can be a gateway for malicious software. Especially for professional users, this is a big risk, but it can be banished by buying a theme from a professional.

Paid themes

There are many providers of professional design templates that offer them a little more security than the free WordPress themes. In addition, there is usually a competent support here, perhaps a forum and in the best case video tutorials for installation and setup. Even if themes are easy as pie to install, questions often arise. That's why the first decision when choosing the right professional provider is: Should it be a German-speaking service or can you cope with English instructions?

In the first case your choice is a bit more limited, in the second case literally the whole world is open to you. Premium themes are available for all themes and for all application areas. Again, rely on an experienced provider and use the demo function beforehand to test the theme.

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