7 tips for successful advertising copy

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All day long, advertising trickles in from all sides. We see them on our cell phones, hear them on the radio, and read them on the Internet. How do we convince the viewers in the face of this huge competition? to choose our product or service? There are various approaches to this. One important component is successful advertising copy. We give you 7 tips for competitive texts with which you convince.

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1. address your target group directly

Before good advertising copy can be written, it is fundamental to understand the define exact target group. The knowledge of how purchasing behavior (Buyer persona) of your potential customers helps enormously in formulating a successful advertising text. This allows you to empathize with the world of the target group and recognize their wishes and problems. Advertising copy is all the more effective when the benefits of a service or product are emphasized. Make sure that the advertising message is understandable for the target group, and pick up the customers at their needs.

2.   Arouse curiosity  

It is essential for successful advertising texts to Make readers curious. Curiosity ensures that the interest is strengthened to continue to deal with the topic in the future. This can be achieved through Different methods be achieved:

  • Storytelling
  • Give clues to interesting findings in the following text
  • Ask a question and answer it during the text
  • Addressing problems and wishes of the target group

The general goal is to get the first sentence read. This should be crisp and easy to understand be. This encourages the readership to also read the next sentences and hopefully eventually the whole text.

3.   Create a headline that catches the eye.

The effect of a "catchy" headline can be magical. Headlines are read by an average of eight out of ten people, the actual text by only 20 percent. It is not only there to attract the attention of readers, but also to build up the motivation to actually read the whole text.

Attractive headlines are also important in advertising copy.
Attractive headlines are also important in advertising copy. (Image: alamy.com)

So captivating headlines are your opportunity, Captivate readers and an essential part of successful advertising copy. Make your headline unmissable by already integrating a value proposition for potential customers or by working with humor as a stylistic element.

 4. use an effective structure

We've already talked about the headline. But what about the structure of the text? How do I guide the reader through the content? An effective system is the AIDA method. In this method, an advertising text is divided into 4 parts:

  • Attention: This is where the attention of the reader is attracted. This includes the headline and a small DeepL description. This should be limited to 5-10 words.
  • Interest: After you have hooked the reader, you delve a little deeper into the topic. However, the text remains general and first provides a clear overview of the advantages for the potential customer.
  • Desire: The main part of the text is about triggering the desire to own the product. The focus is on the customer benefit, which is supported with facts and information about the product.
  • Action: At the end of the text, the customer is asked to take an action. This creates a good conclusion to the text and offers the reader a quick opportunity to take action.

5.   Create an emotional connection

Already the famous advertising copywriter John Caples said that people do not buy rationally, but emotionally. This information is also important for writing an advertising text. If you can connect readers emotionally with a product, the likelihood of a Completion of purchase higher, as a positive feeling is conveyed. The purchase becomes a sense of achievement.

The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how

Therefore, stay at eye level with the potential clientele and connect everyday stories and emotions with the product. In this way, you will gain sympathy and ultimately customers.

6.   Convince with know-how

In order to achieve the goal of your advertising strategy, it is important that "Why us" to know. It is very effective to emphasize the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of your product in the advertising copy. When the reader is informed about what sets your product apart from the competition and makes it unique, the decision to buy your product is easier.

To strengthen credibility, it is good to include specific numbers and values. The following formats can be helpful:

  • Statistics
  • Customer reviews
  • Case Studies

7.   Insert call-to-action

To ensure that an advertising text also leads to your product being purchased, you should Calls to action (CTA, Call-to-Action) in the text. These give potential customers the opportunity to Impulses to perform certain desired actions.

CTAs can prompt for different interactions.
CTAs can prompt different interactions. (Image: internetworld.com)

These can be simple prompts such as "Find out now" or "Buy now" or a hint to contact employees. In this way, you simplify the next steps of the clientele to further engage with the product or company.

It can be stated

Successful advertising copy is based on taking the reader by the hand and accompanying them to the end of the text. Or rather, until the purchase. That's why it's important to capture and keep the attention of readers. Good advertising copy convinces. This is how you can attract potential customers and hold your own against the competition.


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