What is Pardot? (Salesforce)

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What is Pardot? The industrial revolution for your marketing!

Salesforce Pardot

Do you still do your marketing by hand? Advertising, lead management, ROI analyses? Salesforce Pardot is your assembly line, which will make all your tools for the B2B marketing and the Distribution with each other and thus gives you the Automation of the entire process chain. This way you increase the productivity of your sales activities. Automation means more output with less labor.



Pardot marketing automation software provides a common platform for all stages of your online marketing campaigns, from design to results analysis. The SaaS solution has certified interfaces to the CRM systems Salesforce and Sugar, NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics. This allows the creation, publication and evaluation of marketing campaigns to be centralized, lead generation becomes transparent, from the first customer contact to the conclusion of the sale, and marketing activities are fully measurable.

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With Salesforce App or CRM, you get real-time information when your prospects take action at a touchpoint. This allows you to react faster and build customer relationships more effectively.

Increase sales productivity with Pardot

A first contact is not yet a customer, even someone who comes to a landing page via online search does not necessarily want to buy something. This is where sales time is poorly invested.

Pardot is a tool with which you as a salesperson can separate the wheat from the chaff. This way you can concentrate your valuable time on the promising contacts. This is a good basis for successful work in the sales and marketing department.

Pardot supports and accelerates lead generation through automated lead nurturing that relieves the burden on sales and marketing departments.

Reliable numbers for better lead management

Successful management needs reliable figures. It's no different when it comes to building, maintaining and managing customer contacts. Marketing automation with Pardot delivers more objective lead evaluations through its automated process flows.

A solid basis for your lead management, in the evaluation of the first contact, the follow-up as well as the maintenance of your customer relationships. Pardot also offers the possibility to automate the assignment of leads in the sales team.

This ensures that customer contacts are forwarded to the right employees as quickly as possible. Another key to successful marketing.

Build a lead generation factory

Pardot includes tools for creating landing pages and web forms. Thus, the marketing automation software can replace a lot of manual work in this area as well. You can also mark the generated web pages as triggers for notifications or as factors for lead evaluation and other actions. In this way, you can quickly create an efficient infrastructure that fills your pipeline with promising leads. This also increases the overall quality of your leads.

Vive le ROI - What does your marketing bring in?

The Return of Investment is the tipping point that reveals the success or failure of a campaign. With powerful tools for creating analyses and reports, Pardot also offers reliable material for assessing marketing activities here.

Closed-loop reporting determines the real ROI of a campaign and thus enables an objective evaluation as well as indications for the optimization of future marketing measures. On this basis, effective improvements of your sales activities and marketing campaigns are possible.

Pardot provides you with the data graphically in reports and configurable dashboards for a good overview.

Simply present on all channels in social media marketing

Social networks have become an essential part of the online world and thus cannot be neglected in marketing. Each of these services has its own different rules and customs. However, Pardot can also be used to automate SMM activities.

Instead of organizing them for each channel individually, you organize them centrally, via a common interface in Pardot. This allows you to use the entire range of social media for your advertising and sales activities without spending a lot of time.

Typical Pardot: More success with less resource input.

The email - the bread and butter of online marketing

Online search and landing pages deliver first contacts, but email is the tool of choice when it comes to addressing customers individually and directly. Pardot has valuable features that help you personalize your email campaigns and optimize them for higher open rates.

For example, factors such as the professional position, industry or the lead rating for dynamic customization of your emails. To assess effectiveness, Pardot offers tools such as A/B testing and SPAM analysis. So you can be confident that your messages are being read.

The control center for your customer relationships

In Pardot, you collect all information about your customer contacts centrally in the Engagement Studio. This customer specific data are then available to you in visual tools with which you design your campaigns. They allow you to check the effect of all steps on the customer in advance and to implement changes quickly and easily. This makes it easy to design effective campaigns tailored to each individual customer.


What is the price of Pardot's performance?

The standard module for marketing automation with Pardot manages up to 10,000 contacts and costs 1.000 Euro per month, with annual billing. The extended functions of the Pro version are available for 2,000 euros per month. If you are looking for a marketing automation solution that can be tailored to your individual needs, you can get it for 3.000 Euro per month as Ultimate Edition.

You can use the Analytics module Wave for Pardot for 300 Euro per user and month and use the Engage module to coordinate marketing and sales for 50 euro, also per user and month.

As the importance and number of online offerings grows, the pressure of competition on the Internet also intensifies. Marketing therefore needs increasingly effective tools to remain successful. The automation of process flows is a tool that has already proven itself many times over in manufacturing. With Pardot you can tap into the advantages of automation to increase efficiency in marketing and sales. Secure the advantage that Pardot offers you as a marketing automation software.

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The success of marketing and sales activities depends on the Process efficiencybut at least as much on the quality of their evaluation, because a reliable evaluation is the prerequisite for effective optimization.

For example, to focus resources on promising leads, you need a reliable lead assessment. Automating the process with Pardot works on both levers. It increases the productivity of marketing activities and provides more objective figures for their evaluation. Marketing automation software thus paves the way for the next generation of online marketing.




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