How to use WhatsApp Business for your marketing: Use it correctly and increase sales

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WhatsApp is the world's most important messenger service by a huge margin. The instant messaging app, which belongs to the Facebook empire, has around two billion users. But in marketing, it has so far played a subordinate role. This will increasingly change: The special and free WhatsApp business app offers a wide range of attractive opportunities, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises.



How to install and use the WhatsApp Business app

Download the app for your WhatsApp marketing free in your respective App store for Android or Apple devices download. The use requires registration with Business Manager This procedure involves verification of your company account. In this way, the responsible parties rule out the possibility of an unauthorized person setting up a commercial or private account in your name. After this verification, you create a WhatsApp Business account and can get started immediately.

The highlight: Your customers and potential new customers do not need a special WhatsApp business app.

Optimize your customer communication with the free WhatsApp Business App
Optimize your customer communication with the free WhatsApp Business App (Image:

You communicate as a company with the ordinary WhatsApp accounts of the users. This guarantees a High range. The point of this particular business app is to make it easier for businesses to manage. You benefit from many additional functions with which you can Communicate efficiently with customers.

For the recipients, on the other hand, nothing changes with the WhatsApp Business App in marketing; they do not have to download an additional app or register.

What features does the WhatsApp Business app offer?

If you use the WhatsApp Business application correctly for your marketing, vReduce your effort and professionalize your communication at the same time. The WhatsApp Business app provides you with the following features for this purpose:

  • Design a company profile with address, mail address and profile picture
  • Classify WhatsApp users into different categories like new and existing customers
  • Automate your responses. For example, leave automatic welcome replies and out-of-office notes
  • Use individual templates for answers. People often ask the same questions on WhatsApp Messenger. Use the quick replies function with texts you have saved, which saves typing.
  • Publish catalogs featuring your products and services with your WhatsApp business app. Users can get information at their leisure in their private WhatsApp
Save time with answer templates provided by the app.
Save time with answer templates provided by the app (Image:

SMEs secure these advantages with WhatsApp business marketing

The WhatsApp Business App is an enrichment for your marketing! The functionality and the efficiency gain are convincing. An important plus point is added: users use WhatsApp mainly for their private communication. If users add your company's phone number, this opens up new opportunities for you. attractive opportunities for direct marketing. Your answers and information stand out in this messenger service, you get direct access to potential new customers and regular customers!

At the same time, Facebook restricts marketing for your business to WhatsApp: users need you to Explicitly add to their contact list respectively agree to the communication, you cannot implement usual advertising campaigns with this chat app. Encourage your target group to take this step. There are a number of possible approaches.

In particular, offer users added value. Promote the WhatsApp business app aggressively with advice, important information, and customer service.

Many customers would prefer customer service via messenger services.
Many customers would prefer customer service via messenger services (Image:

Using WhatsApp Business correctly for marketing: Consulting service is a priority

WhatsApp is unsuitable for conventional advertising. Instead, design and implement a tailor-made Messenger marketing. In many ways, WhatsApp business marketing is similar to the approach in Facebook Messenger and other chats. Put your attention on the customer consultation and the Customer service. With Messenger messages, users appreciate individual added value in terms of content. They want concrete answers to their questions or product information that meets their personal needs.

Only if you use WhatsApp Business for marketing correctly, you will keep these valuable customer contacts. Remember: If recipients feel annoyed by your messages, they will delete the contact. That's why you need to be sensitive.

Consistently consider the benefit from the customer's point of view when using WhatsApp for business, this tip applies to all messenger services!

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What legal rules do you need to follow with WhatsApp for Business?

If you want to use WhatsApp for Business correctly in marketing, all the provisions of the messenger service and legal requirements for data protection deserve consideration. Important: Through the WhatsApp business app for marketing you may Do not send newsletters and other mass messages, that excludes the company! Violations may result in the blocking of your company account. In addition, you must Ensure DSGVO-compliant storage and management of customer contacts. Do not use existing phone numbers for your WhatsApp business app marketing without consent! Proceed best as follows:

  • Use an additional mobile device with an empty address book and a new SIM card. How to avoid accidentally linking existing contacts to WhatsApp Business
  • At best, customers and interested parties will contact you on their own initiative.
  • Alternatively, you can collect phone numbers on your homepage, for example. Refer to the added value of WhatsApp and implement the double opt-in method


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