Content marketing with whitepapers - the success factor for lead generation

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Content Marketing is a broad term and is inseparable from modern online marketing. In particular, you benefit from the positive effect on your SEO as well as the generation of qualified leads. In B2B marketing, content marketing takes on a very special role, because in order to win corporate customers, you need to establish yourself as a strong expert and reliable partner. The whitepaper is a medium with which you can optimally generate leads.

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What exactly is a whitepaper?

Content marketing has to get to the point simply and quickly in many areas. The Internet is not always the best place to go for complex solutions. Google prefers to work with optimized pages for answering a simple question, and on social media you have very little time in stories to go into technical depth. That's perfectly fine as it is, and it's become so established in recent years that that's exactly how websites are structured.

But in the B2B marketing you also need to go into depth professionally, this is where you interact with experts and specialist departments. Quick information is a good first entry, but to position yourself here, you need your Content the expected depth. The whitepaper offers the chance, Combine expertise and lead generation.

Exemplary structure of a whitepaper

  • Cover sheet
  • Summary and table of contents (cross-referenced for easier navigation).
  • Question - Introduction - Hypothesis - Problem
  • Context - specifics - factual situation
  • Approach - Problem solving - Specific Solutions
  • Conclusion - Call-to-Action
  • About the authors/about the company - FAQ

In depth instead of breadth

Even from this brief overview, it is easy to see that the pdf format or an e-book format for readers like the Kindle are the best choice here.

You work in the B2B sector, so you know how essential it is to be able to read technical literature on a tablet, even on a plane or train. A guide is perfect for this, because it goes technical in depth, but is still easy to digest with a typical length of 10-30 pages. And because it's not an entire reference book right away, you can enjoy a very specific question dedicate.

How does the whitepaper help you in B2B content marketing?

The benefits of a white paper for your company are versatile and go beyond the content. Of course, a good guide positions you as an expert and that's important, after all, corporate partners don't just rely on your services or goods. Stronger than in the B2C segment is Expertise in demandt and you can do this via the solution-oriented structure of a guide all communicate clearly.

But also in the Lead generation a guide can be put to best use and is the perfect complement for an optimized landing page. For example, your company could offer search engine optimized landing pages for specific questions and thus generate traffic via Google.

The landing page should contain the most important short and crisp but offer all visitors the choice to delve deeper into the subject matter: with the whitepaper. If you request an e-mail address at this point, this will serve your Lead generation. Because you get the contact addresses of potential customers

If you assign the guide to corresponding landing pages, you can also immediately see in the website analysis which pages perform better and generate more leads. Combined with a clear Call-to-action it's so easy for you to measure when a landing page is really generating leads and conversions.

Of course, a good guide is also available on professional platforms such as LinkedIn an important marketing tool, because here you can post the most important information in short form in the feed and Leads generate who want to go one step further.

More advantages of whitepapers for your content marketing

Communicate content expertise and offer your customers Offer solutions, is important. But this is not the only advantage when creating a white paper.

It costs money not only to distribute content via Google and to place it well, but also to produce it.

However, perfecting a PDF is much cheaper and requires much less budget than a 30-minute video that meets professional standards and combines expert interviews with 3D animation.

The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how

Create a handsome template so that all of your guides can follow a correspond to clear corporate branding and exchange the content according to the question.

Professional content marketing for B2B

Content marketing is not only a crucial tool if you want to reach as many customers as possible across the board in B2C. Especially in the B2B segment, you can gain qualified leads this way.
White papers are a low-threshold means to Skillfully combine expertise and lead generation and allow your company to execute problem-solving strategies and service at a given depth without unnecessarily taxing the patience of website visitors.


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