Individual Christmas marketing: How to maximize success [Guide].

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No season is as important for retailers, as well as online stores and digital product providers, as Christmas. With a effective Christmas marketing can be seen in many sectors of the Overtake sales for the entire fiscal year. As a company with a focus on the manufacture and distribution of products that can be purchased as gifts or vouchers, you should therefore make all the preparations for the Christmas business as early as November.

What makes Christmas so special as a holiday? For many people, traditional values such as family get-togethers or preparing festive meals together count in the private sphere around the Christmas holidays. But for most families, exchanging gifts around the holidays is also an integral part of the Christmas ritual. With targeted Christmas marketing, you can reach those customers who are consciously looking for Christmas gifts and Actions around the Christmas season search. This will make the holidays for your company a profitable success.

Identify your Christmas offers

Nearly every provider of tangible and digital products and services has an offering that can be prepared and festively designed for the holiday season to be playable in Christmas marketing. The challenge for companies is to make these Identify products, bundle and as Christmas offer or in Coupon form to the customer. Products that are difficult to market individually because, for example, they are accessories to larger items, can be marketed by a Partnership with other manufacturers offered or in Advent calendars are sold.

Christmas offers
Matching Christmas offers make the holidays successful

For example, if you offer accessories for mobile devices, from cell phone cases to screen protectors, pendants or headsets, an especially high quality advent calendar with 24 surprises for smartphone owners a profitable idea. If you run a car repair shop, your loyal customers will gladly opt for a gift voucher, the value of which they pay in advance and which enables friends, family members and business partners to credit the voucher amount already paid against their next maintenance or repair.

By identifying your potential products for Christmas marketing, you are already setting a rough framework for the scope of additional sales efforts.

Create a Christmas atmosphere

In seasonal Christmas marketing you should, more than at any other time of year, rely on visual and acoustic stimuli. Your customers expect a festive flair in everyday life, retail, but also in online stores. That's why many online sellers start early in the year, through their graphics department or freelance seasonal themes and decorative elements for the website to be designed. Christmas banners, skyscrapers, festive small decorations in the general layout or a Christmas decorated logo make it clear that the customer will find Christmas gifts and promotions in this store.

Festive elements
Festive elements sweeten the Christmas season

In the retail sector, efforts to improve shop windows and sales space are falling decorate for Christmasoften look opulent and cost-intensive. Christmas music and smells such as baked apple, cinnamon, vanilla and oranges underline the visual impressions. The theme of wrapping paper, gift bows and, of course, the Christmas tree, decorated with gifts, is also popular. Less can be more for high-priced stores. Some well placed gift bows or individual Christmas tree baubles send out just as clear a Christmas message as the metallic glittering overloaded presentation area. Depending on the region, Christmas also includes elements such as:

  • Nutcrackers and smoking men / smoking huts
  • Reindeer and Santa Claus sleigh
  • Classic Santa Claus with razzle-dazzle beard and red coat
  • Christmas elves
  • Candy canes and sweets
  • Straw stars and straw angels

All these motifs can also be prepare modern and on Postcards, in Newsletters and on Landing pages digital use. In Social media campaigns you can count down the days until Christmas and refer to last minute gifts. In doing so, do not forget to wish a Merry Christmas.

Plan concrete Christmas marketing

Christmas marketing itself, however, is much more than a redesign of the real or virtual retail space. Also a seasonal sales concept should be created, especially to prevent staff and resource shortages. Plan your production and the purchase of products in advance. At Christmas time itself, suppliers and manufacturers are under stress and often cannot guarantee capacity. For retailers, the first step in the Christmas business leads to inventory.

Christmas is a great opportunity to attractively discount store merchandise.

Plan to have a wrapping station with gift wrap available on site for customers at Christmas time. This option is especially popular with discerning customers and people who need a gift at the last minute.

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template

Planning in Christmas marketing also includes, Create newsletters and landing pages, which is based on emotional level advertise with Christmas gifts, family, harmony and good Christmas dinner, depending on the industry. Put the spotlight on such offers that appeal to a particularly wide audience for gifting.

Christmas discounts are advantageous for you as a provider, especially when it comes to discontinued models and older goods is a matter of course. However, customers also strike at cutting-edge brands and brand-new models when they are attractive as a gift be marketed.

Keep an eye on the competition

No matter what industry you're in, your competition isn't missing out on Christmas marketing either. Always keep an eye on the activities of other providers, to identify problems before they can impact your sales.

Analysis Christmas Shoppinge
Analyze the buying behavior of your customers

If a particular product is actively promoted as a Christmas gift by several retailers, customers are happy to buy it at a favorable price. In this case, it's worth structuring your Christmas marketing around a different product. If your competitors usually offer plastic bags with a Christmas motif, you can sustainably stand out by handing over gifts in a jute bag for a small surcharge.

These little things make a big difference in the holiday shopping season.

Get to know your customers and their buying behavior over the years and determine with the help of statistics a particularly strong, individual Christmas marketing strategy. This way, Christmas sales become the strong backbone of the fiscal year for your company.

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template


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