7 tips for a successful welcome journey and welcome email

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The Welcome Journey and especially the welcome email is the beginning of a effective marketing automation and offers both you as a company and the customers many advantages. It is important that you not only pay attention to the entire process, but also convince in the details.

Already the Welcome email often determines how the new customer receives your content and whether they will continue to benefit from your newsletter. Therefore, we have summarized for you seven important tips on how you can Welcome Journey as efficiently and attractively as possible for the customer.

1. plan the entire welcome journey comprehensively

The important thing is that you should Planning always keep the overall context in mind. Because in the optimum case the Entire welcome journey from a single source shaped so that customers feel consistently and immediately addressed.

New call-to-action

This means that, if possible, you should use the Structure, the Design and also the individual approach of the e-mails no longer change. These should show up as red thread throughout the entire process. This also means that the welcome email is practically the template by which the subsequent mailings are based and to which you must orient yourself.

2. the welcome email: Convince at first sight

The welcome email thus represents the start of the welcome journey and must provide the customer with convince at first sight. Among other things, pay attention to a stringent and self-contained structure and to a Appropriate address of the customer. As a rule, most recipients of such an e-mail are not yet regular customers of your company.

So it is necessary to treat them like a shy deer and not to scare away the potential customers.

Waive In the welcome email, if possible, refer to the usual marketing promises and offers, but give the customer the opportunity to see you and Get to know your company better.

3. information is trump in the welcome email

The welcome email is optimally the beginning of a long customer journey. The customer is thus gradually convinced of the benefits and offers of the company and led to sales maturity. However, the welcome journey is a separate process, since the customer's interest should first be strengthened during this journey.

Example Welcome Email
Example of a welcome email from Casper

So ask the customer appropriate and relevant information so that they can easily and conveniently get a picture of the company and its products and offers in the e-mail. Avoid being actively promotionalas this deters many customers at an early stage.

When the customer gets to know the company and you get to know the customer better, the advertising can be placed much easier and more effectively be

The Welcome Journey is the wrong place for overly offensive promotional efforts.

4. use the customer's reactions for diversification

It is important that you use the welcome email to send the Get to know customers better at an early stage. Because this is for you the Main purpose of the entire welcome journey. There are several ways to do this. For example, in the e-mail you can offer the customer various Links to individual topics of your company.

Workflow Welcome
Welcome journey with segmentation based on clicks in the welcome mail

This allows you to track exactly which link the customer clicked. This gradually creates a better picture of the customer and his interests. So the welcome journey helps you to diversify the customers and thus to increase the Areas of interest of the customers in the best possible way.

5. plan the welcome journey in full segmentation

Since, as part of the aforementioned diversification, you will be able to serve customers in Segment different target groupsWhen planning the welcome journey, you should already take into account that these target groups will be Differently addressed would like to become and have different interests.

While the actual welcome email is the same for all customers at first, this changes after the initial segmentations. After all, you want the Interest of customers in the company and its offerings arouse. For this purpose, it is important that in the further emails of the Welcome Journey these Interests directly addressed be

So, you need to keep in mind when planning the entire Journey for each audience you define.

The more segmentations They make and the more diverse the target groups become, the greater the effort in the planning and implementation of the Welcome Journey. For this, however, you will also be provided with as low bounce rates and a very good conversion rewarded.

6. handle jumps correctly - follow up is allowed 

But what to do when a customer not responded at all to the welcome email? A large percentage of users sign up for a newsletter, but do not respond to your efforts at all. In such a case, plan a more welcome email with a different focus, which can be used as Reminder should serve.

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Perhaps the customer simply overlooked the email, didn't have time for it, or forgot about it. Or the tone of the first welcome email simply didn't catch the customer's interest. Therefore, here can be a little Variety help, provided that this can be developed within the design and language concept created.

7. use A/B tests for the welcome email and the welcome journey for testing.

As well as you can plan a welcome journey campaign, make sure it achieves the desired goals. Through simple split tests with different variants, you can very easily find out with which approach, with which images and with which content you can effectively convince the most customers.

Example A/B test
Use A/B testing to check your welcome email for effectiveness

Testing may take more time, but you'll also get important feedback and can improve the efficiency of your welcome journey and welcome email in the long term and reach more customers.


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