Climate Partner - Our company is climate neutral

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Climate protection concerns us all. It is not only large-scale industry and private citizens who must learn to take responsibility for their actions. As a flexible and dynamic company from the digital and technology sector, we also see ourselves as a role model.
That is why we are now cooperating with Climate Partner around our Making companies climate neutral. How this works in practice and what your company can also do to reduce ecological footprintWe will tell you in this overview.

We are all partners in the fight against climate change - our cooperation with Climate Partner

The gas carbon dioxide is largely responsible for man-made climate change because it traps heat on Earth like a greenhouse. The consequences of this are not only warmer temperatures and record heat as in 2020, but also increasingly more extreme weather fluctuations. The polar vortex that recently shock-froze Europe was a direct result of melting polar ice caps.

The bottom line is clear: what we do not only impacts future generations, but already impacts ourselves, our neighbors, and our fellow human beings on the other side of the globe.

Now when we think about our CO2 emissions, the obvious things usually come to mind. Coal-fired power plants and internal combustion engines make their carbon footprint clearly visible. But every bit of energy consumed, the technology we use and even business trips by train consume our planet's resources and are responsible for CO2 in the atmosphere.

Of course, at Thorit, we can't deliver our services and performance without technology and connectivity. No modern company can do that. Nevertheless, we can Set positive things in motion as a climate-neutral company. For this we have chosen a cooperation with Climate Partner decided. The Munich-based company shows companies possibilities, work in a climate neutral way and supports climate protection projects around the globe.

How does a climate-neutral company work in practice?

First of all, we have to face the CO2 footprint of our company from two sides, but the first step is always the same: We calculate our CO2 emissions. With the help of Climate Partner, the total emissions are easily calculated. Whether it's energy and heating, business travel, technology or office supplies - first we draw up a balance sheet that allows us to see how much CO2 our daily work releases over the year.

In the next step, we take a close look at where we can work more ecologically. Of course, we can only reduce our CO2 emissions reducenever set them completely to zero. We offset unavoidable emissions by supporting projects with a negative carbon footprint. These projects do not release carbon dioxide, but bind it.

 With Climate Partner, this CO2 offset even gets a personal touch. We specifically choose one of Climate Partner's partner projects: the Virunga Hydropower Plant in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Image Climate Partner 2
Thorit is part of the partner project Virunga Hydropower plant in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Virunga Hydropower - Climate Partner and hydropower make us climate neutral

The Virunga Hydropower binds an annual volume of 46,000 tons of CO2. We are proud that we are also a part of this great project and can thereby meaningfully offset our emissions of 70,537 kg of CO2 (between 01/20 and 02/21).

What is particularly noteworthy about this project is that it allows the Climate protection in Africa's rural regions benefits and supplies sustainable energy at favorable prices. This focus on local solutions to global problems is what makes the Virunga project so appealing. Because the hydropower plant makes life better for people and nature. more sustainable, pleasant and better.

But it's not just farmers and municipalities from the region and partner companies like us that benefit from concentrated hydropower. Also a regional habitat of mountain gorillas meets its energy needs through Virunga Hydropower, an important project for the preservation of the planet's natural biodiversity.

Image Climate Partner 1
Mountain gorillas are also supplied by the Virgunga Hydropower plant

For companies, investors, and partners, it is essential that we climate-neutral work, social responsibility and ecological thinking under different aspects of the Sustainability consider. By improving working and living conditions in developing and emerging countries, we are not only making a humanitarian contribution. At the same time, we can reduce the dependence of growing economies on fossil fuels. reduce and create targeted incentives, work more ecologically.

Particularly as an innovator in the areas of marketing and technology, we see it as our duty not only to negate our CO2 emissions as a climate-neutral company. Rather, we want to set a good example. In this way, we can use our daily work to reduce the planet and better shape our common future.

How do we solve the urgent problems of our time?

We offer companies the best solutions in the fields of marketing, digitalization, technology and communication. But of course, being an excellent partner for Digital Experiences is not only close to our hearts, we want to work sustainably, responsibly and ecologically.

With Climate Partner, we have found the perfect cooperation for this. It makes it possible for us, To work flexibly and support projects directly therewhere our investment makes the biggest difference. That's why we're proud to have made the step to becoming a climate-neutral company and work every day to further expand our commitment to our planet.

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